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What SEO Companies Offer for Customer’s Satisfaction

What SEO Companies Offer for Customer’s Satisfaction

Buyers depend on the Internet and other social media on getting useful information that helps them to decide on the right products and services. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work by channeling these targeted traffic (amount of visitors) to a website through the use of major search engines.  SEO focuses on factors that can help you gain more online search and visits. Top SEO companies are tied up with major clients and are continuously working on achieving success. Considering the service of an SEO company is a crucial investment that can give an advantage not only to your business but also in building strong customer relationship and expanding your business influence. Aside from the obvious, we made some lists of services that SEO companies offer, which highly affects customer’s satisfaction.

Research the Website Performance

According to, SEO companies use several SEO tools in gauging the performance of a website. These metrics are called Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and are only SEO basics for websites. They determine strong areas of the website and those that needs further improvement. The metrics specifically measures the number of visitors a website accommodates in a day and compares them repeatedly; Traffic sources are how customers found the website (e.g. social media, email, and keywords); Average session time of users and bounce rate measure the number of visitors who suddenly moved out of the site; Conversion rate measures the percentage of customers who have done a transaction in the website, and the return on investment (ROI) and profit measure the cost and return.

These metrics help you understand the behavior of customers when it comes to purchasing products and services. According to, they help you to recognize the impulse and background of your market by researching on how to target the ideal customers, identifying their social networks, determining the demographics of the targeted audience, following through keywords and checking their online conversations on specific product types, brands and interests, promoting and building networks of people who have influence in your online community, and using surveys to check on the audience’s opinions and comments. Using these tools to your advantage directs the website’s performance not only at present but also gets you in the future trends. It keeps you connected to your audience, boosts customer satisfaction and retention at the same time, and makes it easier on upselling and cross-selling of products.

Website Overall Analysis

Dalhousie University and Kent State University list standards of what users should look for in a website. SEO companies evaluate and study these areas too. These are the following:

  • Authority – this pertains to the website developer, their personal background and expertise on giving information, and their contact details.
  • Purpose – the motives and intention of the site should be conveyed in a clear, focused, and organized manner. The content (aural, visual, or textual) and links are appropriate for the targeted audience and hold up to its purpose.
  • Coverage – the web developer maintains discussion of topics in consistent depths and details, and that they show great relevance to the audience.
  • Currency – pertains to present-day and popular content, the site is always up-to-date and maintained, and the links are reliable.
  • Objectivity – the information and points presented in the contents are biased free and are not in conflict with the advertising.
  • Accuracy – the details and references are correct, credible, and error free
  • Usability – the site is stable and well designed, easy to navigate, and is organized; the server is always accessible and in uptime. Written contents are readable and leveled for the target audience.

In addition, SEO companies also analyzed the website structures. enumerates three structures that are essential in a website, and these are the following:

  • Browse Functionality – relates to keeping balance and order on the home page, menus, and content pages. Making the users’ experience natural and does not give any unnecessary impressions when they are using the site.
  • Site Search – the most effective way in helping users find a specific content on your website and direct them to pages that are less visited. It is expected that users should find appropriate content on the site when they use the search.
  • Structural Themes – structural themes shape and promote the user’s mental model of how the web contents were organized and presented, giving the user an idea on how to easily navigate the website.

Build Website Links and Outreach describes link building as a technique of getting links from other website pages and back to your own website. The Search Engine Ranking Study observed that there is significance in high rank quality links. Search engines like Google explore web pages and rank them in their results. Aside from the content, they are also into links from quality external web pages directed to a particular page in your website. describes them as signals to search engines. The higher the quality of the external websites that were linked, the higher is the recommendation that your website should be highly ranked by search engines too.

In 2012, Google Penguin launched their benchmark on link building and removed spams and bad links that were used by some websites to gain popularity in search results. In some SEO company reviews, clients are being warned to watch out on sub-standard link building strategies that their SEO company may impose to prevent penalty and harm in their website. says that although it takes time to structure a well-grounded link network, the effort pays off because it gives true gains in the costumers’ experience because these links add value in the internet community, and to the business. Here are some benefits of link building according to

  • Establish Relationships – this refers to reaching out and building long-term connections with key influencers in the market. Key influencers have the ability to affect consumers in their purchasing decisions and spending.
  • Referral Links – these links work by marketing your business to other websites. Referral links are important because it moves traffic to your website coming from other sources online. These expand the exposure of the website making it easier for customers to reach you.

Monitor Competitors

The business world resembles a game where players compete with each other. Competition is good, and it keeps our business moving and growing. It takes us out of the conventional and gives us reason to improve business ideas or re-create our products. SEO companies are also on the move alongside with competitors through SEO competitive analysis tools and research. says that there are advantages in keeping our competitors always in check. Through identifying and studying competitors, you can learn their strengths and improve your own strategies in connecting with customers through services and outreach campaigns. You will also know the latest trends in the market and how your competitors are using them to gain customers and find a way through your audience by promoting your products too. Stay ahead of your competitors by studying their weaknesses and do what they have not yet done so far. After all, this would be a rewarding experience for the customers because they will get the best deals at the end.

Monitor Your Brand

There are also some negative online activities that business owners should look out for. According to, negative SEO like brand impersonation, website hacking, and content theft imposes real threats and are harmful to the brand’s reputation. It affects traffic and online visibility through stealing quality links or adding low-quality links. Some other tactics are using paid links, duplicating website contents, doing fake reviews, and using web crawlers that can affect the website speed.

In SEO company reviews, they use tools such as Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) in monitoring unwanted activities. These tools verify website ownership, identify newly created backlinks and remove unnatural links, monitor and investigate changes in the ranking of keywords, track stolen contents, and check penalty indicators if there are suspected negative activities affecting the website. It is not only the business that is affected but also the customers. Negative SEO can damage the name of the brand from the simple spammy comments to being banned or penalized. explains that negative SEO campaign recognizes and make use of any weaknesses in your website to your disadvantage. It is best to have a stable SEO structure, consistent monitoring and keeping the metrics updated.

SEO is a valuable strategy in the market today for people who heavily rely on information from the internet on their day to day activities like cooking or simply finding a nice restaurant to eat at. Consumers are smarter in their choices because of the influence of information that are readily available to them. That is why the ultimate goal of SEO companies is to make your website land on popular searches, making it visible to the online community, thus making the business a choice of the public. The strategies for structuring a very good website, link building, and gaining influence sound promising and can really help your business grow through giving the utmost experience to your customers. However, as the saying goes “Success does not happen overnight” – all will take time, patience, and a lot of hard work.

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