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How Reviews of the Best Point of Sale Software Benefit Restaurants?

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 Not so long ago, cash registers were considered as the king of the point of sale. However, the creation of point of sale software made some business owners think twice. It may seem unnecessary for now, but if we look closely, there are a lot to gain from it. For that reason, more and more industries are switching to point of sale software in managing their POS system and this includes the restaurant industry.

With regard to the question “Which between the two is better?”, budget may affect the decision of small business owners and start-up companies. Moreover, it will not be fair if business owners purchase the software and pass the burden of paying to the employees. Also, the needs of the business should also be considered first. It is recommended that before selecting which service or product to use, reading reviews is necessary.

Point of Sale System

If you want your business to get ahead of the game, choosing innovative applications over traditional strategies can bring success.  The point of sale system (POS) is part of the technological advancement utilized extensively especially by businesses that are into retailing, restaurants and hotels. This refers to a network operated by the main computer which, in turn, is connected to several terminals.

The point of sale system consists of hardware and software. The former includes those utilized by staff and clients to make transactions. It can be a tablet, a computer, credit card readers, cash drawers, barcode scanners, printers and much more. On the other hand, the software runs the system. This means processing customer transactions. It has features that allow the POS system to track inventory, process returns and credit card transactions, and a lot more.

According to a research conducted by Justin Guinn, retail market researcher of Software Advice, around 64% of single-store business retailers are still not using POS systems. It was also revealed that those who purchased POS system are saving 10% per year compared to retailers who do things manually.

Benefits of Point of Sale Software to Restaurants

Some entrepreneurs are afraid to take the risk of purchasing point of sale software for their business because of its price. However, the high cost invested in the application along with other point of sale system parts will result to longer years of service. But restaurant owners should not feel pressured about it. Reading reviews on the best and affordable point of sale software is necessary before purchasing a POS system.

Below are some benefits of point of software that makes it a “must-have” to restaurants.

  1. Tracking of Sales

The use of point of sale software enables restaurant owners to monitor the volume of cash and credit cards. In addition, it allows identification of items that are popular with the customers and if there is a need to change the menu. Its ability to track consumption reduces the possibility of ringing in sold-out food. Also, a schedule can be created in the system and the staff can use it as a time clock. In such a way, the company can monitor not only the employee’s sales but their working hours as well.

This ability of point of sale software protects the company from employee theft and allows business owners to make better choices for the improvement of the company.

  1. Faster Payment Processing

The restaurant business is one of the busiest industries, especially when situated in highly popular and visible areas like shopping malls. Provision of speedy and efficient service to customers is very vital. We do not want them to wait in long lines and end up purchasing in a competitor’s place of business just because of our old-fashioned cash management. With the right point of sale software, better customer service can be provided with more customers accommodated. Remember, customer satisfaction is impeccable in every business.

Today, more and more people are using plastic cards to transact business that is why one of the features of point of sale system to look for is integration with credit and debit card transactions. If there is hassle-free processing, time and money will be saved.

  1. Prevent Order Mistakes

It is a known fact that order errors result to customer dissatisfaction which could further lead to loss of profit due to returned food. In a QSR Drive-Thru survey conducted in 2012, Burger King had 17% of order inaccuracies. The use of point of sale system eliminates this situation by eradicating misunderstanding and improving communication between the customer, waiters or waitresses and the kitchen staff.

With POS software, orders taken and entered into the system are coordinated with the kitchen staff through a monitor. This ensures the accuracy of orders which are compromised when using handwritten tickets. If customers receive their orders prepared and served just as they want them to be, chances are, they will return to the restaurant and suggest it to their family and friends.

Importance of Reading POS Software Reviews

Before we enumerate the reasons why restaurant owners must first shop the internet for recommendations before purchasing, here are some statistics about online reviews. In 2013, Dimensional Research conducted a survey about customer lifetime value and the findings showed that 90% of participants confirmed that online reviews affect their decisions of purchasing a product. Another article written by Jimmy Rodela in 2015 revealed that 77% of customers read online reviews first before ordering, while annual findings of the Local Consumer Review Survey found that 88% of respondents trust online reviews as much as personal suggestions.

However, restaurant owners should not only depend on online reviews but also consult recommendations by experts. Nevertheless, here are some benefits of reading reviews of the best point of sale software.

  1. Provide Information

Reading and soliciting reviews from users give a detailed information about the application. This includes the advantages and disadvantages, features, and overall performance of the product. It will help you in the decision process because you will get an idea if the point of sale software is right for you based on customer insight. Moreover, reading reviews help in comparing different brands that offer the software. Therefore, restaurant owners have the ability to choose an affordable POS tool that has the same features as those of an expensive brand but is equally efficient.

  1. Spare yourself from trouble

As mentioned, the pros and cons of the software are provided by customers. Through this, you will have an idea of what POS software to avoid. Quite a number of negative reviews from real customers mean that the product is not worth it. Since you already know the faults, more likely you will be able to select a system that is suitable for your business needs. Thus, reading reviews save you from the trouble and spare you from spending a big sum of money to a software that is not right for the company.

  1. Learn from other’s experiences

As a business owner, you do not need to experience everything to learn something. Doing your homework of reading reviews can already give an insight about the software. You can acquire smart tips from costumers in choosing a POS system. Based on their recommendations, the experience of using the service will be divulged, including the negative ones which are not revealed in advertisements. As the adage says, smart people learn from their own mistakes but the sharp individuals acquire knowledge from the mistakes of others. If a real customer failed in the business and lost revenue because of utilizing a specific POS software, you can choose a different path by picking a better point of sale application.

Tips in Selecting the Right POS Software for Your Restaurant

There are over 70 POS Systems available in the market and this number continuously grows as new brands are entering the industry. If you want to take the plunge of purchasing a new POS System, here are some things to consider when procuring a point of sale software.

  1. Budget

Just like in purchasing products and services, the first thing that comes to mind is the cost. Knowing the amount of money that you plan to allocate in buying a POS software will narrow down the list and prevents overspending. There are a lot of inexpensive POS system out there which offers the basic features that are vital for your business. You need not buy an expensive one especially when some of its functionality is not applicable to your restaurant business.

  1. Ease of Use

The POS software should have an interface that is simple and easy to understand to minimize errors and to save money for training. There is a point of sale tool that offers a free trial, so better take advantage of it and see if it is stress-free to navigate the system.

  1. Customer Support

Another thing that should not be taken for granted is the presence of experienced customer support team who will assist you in times of trouble. It is vital that the support team is available and accessible anytime you need them since time is money in business. Waiting for a few days for their technical support to fix system errors will already lead to a lot of loss in your sales.

  1. Features

Before buying, reading reviews will give you information about the features of the point of sale system. This is impeccable in the selection process. It is important to know which components are necessary for your restaurant business and which among the POS system offers this functionality. Some of the features that your business might need include integration with QuickBooks, the ability to accept online orders and reservations, the addition of credit card processors, employee time card management and much more.

In general, reading reviews is vital before purchasing a product. Doing your homework does not only save you from trouble but also from spending your finances in a POS software that does not address your needs.

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