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How to Promote Mobility with Apache Hadoop?

When you think big data, Apache Hadoop comes as a natural solution to your mind. This can be attributed to the worldwide application of Hadoop and integration with required platforms to create big data solutions which are scalable and serves the purpose perfectly.

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Mobile applications have become a new norm in how the businesses perform. Many enterprises are making use of the advantages that mobile apps offer like enhanced productivity, flexibility leading to higher satisfaction, etc. A challenge or to say a goal that companies often have to accomplish is to integrate Hadoop with the mobile app for unparalleled experience. But, this is not as easy as it sounds.

This blog will focus on Hadoop’s integration with mobile applications.

Create a Plan

A good plan is behind all successful business executions. And, you have to abide by this norm when you set out to integrate Hadoop with mobile app. To begin with, analyze your requirement considering questions like:

  • Are you building a real-time app?
  • Will your app require data transmission to multiple users?
  • Which project will best suit your requirement?

Considering these questions will give you a clear idea in terms of whether or not Hadoop will suit your purpose. If the answer to first two questions is a “yes,” Hadoop will work well. The third question intends to simplify the process and suggest using a project like Hive to ease the developer’s work and create a robust app.

Work Around the Strengths

This is the most crucial aspect of developing an app and integrating it with Hadoop. Your app is required to perform a certain function and you want to power it with Hadoop. Hadoop like all other platforms have some strengths and weaknesses and what you need is to identify those strengths and design your app to leverage from these strengths. Collaborating with a company offering big data services India or abroad can ease your development and integration efforts.

Organize the Milestones

Developing an app is a complex process and integrating another technology makes it even more tough. So, you should target at achieving milestones that you have identified in the beginning. These milestones can be simple steps like completing project structure, employing the project tool, etc. These might not sound like a big milestone but targeting one milestone at a time will help you finish the project in a more streamlined way.

Assign the Responsibilities

In a team, different members perform different duties and this is exactly what you are required to keep in mind. While developing an app, you might want to hire big data specialists and Software developers separately and then make them work in tandem with each other to create the app. Each individual will be responsible for his or her domain. Alternatively, hire a company that offer app development and services of big data analytics company India to create what you want.

Contrary to popular belief, hiring a vendor is more cost efficient than in-house development. While each has its set of pros and cons, in some cases an external specialized entity can make a lot of difference in the final application in comparison to what your in-house experts would do. Using Hadoop for your mobile application opens up a box of opportunities. Let us know what you think about going mobile with Hadoop.

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