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Relevant Search Results with RankBrain Make it Even More Intriguing

Understanding RankBrain

With time, technology is getting even better and RankBrain is the best epitome. What is it and how does Google uses it to filter the search results and offer more relevant searches to its users? Google engineers have really turned their world of comfort upside down to make an algorithm as good as this. RankBrain is the machine-learning artificial intelligence algorithm that processes a considerable count of search results per day. However, you cannot take it as the complete alternative to Hummingbird, the Google search algorithm. There are a few features of this machine learning AI algorithm that make it just one of the best examples of machine-learning system of artificial intelligence. Google has confirmed employing the machine learning system’s use on 26th October 2015.

Artificial intelligence an essential factor to make relevant searches –

Google itself agrees that RankBrain is an essential factor in a ranking algorithm in addition to content and links. It works on the concept of seeing a word, never seen before or is unfamiliar with, and making a guess as to what phrase or word might have a meaning similar to it. The results will be filtered according to what it interprets. This makes the search queries that are never seen before, even more effective.

Here’s a short video we put together that gives you a sense of the work that goes into the changes and improvements we make to Google almost every day.

Working of RankBrain – It is all about sorting and marking the most appropriate search results

The AI algorithm works through billions of searches to display the best search results at very first. How does it interpret queries? It works by interpreting what the user is searching for and taking a complete understanding of how to submit the request in the number of ways. It is the part of overall search algorithm of Google. The billions of pages that have been generated are sorted for finding the most relevant ones in answer to the user’s search query.

Is RankBrain anywhere related to Hummingbird?

NO!! Hummingbird is the main searching algorithm Google employs. And Rankbrain is the newest part of it with other parts of the main searching algorithm coexisting. This is because the AI algorithm is not processing all the searches as the Hummingbird does. This main search algorithm of Google, i.e. Hummingbird uses other parts that are similar to Rankbrain such as the Payday, Mobile Friendly, Pirate, Penguin, Top-Heavy, and Panda.

Google terms this AI algorithm as the third essential factor for deciding the rank of web pages

Greg Corrado of Google said that RankBrain is that signal which goes into the algorithm for determining the Google search page results and deciding their ranks. In just a few months of its deployment, it has become the essential signals that contribute to the search query.

So if it is a third essential factor, then what are the two factors that are more important than this artificial intelligence signal? It is links and content or vice versa because the two hold equal importance. Another good news that Google’s driverless cars could be ready in 3 years. Google reveals a new machine learning system called “Rank Brain.”

Importance of RankBrain in the Business Expansion

There are a number of websites that will be benefited by Rankbrain. Those websites whose strength lies in the content will get a spot in relevant search results. The sites having thin, duplicate or rewritten content do not stand good chances in the Rankbrain’s search results.


Refining queries with Rankbrain

The signal works by interpreting the long tail queries (the multi-word and complex queries) and translates them effectively in order to bring the best results for the user. It is capable of seeing patterns between the complex searches that do not seem anywhere to be connected to any kind of similarity. This is essential for determining the complex searches in future in a better way and their relevance to particular searches.


Does the third most important factor for ranking webpages really make an impact?

Google always keep running small tests to check the greatness and importance of algorithm and everything that goes into it. And when anything worth introducing is run into the search algorithm, only then it is deployed and introduced. And introducing RankBrain is one of them and ranking it the third most important is the next considerable point. It is first recommendation to write fresh and unique content that add value to your website visitors.  It is very important to understand and solved mistakes of content writer while writing engaging content, according to a survey producing content is most challenging task for small online business –


When was this algorithm introduced to the globe?

It was in early 2015, that Rankbrain was rolled out and a few months now it is globally introduced, live and working. One of the most significant things to consider with its introduction is that those queries that have never been seen are processed by it. And these queries are 15% percent from which a very large fraction is taken.

Even RankBrain learns and well, it continues to learn!

All the learning part is performed offline. It is done by offering the historical searches and learning to predict from these. And later the predictions are tested and if they are found to be useful, then the RankBrain’s latest version is made live. And then again this cycle is repeated for further improvements in quality content.

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