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Pros and Cons of PhoneGap Application

At present, mobile is use by everyone and due to advance technology each one love to use Smartphone and this is the primary reason that Application are too much demanded with advance features. If we are presenting new App in world, then we have to code it for many platforms like Android, IOS and windows because approximate 70-80% App market is cover with them, but when we make same Application for multiple platforms, then it becomes so time consuming and costly so to overcome this problem we want an Application that can run on all platforms. So PhoneGap is a type of framework that runs on cross platform and if we use this then we have no required making multiple Application for the same purpose. This framework uses HTML and JavaScript. PhoneGap is a rich and most popular platform that is using widely and loving by user more. Demand of PhoneGap App is increasing due to its advanced features that you will not get in any other platform.

Everything has pros and cons so PhoneGap is also having that, we will discuss here all about of Phone gap. Pros of PhoneGap Application are as follows-

It is totally business oriented Application by using this you can explore your world of opportunity and can enhance your business market in an affluent way.

Single Application in Multiple Phones

PhoneGap is an Application that runs and works across all platforms. Its code runs on all platforms like Android, IOS and Windows. By the help of this, we can easily target a large audience with single App. It is beneficial to engage all kinds of user to stay with you. Like you are launching your business Application to vast your business, then you have to create Apps for all devices or platforms, but using PhoneGap you can target and serve your services by a single App. This main function that makes it popular is a simple code that runs on platforms. So PhoneGap is best medium to develop your Application.

Same for All Platforms

Android and IOS both are having a totally different interface so when we develop and design Apps for Android and IOS then we can serve same look to the users and it becomes so unusual and unprofessional so PhoneGap is best solution to overcome on this. By using PhoneGap, we can serve same interface to Android and IOS users and our services become unique. For removing, uniformity PhoneGap is best.

Reduce Cost and Time

By using we can reduce our cost more than half of the actual price because its code run all platforms and due to this we have no need to develop different Apps so it automatically reduced our costs and time. PhoneGap makes our way easy. This time and cost, we can easily invest somewhere so our business will prosper in a good way. Its main attraction is it one Application covers all platforms.

Easy Access and Easy Marketing

It makes our marketing easy because by this we can promote our services to all users in a single time and in same time, we can cover all devices and user by PhoneGap Apps. Both users like Android users and IOS users, can access our services by using PhoneGap App in the same time and with the same Apps. It makes marketing easy and instantly, we can reach to all users. It is the main reason that market of PhoneGap is growing and loving more day by day.

PhoneGap Applications can be easily got by us from the Android App store and IOS App store.

It is easy to Develop and Access.

PhoneGap covers all mobile hardware oriented features like Geo location features, Accelerator features and sound enhancement features etc. that makes it more demanding and add specification in Application development.

For a business, PhoneGap is best because it covers all kinds of users, who use multiple platforms. It can easily access all kinds of platforms and can reach out to each. It is the best solution to serve all services with single App that run on all platforms. In a single App, that can access all platforms because its code run on all platforms, so its unique services you can easily uses. It really helps us to save time and money both.

For this we have no need of extra and advance developing skills because PhoneGap basically uses HTML and JavaScript. So it is easy to develop comparing them to Android and IOS.

PhoneGap is the best Technology to develop Apps, if you’re Apps is not using too much inbuilt function of those Operating Systems.

No specific language deep knowledge required.

It supports all kinds of platforms.

It supports for all kind of API’s.

Accelerometer, Geo location, Media, Network, Notification, Camera and Storage etc. is easily support by PhoneGap Application development tools.

Cons of PhoneGap

Like the pros, PhoneGap is also having many cons, so that is as –

Bad Performance

If we are developing an App using PhoneGap then it doesn’t deliver high performance. Like game Application, it cannot give us as flexibility as Android and IOS gives us. If we compare PhoneGap and Native App then Native is too much more advance than PhoneGap. For getting high performance, we should not try this.

UI (User Interface)

The main problem with PhoneGap is it doesn’t deliver us graphical rich Apps. If you want advance and high quality of User interface, then it is not possible by using PhoneGap because it is unable to deliver this kind of functionality. It is its biggest lacking. Even we cannot get perfect UI by using this. Native App is the best solution for this, if you want high excellent user interface then you should choose Android and IOS platform to launch your Applications.

No Access to features of OS

You cannot access full features of Operating system because OS doesn’t allow it for this, so it is unable to access them. It is lacking access to operating system functionality and in many functions, it is very necessary to access them and without them we cannot successfully launch our main aim. In this many complex issue remain their unsolved and sometimes to fulfill our needs, we use third party framework and due to this our performance and quality decreases and we face quality issue then.

Due to using JavaScript for the front end of Applications then it leads us to a number of limitations.

So this typing analyzing above, we can easily see that what is pros and cons in PhoneGap Application and how it is useful for us and where it is lacking to serve us best. As technology is becoming so advance and Application market is in boom and everyone is looking for Apps for their business. So PhoneGap is the best option, by using this we can lead to advancement of our business.

It is an open source framework for mobile Application development and totally serves us user oriented services. It uses web based technology to build App but support and serves us native devices a feature that is totally amazing and important for us. It helps the user and developer a lot because of implementing PhoneGap Application; we don’t need specialized in native technology and advancement in programming language. For this, using HTML, CSS and JavaScript we can easily develop our Applications. It is backed by Adobe and large community of developer is here so serve you and help you to implement your desired and specific Applications. It is counted best cross platform technology.

PhoneGap is widely acceptable and challenging framework, where you can easily implement your App with high and advance functionality. It is the best medium to bring your imagination into reality and without having knowledge of native programming; we can design and develop our Applications. Approximate it uses 90% web technology and 10% native development. So in 10% we have no need to gain advance knowledge of native programming language. Easily we can implement it. Yet it uses web technology and programming, but it also supports native hardware in our life. It supports much hardware and gives extreme functionality but there are still many devices and hardware that is not driven by it so it is counted in its limitation.

The best thing in PhoneGap is that you develop one code and it runs on both platforms as Android and IOS, you can easily upload it on Android and IOS platform and anyone can access it from there. As the App market is boosting then people also want to save their money and time both so they want to choose PhoneGap so they can deliver all in one, Later it also help us in the marketing services because after developing single Application you can serve it to all and you have no need of multiple Apps or platforms and after launching it, all services you can access it. When we do marketing of its then we invest little money and time and get better result because we have only one platform, one Application and one can be distributed easily. So this type PhoneGap is transforming modern era by using its advance specifications. PhoneGap App Development Company is developing revolutionary Application development and it is increasing rapidly and had become the first choice of people to develop their Apps.

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