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SEO Dos and Don’ts and the Impact of Local SEO Services

SEO Dos and Don’ts and the Impact of Local SEO Services

Without an ordinary marketer knowing, search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing revise their algorithms multiple times a year. These changes also require SEO professionals to adapt in order to maintain quality for their work. One must be careful on how they do SEO as they might meet risks of crossing penalties that could result to losing the chance of a higher search engine ranking.

To enjoy all the benefits of having a good search engine ranking, you really need to be keen in following SEO rules and be attentive to details when applying various strategies. Beware of fraudulent blogs and pages who write about new SEO techniques which are on the actual fact are nothing but spams and inventions. It would be ideal to seek help from reliable people which provide local SEO services that are guaranteed effective and authentic.

Moreover, this article will give you a shortlist of the dos and don’ts when doing SEO. Read through the end of this article to know the things you should and should not be doing in optimizing your website’s search engine ranking.

Do’s in SEO

There are numerous things you can do when doing SEO for your website. If done right, it could give you the benefit of getting noticed on the internet. When done otherwise, everything can just do down the drain and be wasted. See this list of SEO dos from an article “SEO Dos and Don’ts: The Best SEO Practices –

  1. Get Back links from trusted sites – getting authentic links from reputable sites gives you the assurance of not losing organic links. It is important to only get back links from credible websites around the niche you belong.
  2. Write quality contents – having a quality, well-researched content gives you the edge among regular websites. It allows you to generate natural links.
  3. Include keywords in Title, Meta description and content’s body – doing this gives you the chance to gain chance to have a higher ranking in search engine platforms. It allows search engines such as Google to map your site according to a search query entered by a user.
  4. Research your keywords – it is important to do keyword research beforehand writing. This is to know what words or phrases people use to enter in a search box.
  5. Be a guest blogger on renowned sites – being a guest writer on well-known sites from your industry enables you to reach new audiences. Keep in mind to write only on trusted websites and make the quality of your post to be at least as good as theirs.
  6. Monitor back links – in attaining SEO success, it is important to keep a clean back links profile.
  7. Create internal links – building internal links also contributes to search engine ranking factors. It can help search engines find your context easily.
  8. Info graphics – creating info graphics can help in building quality back links and increase traffic to a website.
  9. Have a sitemap – having a sitemap does not help in boosting a website’s SEO. However, it will be easier for search engines to easily find and index your site’s pages.
  10. Allow others to easily link to your site – publicly asking for others to link to your site is a no-no, however, you may ask webmasters to do it by creating a small widget saying “link to this post”. You may use any phrase of your preference.
  11. Be patient – SEO takes up time. The job is not going to give you abrupt results; it may take months or even years.
  12. Make a user-friendly website – it must be easy for people to navigate.
  13. Create a long content – having a longer content allows you to generate more keywords, and thus, more chances to have a higher search ranking.
  14. Learn from your toughest competitors – know how to play the game and learn from the success of the best players. Imitate what works with them and build a dupe for their back links.
  15. Remove bad links – removing suspicious back links will keep you from bumping onto Google penalties.
  16. Post new contents regularly – having new contents will let your readers and search engines know that the website is well maintained and has not been abandoned.
  17. Make your site mobile – today, over 50% of users access the internet through mobile phones. Recently, Google launched mobile-based algorithms giving advantage for websites that have a mobile version.
  18. Focus on SEO for your website – from start to finish, SEO must be given high priority.
  19. Improve your site speed – having a poor website speed could affect how users feel about your website.

Don’ts in SEO

While there are so many things you can do to boost SEO for your website, there are also a handful of things you should not be doing. More often than not, people are not aware of the don’ts in SEO. To sum up, here is a list of things to not do on your SEO based on the article “Top 10 Things to Avoid in SEO” –

  1. Buying mass backlinks – building backlinks is laborious; no wonder why many people are tempted to invest in an ad which offers to build thousands of backlinks in exchange for a fee. Handling your sites backlinks to these ads could lead to something you wouldn’t like.
  2. Automating the process – although a blog comment is another key to building backlinks, this method have been misused by so many SEO automation programs. It generates redundant comments like “Great post” which leads the blog to be suspected as fraudulent.
  3. Too much Keyword density – Google and other search engines can see if you are using a certain keyword too much and so can your readers.
  4. Taking part in link exchanging – exchanging links to a website which is not in lined with your niche is not good. If Google figures it out, the totality of your websites can be affected.
  5. Hiding texts – placing the keyword in a light colored text all over a website page so it repeats over and over could lead to some serious penalties from Google.
  6. Creating doorway pages – doorway page is a page packed of keywords where users only see for few seconds. It is a trick to fool search engines. The main content which the users will see often has nothing to do with the keyword searched at all.
  7. Ranking for keywords that are too big for your website – some keywords have a higher competition. It would be ideal to pick a smaller or long-tail keyword.
  8. Writing poor contents – it is obviously true that having a content readable enough can keep your website on track.
  9. Writing trashy offsite articles – nowadays, usefulness of an article is what matters the most.
  10. Relying on short cuts – sadly, there are no alternative routes to SEO. SEO is merely all about writing great content and building strong relationship among users and readers. If you cannot do those things then the job of SEO is not for you. Seeking help from a local SEO firm is a good option.

Why Do you Need Local SEO Service?

Now that you know the dos and don’ts when dealing with SEO for your website, it is about time you made a decision whether to do SEO in-house or outsource it to a local SEO firm to get professional help. Either way, you want nothing but to get recognized online. Here are some reasons why seeking help from local SEO professionals is the best choice.

  1. Expertise – local SEO companies have expert people in handling SEO right for your website. You have the assurance of a quality output with desirable outcomes.
  2. Cost-cutting – if you outsource the job to local search engine optimization services, you no longer need to allocate budget for human resource, training and office miscellaneous. Plus, you get a job better than in-house outputs.
  3. Proven effective SEO strategies – one of the best local SEO benefits is that they are keen with SEO algorithms better and use proven effective SEO strategies.

Those are the things you should do and should avoid when dealing with Search Engine Optimization. It is important to keep in mind that there are limitations to leveraging your website. SEO success goes through a hard-won process which may not be within everyone’s capabilities. Doing it yourself is great especially if you want to learn and earn it with your own. However, having the desire and passion for SEO does not always put you on top of search engine rankings, and thus, seeking help from the ones who can isn’t a lost at all.

If you are looking for the right local SEO service, check out the list of the best local SEO services from and see the latest reviews on local SEO services. Here, you will find all the help that you need in choosing the most appropriate services for all your needs, especially when it comes to search engine optimization.

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