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Produce Collaborative Teams With Online Video Conferencing Tools

Produce Collaborative Teams With Online Video Conferencing Tools

Companies who have other branches operating in different locations need to communicate with each other. Likewise with those businessmen who have to negotiate with other entrepreneur. Although they are working far away from their colleagues, they can still keep connected with the use of online video conferencing tools.

With the growth of technology, it is now very efficient for everyone to do things. One of which that could benefit businessmen is the discovery of video conferencing. Having Online Video Conference Tools will allow the business owners to connect with their subordinates wherever part of the world they are. There will be no need for them to travel from place to place just to communicate with each other. In this way, they are saving their time, energy and resources.  In order for a video conferencing to become more successful, keep in mind the following tips when doing so:

Video Conference vs Phone Conference

For a very long time, phone conferences were used by business owners and partners to communicate with each other and to contact their employees who are in some places. This means of communication is purely voice-based. The persons who are communicating do not see the physical reaction of each other. But with the development of technology, there is now the so called video conference.

Video conferencing solutions is now becoming well-known to different types of businesses as it will allow people to have more personal connection when compared to a phone conference. Hence, this is now being used by companies when they have a long distance conference or meeting.

There are some benefits of video conferencing over phone conferencing and these are as follows:

  1. Visual Connection

Using telephone conferencing in most circumstances are not satisfactory because it does not allow the people to interact as what they are doing during face-to-face meetings. There is no way wherein they can have an eye-to-eye contact in order to easily relate to the ideas of each other. With online video conferencing tool, the obstacle that was made because of geographical distances will be eradicated so that those who are having meeting may act naturally as if they are conferencing in the same office. Another thing, a person can be sure that his message is making an impact or making a strong impression to his colleagues whom he is having a video meeting with.

  1. Reduce Business Travel

Having a video conferencing system in your office will lessen the need for a person to travel for a business meeting without losing the value and effectiveness of communicating with their clients or colleagues or employees. Hence, using the tool  will let the company feel the benefits of having a fruitful meeting without the need to waste everyone’s resources, time and energy in traveling to different places to meet up for the conference. Video conferencing is proven to be convenient.

  1. Personal Connection

The most important benefit of online video conferencing is that it will produce a personal connection to those who are having a meeting and that it will let them interact with other people at a high level notwithstanding their distance.

Get the Technology Right

Having a problem with the technology? Sometimes, it really happens. This is also the same with video conferencing. There might be a tendency that they will encounter a problem which can lead to nervousness. But as they say, always have other plan in case of Murphy’s Law and have ample time to check and test the video conferencing setup before the conference will start. In order to get the technology right during online video conferencing, check the following tips that are worth to consider:

  1. Connect the System Early

Before the conference will start, the system should be set up as early as possible to give time sufficient time for it to be tested so that if there are some problems, it can be traced and corrected so as not to occur during the meeting.

  1. Have Alternative Connection Information Available

The operator should ensure that he has with him the needed information should there be needed. Preparedness will contribute much to the success of the conference.

  1. Ensure a Steady Internet Connection

Losing an internet connection during online video conference is annoying and distracting. So, in order to avoid the unexpected technical problems that is related to internet connection, they should not do some uploading and downloading at the same time.

Use the Right Equipment

Since Online Video Conferencing is now being by business owners to bring them comfort and to cut their costs down, the equipment should be carefully chosen in order to make the meeting successful.

In choosing the right video conferencing equipment, the following are the considerations to think through:

  1. Cost Considerations

In deciding on which conference tool to use, there are some factors that are to be considered. Check the best online video conferencing tools and if the budget will allow the price of the equipment, investigate if it is worth the price, and most of all, know the lifespan of the equipment in order to enjoy the benefits of it.

  1. Know the Necessary Components

Knowing the necessary component to be used in video conferencing can minimize the expenses. Like, if a laptop has its own webcam, there will be no need to buy video conferencing equipment. If a person knows what are the necessary component that are needed, surely, a remedy can be easily though.

  1. Security Features

We are now in the era where internet is everywhere and every computer programmer has his own ability and capability to do impossible things. There are those who can hack your account and others can interfere with your network. That is why when buying equipment, read several online video conferencing tool reviews and ensure that the service provider have the security features and the encryption cods in order to protect your and your customers’ information.

  1. Accessibility

Having an equipment that cannot be easily operated is considered useless. So, in order that the tool can be useful, make sure that you are going to buy the equipment that can be easily accessed and understand the advantages of video conferencing so you could manage it properly.

  1. Support and Maintenance

Make sure that you can easily contact a support team in case a problem with your equipment will arise. Hence, when choosing the right Online Video Conferencing Tool, you should always consider this.

  1. Other Telecom Services

An equipment should serve what is really needed for. Do not purchase a tool that has so many features but are not usable. Check the specification so that the equipment that will provide the features that you really need will be considered.

Work the Camera

Sometimes, looking at yourself on the screen can make you feel unease. So before having a meeting through online video conferencing, you have to help yourself relax. Practice focusing yourself on the camera. Having more practice of this will help you feel relax and will make you feel confident during your presentation. To help you with it, here are some techniques that will surely useful during your preparation.

  1. Control your facial features. During video conferencing, avoid destructive facial expressions such as making a face, mocking smile, blank stares, and yawning as this will destroy the focus of the other participants. Having these mannerisms while the meeting is ongoing will give them the feeling that you are not sincere. Ergo, it could be better to put a moderate smile on your face. Slightly raise your eyebrows in order to make your eyes wider which will show that you are not aggressive and that you are receptive to messages.
  1. Posture. Your body language can show a message to the other person on the screen. So in order to show to your colleagues that you are attentive, lean your shoulders a little in the direction of the camera. Having a good body posture or body language during a video conference will not confuse the participant on the screen regarding the authenticity of your message. The poor body language can create a negative impression which will lead to distrust on the part of your colleagues.
  1. Eye contact. Start your video conference with an eye contact because this will form an impression that all of you are participating in the meeting. Having an eye contact can mean so many things. One of which is that you are showing your interest in what your colleagues on the screen are talking about. Another thing is that it will show your being good listener which will encourage the speaker to say something more. And lastly, when you speak, having a perfect eye contact will showing to others that you have self-confidence which will give them the ability to trust in what you are saying.

With these tips, you should know that your body language that will be shown in the camera has high impact on what will the other participants on the screen think of you and of what you are saying.

Businessmen who have to communicate with their other outlets all over the world will lessen their cost on travelling because of technology.  It is too expensive and tiresome if they have to travel from time to time to have meeting with their colleagues and employees or if there are some company affairs that need their presence. Thus, using such enhanced tool will be of great help in the productivity of the company.

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