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Right Measures to Combat the Risks Involved in Mobile App Development

In today’s business world, it can very well observe that all the industrial sectors right from the start-up to big enterprises are building up their very own mobile apps for meeting the digital requirements of their clientele.  As the statistics related to the figures of mobile app development is continuously hiking up, so with this it has become quite common to see an increasing number of mobile app success stories cropping up. We keep coming across various stories where how four different companies used mobile apps for reaching their customer requirements. Right there on a certain piece of paper, you can glance up the writings that highlight other companies, who used mobile apps to enhance their business. So, while witnessing the above scenario, it can be very well noted that mobile apps are ruling the business world, and now there is no place left that is remained untouched by the broader implications of mobile apps.

The ideation of getting a mobile app is forcing down in the market and thus, business is starting to acknowledge and understand the true power of mobile apps, and are continuously hitting upon the idea of getting a mobile app.

And this is the point where things can go awry. Just with the motive to cash on the app success, many businesses simply jump into mobile app development without any prior preparation. As they dive into, without any understanding the risks associated with its procedures, can create the situations for unpleasant surprises.

So, here are few listed risks involved that if addressed with the right approach, can enlighten your app journey up to an amicable extent.

A risky affair?

Now all the apps out there in the app stores have one thing in common, they are all dedicated to committing your tasks without any hamper. For instance, most people wake up with their smart phone’s alarm in the morning and then typing in the eight-digit passcode (in most cases), go through a weather app to prepare for the day, check emails lest anything pressing, read on local news and glance at friends’ update on Facebook. These all the aforementioned activities are accomplished within the time duration of just 45 minutes.

Today we all are living in the era of computing with the major portions of it being consumed by mobile devices as we have now apps that can deliver a seamless execution ecosystem.  Now, as these apps are highly efficient, business-houses are trying to make the mobile apps as a crucial tool for delivering real-time access to everything, a reliable mobile app development company knows what does it means for your businesses. So, let’s understand the major risk factors that are involved in it.

Top 5 risks involved in app development

Mobile apps pose the similar risks, vulnerabilities as owned by the typical web and client/server applications. It is because the users have the power to download everything they desire plus the app elements are quite manageable. So, here we present the top five risks involved and the ways to mitigate them:

Building an app not desired by your target users

This is certainly the biggest nightmare for any business that they end up developing a mobile app that is not desired by their users. For instance, in the case of native app development, it requires tens of thousands of dollars and months of time for getting an excelled and polished product developed. However, the efforts that have been put in erase off, once the user abandons it. So, what is the most probable answer for the above scenario? Well, this happens when mobile app development is adopted with a wrong business approach.

Often business makes this mistake of developing an app from their own perspective instead of the getting their user requirements prioritized. Thus, it is advised to seek input from customers for understanding their desired specifications and the functionality they want from your mobile app.

Choosing the wrong development partner

This is the biggest hidden risk involved in outsourcing mobile development among big and small companies. Thus, be extremely careful while choosing an app development organization and ensure that your contract graphs the activity categories such as responsible person for UX and UI Design, execution of QA related strategies, and steps adopted for easy deployment of the project.

Most businesses fail to develop their mobile apps in-house, owing to budget-related issues. Thus, they turn towards outsourcing – that if selected properly can vanish all the risk elements, and in case proper attention not paid can invite some risk to the project. After all, choosing a wrong development partner can be lethal. So, how to avoid ending up with the same. Well, the simple solution to this is: Avoid low-cost outsourcing.

Businesses that fall into the trap of low-cost outsourcing, often encounter delays, hidden costs, and quality lapses. Hence, select a reliable mobile app development company, the one that takes pride in showing its past work done, communicate with an utmost respect, values your ideas and even suggests the ways for making the project much better.

Inappropriate platform selection

When you invest in a native mobile application development (due to your project’s demand) you are a constraint for a single platform usability. In certain cases, you might end up with the opinion that, the platform you have selected is not appropriate for getting your business requirements addressed.

Well, in the above scenario, properly analyzing your business goals, market insights and user requirements can come as a major rescue. Improper planning may result in the development of end product for which you are not looking for.

Security Breaches

Security breaches are common and similar for all kinds of mobile app. The trouble occurs when you underestimate the requirement for implementing proper security precautions. Most common security flaws are  (XSS, insecure storage, Cross-Site Request Forgery, insecure communication, etc.)

However, often it is assumed by mobile app developers that mobile devices are inherently secure and thus slip the security-vetting process, thus loosing upon the product quality. These lax security protocols result in data compromise and permit the infrastructural breaches on the server side, via the attacks such as SQL injection.

Unsustainable User growth

Are you prepare for the situation in case too many people start using your app? What if it takes off faster than your expectation? You might end up being stuck supporting millions of users. Well, how to combat with such situation?

A small development team can simply create an app which can be then used by thousands or even millions of people depending on app’s reach and success). Now offering support to a rapidly growing number of end users may become entirely unscalable and a costly affair. This may result in the squad of angry and confused end users who might end up with two things; whether leave a negative App Store review and/or delete the app.

Thus, in the above scenario where your app is gaining high levels of success, it is always a recommended approach for looking an IT expert or a mobile app developer that may improvise your app performance. Hence, making the approach right from the very beginning, can obviously figure out some way for making it scalable, or else you might end up deleting with your app, or the condition may arise, your app might become loaded with a high frequency of negative user reviews.

By now it is clear that app development process is not an easy ride and one must be clever and follow the right road for getting an optimized product. Wrong planning and strategies, if adopted can lead to a downfall in your app reputation.

Closing In:

Let’s find out some of the most common risks while getting into a Mobile App Development. Certain questions related to security, your app development partner, user growth, platform selection must be considered for capturing the right product with the right strategy.


Arun Goyal

Arun Goyal

Managing Director at Octal IT Solution LLP
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Arun Goyal

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