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Reliable Tax Preparers in Rockville MD

Tax preparers in the Rockville, Maryland area are easy to find. They are on the corner of nearly every block, on every major highway. Add the surrounding areas in and around Montgomery County, and you may find yourself with a tough decision when it comes to finding good and reliable tax preparers. Business and Financial Solutions, Inc. has provided excellent tax services in Rockville for over 16 years, with services provided year round. We are not just a seasonal tax firm. Our accountants, bookkeepers and tax preparers are available throughout the year. We do not close at the end of “tax season.”

Why is it important to use a year round firm? There are often unforeseen circumstances that require more than just the standard preparation of a return. In the event that a client failed to provide necessary information for a tax return, the IRS may inquire about the difference in the tax return and the information provided by employers and other tax sources. In this event, taxpayers may need the assistance of the firm that prepared the original returns. If you are working with a seasonal company, that assistance may not be available, if the company closes down after “tax season.”

Some taxpayers are at risk to audit. You will want to hire a firm that is capable of taking you through an IRS or state audit. Generally, seasonal companies are not around to do this. Other companies may not have professionals with the credentials to represent you under these circumstances. If a run-of-the-mill company prepared your income tax returns, you will need to employ a different company for IRS or state representation.

So what do we do when you have a tax question? What do you do about a situation that requires advanced tax planning and strategies? What does a business do if bookkeeping and accounting are required, in order to prepare the returns? What happens if the return has to be filed late, where the taxpayer receives tax documents late? These are all variables that require serious consideration, and should defer taxpayers to full-time accountants and firms, rather than simply a tax preparer that lacks the expertise, time or professionalism required to meet your requirements.

What about the part-time accountant that prepares tax returns on the side. The problem with this is that these accountants have full-time jobs elsewhere and preparing tax returns is not their priority. It does not necessarily mean that they are not good tax preparers, but their full attention is not preparing taxes. Rather, it is a means by which to make extra money. Additionally, these accountants do not generally have daytime, or business hours available, which may require, when addressing any complications or issues with the Internal Revenue Service, or your state taxing entity.

Taxpayers have a large variety of tax professionals to choose from. This is good. It is not as though you have limited choses. However, there can seem sometimes that there are too many to choose from. There ae many things to consider including, but not limited to the issues listed above. Choose professionals who are knowledgeable, and open the entire year.

Choosing the right tax professional is not a chose that should be made lightly. Business & Financial Solutions is a group of professionals, consisting of accountants, bookkeepers, tax preparers, enrolled agents, consultants, writers and more. Our firm can produce the services that meet all the financial needs of our clients. We want to make certain that whenever a client needs our help, we are there to assist, and for that, we are responsible.

Business & Financial Solutions welcomes the opportunity to meet with you via in-person, or teleconference. The choice is yours. We never shy away from face-to-face meeting with clients. We are a “people” firm, client relations and communications are high on our list, when it comes to customer service. However, client convenience is also a priority. We want the preparation of your taxes to be as effortless as possible. You, as the client, will have to let us know what is most comfortable and convenient for you.

Our state of the art technical systems allow choices in how clients get there documents to us. Options are fax, email, secure portal or in-person. Again, we want you to have choses. Your convenience and comfort level is important to us, and we value your time and security.

Business & Financial Solutions has multiple locations, all convenient to mainstream traffic. Our offices are located in Rockville MD, Frederick MD and Vienna VA. Our clients are nationally, encompassing 28 states now. The great majority are by word-of-mouth referrals, to client’s friends, families and colleagues. Clients include individuals, a vast range of small to mid-size business, trusts, non-profits and more. Our services are designed and suited to help clients with nearly any tax service, problem or strategic planning. For a free consultation call (855) 557-2222, or email [email protected].

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