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Propel Your Business Growth With Social Media Management Software

Propel Your Business Growth With Social Media Management Software

 Social media marketing is not actually figuring out what to do, but rather making time to do everything it needs in order for it to propel your business growth. With so many activities to do when using social media marketing, its either you need third-party services, or you get social media management software.

Choosing the latter puts the most control over the tasks involved in social media marketing. Some businesses may have industry-specific needs that are hard to delegate to third-party providers, or are employing their own marketing team. Being comfortable with your staff and with the tools you use will help you to collaboratively come up with the best strategies and achieve your goals faster.

Crucial Features of Your Management Software

Social media marketing requires you to do various tasks in order to stay relevant and effective, which a lot of times require more time and effort that you can render. A social media management software, on the other hand, not only gives you tremendous benefits that will help you achieve your goals faster, but enables you to be more efficient in managing multiple social media accounts at once. It empowers your social media marketing strategy and helps you improve on your productivity. Now, you can have more time to interact with your followers, and respond to their concerns and questions.

When looking for the best deal for a piece of social media management software, set your own list of criteria or features that you cannot compromise. Also look for the best prices, and be wary of software providers that promise too much, or offer too low prices. Also, include these must-have features for your social media management tool, which can give more value to your investment:

  1. Publishing tools

Content is one of the most valuable elements of your social media marketing strategy that can drive you more traffic, increase your followers’ engagement, and establish your brand in the market. It also enables you to achieve a certain level of authority because of the relevant and valuable information that you supply your audience and customers with.

Publishing tools can help you organize your content management – whether you will do it from scratch or you will acquire one from the web. It lets you plan ahead of time when publishing several contents automatically on your indicated schedule. You can also set up a content queue, which is more like a repository where you can “deposit” content and “withdraw” easily when you ran out of things to post. It also makes use of geo-targeting feature, which allows you to post content in relevance to your followers’ country or state, for a more targeted approach.

  1. Engagement tools

Ninety-two percent of marketers expressed the importance of social media to their businesses, according to a compilation of social media statistics done by Hubspot. And social media engagement is all about building relationships. Your customer service can do this. Using social media can help you respond and interact with your customers in real-time. Engagement tools enable you to consolidate related messages and inquiries, and respond to them with greater accuracy and prompt manner. You can also monitor how well your team responds to queries, and to make sure that no messages or comments are left unanswered for a long period of time.

  1. Analytics

Analytics helps you to prove the value and worth of investing in social media for your marketing endeavors. It lets you quantify the level of your improvement (against your own, when you are just starting with social media), and your overall performance. Analytics tools can also show useful insights from your social media data, which can help make more informed decisions and optimize your products and services for better profits.

  1. Collaboration tools

Larger-scale social media marketing requires more fluidity and streamlined workflows that ensures tasks do not overlap with each other and there is no redundancy in efforts and outputs. Social media management tools are essential to this kind of business set up, which allows you to manage your team and your accounts with ease. It also entails you to work with a team, which is where collaboration tools will be increasingly important.

  1. CRM tools

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is a way to consolidate past and present customer interactions, which can help you assess their needs and preferences through their common questions or ways of engagement. Most likely, in using social CRM, you can answer the following questions about your followers:

Does he use a fake account, which trolls around even to your competitors?

Does he intend to make a purchase, or just shopping around for more information?

Is he one of your loyal customers, which is actively participating with your social media engagements?

  1. Mobile integration tools

Mobile technology is penetrating business endeavors in many ways, and social media plays a great role in advancing it more. When it comes to marketing, social media enables around the clock access to your business, and through robust mobile capabilities, allows you to personalize your approach.

Today, mobile app developers are optimizing social media apps to provide a slightly different, but an enhanced user experience for mobile users. Mobile technology allows different kinds of engagement for your followers. It enables them to make purchases, post comments, and send messages directly to you using their smartphones.

Some Quick Tips When Using Social Media in Marketing

Social media marketing doesn’t yield instant solutions, and requires you to engage in a continuous process. It needs a steady amount of effort on your part, especially in reaching out and connecting with your customers and potential ones.

However, it is possible to start achieving positive outcomes by doing these quick strategies:

  1. Use Call To Action (CTA) statements

If you want to acquire the most customer engagements, end your posts with a question. This will generate about 92 percent more comment rates than those that have none, according to the report from Buddy Media. You may also encourage more interactions by including statements that tell something about giveaways, discounts and promotions. Including links, or to download something, will improve on click-through rates as well.

  1. Use media in social media

Make use of different types of visual aids like images and videos to enhance the creativity, relevance and appeal of the contents and posts you share. This way, you can target a variety of customers, which may have different ways of engagement. According to an infographic on how to get more likes in Facebook compiled by Kissmetrics, images get 53 percent more likes, 104 percent more comments, and 84 percent higher click-through rates.

However, it is best to use optimized images and videos when sharing them with social media. You may use infographics and charts that are already self-explanatory, so that your followers can easily understand your message.

  1. Humanize your business

Why social media marketing is important? Using social media is a great way to humanize your business by making social interactions with your followers and not letting technology get in the way of your relationship. Two-way communication can help you understand your customers and their needs better. You can also send them clearer messages, which you can expound as well. You can respond to questions and inquiries, and make it publicly available so that other followers can refer to them if they have similar concerns.

  1. Encourage information exchange by interacting with customers

Your customers can provide you with valuable insight on what features you can add, that will help you improve on your products and services. Interactions will let you know where your audience is coming from, their preferences, and which engagements spark their interests more, so you can make your marketing approach more targeted and personalized without being sales-y.

  1. Find your target audience

To make your marketing campaign more effective, you must first find in what social media platform your target audience engage in. This way, you can achieve higher conversions from your followers, which can turns into higher revenues for your business.

Focusing on your target audience will also make you more efficient in managing your social media marketing campaign. You can now focus on the activities that bring positive outcomes, enabling you to be more productive with your time and energy. It will also let you achieve a higher ROI.

  1. Create your own content

Creating your own content will let you invest on the creativity and originality of your ideas. Just remember to stay relevant with your own products and services, and promote it well in all your marketing engagements to encourage more likes and shares. Have a separate blog for your articles, and continuously update it to sustain the interest of your followers. This is also one way to promote inbound traffic through links and shares, much like what content marketing does to your business.

If you don’t have the time and resources to develop your own content, you can also take advantage of other articles which are worthy to be shared, which are abundant online.

  1. Use metrics

Using a social media management software can let you access to its analytics feature, which allows you to measure the success of your efforts and marketing activities that involve the social media. It has the ability to capture your followers and customers’ data and turn it into metrics. Seeing it this way can make you easily realize the areas where you can still improve, the features you can add to your products, your customers’ preferred means of engagement and even ideas for future innovation. Its reporting capabilities can aid your decision-making, especially concerning company growth and direction.

Metrics is just one of the powerful features of a top social media management software. Find out more about the other capabilities that this tool have, which can help you accelerate your company’s growth in terms of reach and revenues, by reading the social media management software reviews from

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