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Why Real-Time Data Is Pivotal For Event Managers

Event management software with real-time dataEvent managers are the Queens and Kings of multi-tasking. Their mental to-do-lists are endless. In fact they have one of the most stressful jobs in the world. But there’s good news. The fact that we live in a world that becomes more and more digitized is a big opportunity for the entire event industry. Technology and innovative event management software solutions open up new ways of reducing stress and working more efficiently.

Event Management Software & Real-Time Data: A Perfect Combo!

Delivering great events is the number one priority for any event manager in a venue. The more tasks, the higher the probability that something goes wrong. Making sure rooms are set up according to the client’s wishes and praying that nothing has fallen through the cracks – those are just two (delicate) examples of a typical event day.

In times where everything is connected and clients make short notice requests, an event business needs to be extremely flexible. It doesn’t even have to be a major change in the event setup. It can be an additional microphone or piece of furniture, but the important thing here is: Any additional item needs to be captured in order to be delivered. And this is where pen, paper and Excel lists don’t do a very good job. They lack flexibility.

Event management software that works with real-time data comes with the big advantage that any change and any additional order can be immediately processed. An incredible stress reducer.

More Flexibility, Less Stress: Relaxed Event Managers!

Professional event management tools help event teams to work with one, central database. As a consequence, everyone has access to the same information. Client data and event details can be entered once and then used throughout the entire sales, CRM and invoicing cycle.

The thought of having access to your event and client data from literally everywhere makes you happy? With the rise of cloud-based software solutions, event managers have become even more flexible.

Web-based event management solutions allow event managers to log in and use their event software on any device – for example on their PC (that may be located in the office), on their phone (that they always carry around) or on their tablet (when they are on site). Anything, anytime.

Real-Time Data Reduces Bottle-Necks

When short notice changes occur, an event manager’s level of stress hormones usually grows exponentially. But what if the disturbing picture of the “bottle-neck” in the event manager’s job is removed? What if everyone has access to event data and immediately sees what has been requested by the client?

This is why real-time data is a game-changer for event professionals. The possibility to capture items and to have important information available in two clicks is a major leap towards less stress and more flexibility. With data flowing through one database, invoices can be easily generated and no item – no microphone or chair or podium – falls through the cracks.

More Time For Clients

The beauty about technology and digitized processes is the massive amount of time everyone wins. Not having to enter data into different spreadsheets, not having to manually create invoices: All these hideous, daily tasks disappear from event professionals’ desks if they use a unified event management software.

Thanks to efficient processes and automation of tasks, there is more time for human interaction and whatever requires human skills: More time for consulting, selling, meeting clients. You name it.


As you can see, event management software using real-time data can significantly reduce bottle-necks and therefore minimize stress in event manager’s daily jobs.

Happy and stress-free event managers deliver great events, so what are you waiting for?

These are the 3 major benefits of real-time data for event managers:

  1. Less stress: Bottle-necks can be removed, all ordered items are captured and processed
  2. More flexibility: Event managers may access client and event data from mobile devices, so when they are on site they have the freedom to log in and check whether all items have been captured
  3. More accuracy: Less mistakes and clean invoices as data can be entered once and then flows through the system from first contact to invoicing.
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