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How Progressive Web App Gives Benefit over Native App and Ecommerce Website

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Progressive Web App (PWA) came into existence long after the Native App & eCommerce Websites. It began decoding and started connecting every ambiguity in the functioning of apps & websites and making it, an astounding thing labeled as “web app”.

Difference was seen of using PWA when a study was done

Lancôme rebuilds their mobile website as a PWA and its increases conversions by 17% and improves performance load times with a multipage PWA. In addition, and saw a huge increase in their conversion rate and a decrease in the bounce rate. Where had 76% increase in conversion, saw a drop of 40% in bounce rate.

Progressive Web App is a blend of features of an eCommerce Website and a Native App. Its dynamic potential has given users a smoother and easier online experience. Today the world is a mobile world, where everyone uses the mobile for various internet searches. When websites failed to deliver a good user experience mobile apps came into existence to give a richer and smoother experience to the users, and this expectation is increasing on daily basis. The eCommerce industry has benefitted the most with the invention of Progressive Web App.

Amalgamation of best Features of eCommerce Website & Native App

The Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are specific apps that are created like a website but have behavioral traits of a mobile app.  You do not need to hunt for these on the app stores, they just can be found in the search engines and then you can save them. Like Lancôme, &, Flipkart and AirBerlin are two big eCommerce players that have seen amazing results after suing PWAs. People are very cynical when they are shopping online, they do not like any kind of disturbance or time lag, and it is very annoying. Having a crumbling network will only add on to the problems, hence you need to make sure you have the best experience ready for your customers.

Astounding Loading Speed

With PWA comes an amazing experience as you get high speed. High speed decreases the bounce rate and increases the conversion rate of your site. When the speed is very low, all a customer will do is exit that site or app. Nevertheless, PWA makes it very interesting and fun to use.

Enabled with Offline Functionality

This is one of the best features that PWA offers is the offline functionality. These deliver a flawless experience and are not bound to the connectivity. So do not need network all the time to open and see the app.

Searchable & Linkable

Because the PWAs are structurally very similar to websites, they can be searched on search engines and you can optimize them too. You can do your SEO activities to be found on search engines. You can also link your page and promote them to fetch better results.

Easy Updates

You do not have to take too much pain in updating your app; with PWA updates are easy and instant. It is easy to update, once you add the new content all you have to do is refresh a page. They get updates like the web pages.

Native app & eCommerce website will not be able to give you these features individually. However, with PWA user experience and the admin work has become very easy. Having these features has become important for the e-commerce businesses. All businesses are adopting the new trends to make their businesses successful and give their customers a great experience.


Having a Progressive web app developed is one kind of long-term investment. It will bring countless benefits to your business; therefore opting for a PWA from a good app development company will give you good results. Some people think that when they are not getting benefits with the current website, a PWA will do nothing better, but this is a myth that you need to get rid. Having a Progressive Web App developed will add wings to your business. Therefore picking the best and experienced development company will be a wise thing to do.

Abhishek Agarwal

Abhishek Agarwal

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