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What Are the Qualities of the Best Help Desk Software?

What Are the Qualities of the Best Help Desk Software?

Customers are the lifeblood of a business. They are the ones who are paying in order to keep your operations running. Therefore, business should always strive to give them satisfaction in every area, not only when selling products or rendering services but also in the customer support. In every industry today, as long as they are dealing with customers, help desk department should always be there. It is a critical part of the business because they are the ones who ensure that maximum satisfaction of customers is achieved. That is why many businesses are also seeking software solutions that can help this particular department.

There are a lot of help desk software options and choosing the right one for your business is a daunting task. However, you should take this job seriously because the success of your company lies in your hands. It is where the help desk department gets their confidence to answer every question. It is where they can organize data of customers. It is their tool to complete their most valued task. So, if you are the one who is tasked to choose the help desk software, don’t let your agents down. They’re counting on you.

If you are going to search right now, you’ll see that the number of options you are dealing with is overwhelming. Each help desk system has its own capabilities. Each one promises the best performance you can get. So, what can you do to pick the best help desk software if there are a lot of things clouding your decision? Obviously, you have to make your research first. You have to read a lot of sources about help desk software. However, never ever resort to what the ads are saying. You should always keep in mind that there will be misleading and dishonest vendors out there. They will try to provide information to other sources such as reviews and articles that are dishonest in a way that favors their software.

On the other hand, there are still honest websites that provides reviews and rankings of the leading help desk software. You can check out to find out more. You can also read blogs and other helpful articles in that same website. Then, after getting some info about help desk software, you can now proceed to the selection process, which is a tricky part. Before choosing the best help desk software for your customer support department, you must first list down your needs. That is because of the differences of each help desk system. Ask your agents what their needs are? What do they want to have in the software? What are the problems do they encounter in their department? Those kinds of questions will give you an idea on what specific software do you really need.

Don’t just pick the most famous one because it may end up costing you more. There might be a lot of functionalities in that software, but if you cannot use all of them, the money you are going to pay for those features will only come to waste. So, you must also be careful about that. What you can do after you list down the criteria of your software solution is to narrow down your choices. You cannot simply pick one from the reviews or rankings and background check that single provider. You must have at least 3 to 5 options. In this way, you can apply your list earlier and also pick up other crucial features you’ve missed.

Also, when narrowing your options, don’t forget about the amount of budget that you are willing to spend in the software. It would be frustrating if you are already in the selection process but later find out that the price of the software is not suitable to your budget. So, you’ll have to search for another set of software when that happens. To sum it up, budget plus list of needs and preferences is equal to the narrowed set of help desk systems.

Now, you’ve come to the final process which is the selection of the right help desk software for your business. Doing this is very easy. You simply need to match the qualities of the software into the list of needs and preferences of your help desk department. If they clicked, then you’ve found the one. However, you cannot just rely to the reviews about the software in doing this. You must also try the software yourself. So, ask the vendor if they are offering free-trials or free demo. If they do, then you’re lucky because that’s the way to tell if the vendor is being honest or not. Otherwise, you might want to think twice about your choice because they might be hiding something.

The question still remains. What are the qualities of the best help desk software? While the answer would greatly depend on the needs of your customer support department, there are still qualities that are a must-haves for this kind of software. You should be able to spot them in your choices to have a bigger chance of picking the right software. So, to help you in your selection process, here is the list of qualities that you should look for.

1. Integrated Knowledge Base

The software should have a history of all the interactions made in the department. This includes the conversations between customers and agents, the problems solved, normal issues, information of the customers, etc.  There must also be a database where the agents can access the info about the products being sold. So, if there is an issue about a certain product, the agent will be able to answer their questions easily. The knowledge base should be able to store those kinds of information so that the agents will not have to list them or keep a record of it. The system will keep this information until they will be needed for a certain situation.

Moreover, the history of previous customer transactions can also be posted on the portal of the help desk. The customers can then access it so that they can use those info posted if ever they encounter the same problem. This feature is very helpful to minimize redundant questions from multiple customers.

2. Self-Service Feature

The availability of the agents to help is a critical part of their job. Whenever a customer needs help, they should be able to provide answers and solve it as quickly as they could. However, this is not always the case. Of course, there will always be break times, or down systems, or anything. A 24/7 customer support is really impossible for most industries that doesn’t hire a third-party provider or outsourcing.

On the other hand, there is still a way to solve this problem. That is what the help desk software is for. It should be able to provide a self-service portal where customers can access in times when the help desk is not available. The agents can put relevant information on that portal such as blogs, FAQ, product list, price list, previous transactions, terms and conditions, etc.

3. Cloud-based Capabilities

This is really important especially if the organization is committed to provide the best customer support service to the people. If the agents can access a website where they can answer the inquiries of the customers, then it would be easier for them to do their job. Plus, they will be constantly updated if there is any customer who needs serious attention. It can also be helpful so that every agent will be on the same page in cases where the problem needs to be solved by multiple persons.

4. Collaborative Functionalities

There will be a time when the problem being reported is very serious. In case like this, there should be a collaboration between all the members in the help desk department. This is to ensure that everyone can give their opinion about the problem. When they can talk to each other especially if the software allows video communications, it would be easier to see what the problem is, talk to the customer about the situation, and connect all the agents.

5. Customer Access and Status Report

In times when there are a lot of tickets or issues, it is hard to ensure that the customers will not get angry because of slow service. If their tickets are not solved immediately, they might think that the organization is not taking them seriously. This is a bad thing especially if your organization has a good reputation. No one wants to have stains on their reputation just because of poor customer support service. This is where the status report feature comes in.

This feature allows the customers to check the status of their ticket. As the agents attend to other inquiries, the customers will see where their tickets fall. What is the number of their ticket, how long will it take the agents to attend to their problems, are they already processing the ticket? Those are just few of the questions that the software can answer. In this way, the customers will feel that the organization is taking the right actions to their problem. It is as if someone is telling them not to worry because their inquiries will soon be answered.

These are just some of the qualities of the best help desk software. You can still discover more as you make your research. However, you should still make sure that they fall in your list. Remember that with due diligence, your time and effort will son pay off. So, do your research right.

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