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Is Your SEO Agency Helping or Harming Your Company?

Is Your SEO Agency Helping or Harming Your Company?

Having an SEO Provider is a great way to improve your marketing strategy. There are many benefits that you can get from SEO, and it’s essential if you choose one that can benefit your business and not harm it. This article talks about the telltale signs of a provider that can be bad for your business.

What Are the Benefits of SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way for businesses to produce a dynamic, friendlier, and faster websites. Aside from SEO, it also focuses on the customer relationships and help in marketing strategies. Here are the top five things on how SEO benefits business.

  1. It Promotes Brand Awareness. An increase in search engine rankings means more visibility in the search results. This will help others discover your company. Using keywords will also help other people to find out more about your brand by using keywords. SEO is a great chance for others to see the potential of your products and services and can associate with your company’s brand.
  2. It Is Cost Effective. At first, you’ll think that SEO is expensive because of its costs. But if you have a great marketing strategy, chances are, you can reap a lot of profits from it. They implement more inbound strategies instead of outbound ones that can help you in your revenue. It is estimated that using inbound strategies can produce 61% more than outbound strategies, resulting in more leads that are qualified and more website traffic.
  3. It Increases Your Return of Investment (ROI). SEO produces proven and trackable results. They have analytics that can provide you your user data such as user demographics to help you in strategizing your marketing campaigns. Using this data can help you improve your ROI.
  4. It Increases Your Website Traffic. Since SEO is involved with search engine rankings, it can generate an increase in your website traffic. They also specialize in small details that are a great help in increasing the traffic such as keyword searches and meta-descriptions.
  5. It provides User-friendly, Efficient Websites. They make searching for your business more user friendly, making other people find you faster and easier. The website itself is user-friendly by making it more navigational for others to browse your content. By having a dynamic website, people will be more engaged in your website and is more than likely to make potential customers be interested and buy from you.

What Are the Firms To Avoid in SEO?

Search engine optimization is done in a fast-paced environment. Most reliable firms always give you practical advice for SEO and remind you of any opportunities you might have missed. Avoid SEO services that practice unlawful practices such as the following:

  1. Firms That Provide and Sell “Discounted” or Cheap Content. If you’re paying for something that’s on an abnormally low price, chances are they are of poor quality. Good content always comes with a price.
  2. Email Spammers. Spamming unnecessarily in the forums or blogs can cause accounts to be banned. It is also a big no-no in the marketing rules.
  3. Firms That Encourage and Sell “Discounted” or Cheap Backlinks. These are not allowed in the webmaster guidelines. They most likely are involved in link schemes that might be shady as well.
  4. Firms That Use Fiverr (Even Those Associated With Churn and Burn Websites). Fiverr is not illegal, but it offers other people to create tasks and other SEO services. Basically, they outsource random people just to do the job. If that’s the case, why should you hire a company that will hire someone else to do the job for you?

Make sure that the SEO agency you choose have a good reputation and always promote legitimate practices to give you the confidence of getting best results.

What Are the Firms You Have To Be Wary of in SEO?

Any SEO Firm can claim that they are the best. They can also promise you a lot of results, but later on, you’ll find out that they can’t deliver. Here are some of the things that you have to be wary of if the firm promises one of these things:

  1. Number One in the Rankings. It’s not bad to aim to be on the top. But if you’re a startup company and wants to be number one immediately, it’s quite impossible to do that. The reason why there is someone in the number one rank is because they’ve been there for quite some time and invested a lot of time and effort in it. Getting to the top is not something you can do for just a day or a week.
  2. Because of the fast-paced nature of SEO, companies must not provide guarantees but a promise that they’ll do what it takes to increase your SEO rankings.
  3. Suspicious Link Building Methods. Link building is needed if you want to increase your website reputation. Link building involves inbound links, but there are ways of link building that can be unethical. If you’re concerned of how they operate, ask them about their techniques in link building.
  4. Cheap Prices. Most of the time, SEO comes with a price. The higher the price, the higher the quality of the content will be. If they offer you something that’s too good to be true, it probably is.
  5. Fast Results. Fast results may mean that they may be doing illegal practices, also called black hat techniques. This can start out great, but they might be involved in breaking the webmaster guidelines. This can hurt your rankings and may inevitably take you a long time to recover from it.

The best SEO agencies do not normally get involved with these kinds of promises. They know how the SEO business work and how to have efficient results. They also have the time, knowledge, and experience to have what it takes in SEO.

SEO Facts You Might Not Be Aware Of

  1. Search Engine Optimization Takes Patience and a Lot of Your Time. SEO can be considered as a long-term investment.
  2. Search Engine Optimization Is Constantly Changing, So Rankings Change Too. There are many competitors out there, so rankings are updated every day. You have to monitor the rankings on a daily basis to see where you stand.
  3. Search Engine Optimization Is Vital Especially in the Marketing Side of Business. It greatly improves your brand awareness and increases your profits.
  4. Not All SEO Are the Same. Each SEO specializes in a particular field, so find one that suits your business needs.
  5. Hiring an Agency That Specializes in SEO Is Greatly Recommended. If you’re not familiar with SEO and use do-it-yourself SEO, it might cost you more than you should or produce work that is not up to par with the SEO experts.

Online businesses often rely on SEO to succeed. If you want to gain an advantage between your competitors, give it a try and invest in SEO. If you’re ready to use SEO or would like to change your current one, why not read’s reviews of SEO agencies to get you started today?

When Is the Time To Stop Your SEO?

Look for these warning signs and see if your SEO has them. If it is, try to consider a new one. These are the following:

  1. They Don’t Produce Quality Results. If you’re paying for them yet getting nothing, you need to let them know about their deliverables. They at least need to have optimized your website content, produced an SEO audit for your website, and made an analysis of your website’s link outline.
  2. They Don’t Offer Any Recommendations To Improve Your SEO. It is recommended to get an agency that will be your business partner and have a long-term relationship with them. By giving recommendations, it shows that they know how SEO works and would like your business to improve on it.
  3. You Get Penalized by the Webmaster. If this happens, it might mean that they are practicing unscrupulous methods in their SEO work. It’s hard to bring back the success of your SEO if it has been tarnished.
  4. You Noticed That Your Keywords Are Irrelevant. Keyword is key to SEO search, but if you’re ranking keywords that are not related to your business, people will be disappointed because you don’t have the products or services they are currently looking for.
  5. Your Rankings and Traffic Lowers Down. It is all right if it drops once in awhile but try to determine what happened and work it out. It could be because of a penalty or of techniques that is not suitable for the SEO campaign.

These are just some of the reasons that indicate you might have an SEO that is not worth using. The reason why you hired an SEO Company is to produce great results in SEO. If by any chance you experience these things in the company, maybe it’s time to research and find another one.

Nowadays, the best SEO agencies focuses on hitting a high ROI and of course SEO campaigns. They provide other marketing methods such as promoting online advertisements, direct mailing, and broadcasting products and services. SEO is now a vital part in most businesses, but the question is if you’re getting your money’s worth. As long as the SEO you choose is of top quality, it will help you produce SEO results and lead to a huge amount of profits.

Don’t take the easy route by choosing the cheapest ones out there. You need to deliver quality SEO content if you want your campaigns to be successful. If you are having trouble in deciding which SEO to use, why not look at’s Reviews of SEO Agencies to find out?

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