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Problems You Might Encounter With SEO and How You Can Fix Them

Problems You Might Encounter With SEO and How You Can Fix Them

Using search engine optimization (SEO) but still not getting your goal number of visitors and conversions? You could be writing the best content there ever is, using the perfect keywords and phrases but still you’re not getting views. You have the prettiest and most attractive website, but it is still not appearing in the top of the search results pages. Maybe you’re doing something wrong. Here are some of the most common mistakes that you might be making and how you can fix them.

Poor Experience When Using Mobile Devices

According to a study done by Hitwise, 58% of searches are done through mobile devices. So if your website is not optimized for mobile devices, this would increase your bounce rate. This is the rate at which a person stays in your site and visits other pages.

You might be appearing in the top results but because of poor user experience, people don’t get interested with your products and leave immediately. Even if you have the best SEO tools, they wouldn’t matter if your site is poorly designed and not optimized for a mobile device.

How can you solve this? The top SEO software offers website audit, which includes your mobile site. This is where the tool assesses your site for things that can be changed and improved. Depending on the results of the audit, you can make the necessary alterations to make your site more appealing. Responsive web designs automatically adapt to the window screen where the website is being viewed, be it a desktop computer or a mobile phone.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate is when the same content appears in several places over the internet. The problem with this is that the search engine does not know which version of the same content is the most relevant to the search query. This means that you will probably lose traffic and get poor ranking. This is why it is important that you do not post duplicate and plagiarized content.

You could solve this by posting only original content on your site. Another would be to get crawlers to crawl over your whole site and look for duplicate content. You can get SEO tools with integrated crawlers. Read SEO software reviews to know which tools offer crawlers. You won’t have to pay an additional fee if this is included in your SEO tool.

Questionable Links

Link building is when you put links from other websites into the content of your site. Link building helps you build relationships with other sites, send traffic and build your brand. Here are other healthy benefits of link building.

Linking sites can help you get traffic but there is also a risk to this. There are practices that should be followed because when you use questionable link practices, your ranking might suffer. Questionable linking includes linking to irrelevant sites, sites from countries that you do not do business in, sites with suspicious activities, and sites with poor rankings.

If you want to practice safe linking, be sure about the sites that you put in your content. Practice white hat SEO management. Remove any links that might fall into any category that was mentioned above.

Messy Links

Another thing that could take a hit on your SEO efforts is messy links or URLs. There are sites that do not clean up their URLs, therefore they will appear in the search bar like “index.php?dfkdg” or something similar. This decreases the credibility of the site when people see it. When a person cannot immediately identify what that page contains, it is already considered a messy URL. Search engines also find it hard to decipher what the page is all about. That is why even if the content of the site is very relevant to the search, the page might still not appear on the results page.

You could fix this by always editing the links that lead to your web pages. You should also put your keywords on the links to make sure that they are easy to find by both the search engine and the person doing the research. There are templates that you could make so your URLs always appear clean. You can ask about this from your SEO software manager. You could also do a post audit to make sure that your links are clean. Here is an article on how you can boost your content with a blog post audit.

Slow Buffering of Pages

The speed at which your page buffers is important to your users. These days, nobody really likes to wait longer. Not only is it good for your bounce rate, it is also good for your ranking. There are times that when your page loads slowly, it could be a problem with your web hosting service provider; so check that before you use them in your sites. You could transfer to a dedicated server if you have the budget, this would surely solve the problem.

If your page contains videos, images and content, they should be optimized properly by your SEO platform to make sure that they don’t slow down the page. Do a site audit again to assess if there is a problem with your load speed. There are third party tests that you could use for your page speed, try those. Some of them are free and there are also others that are paid. Luis Hernandez of Mequoda mentioned 14 things you can try to fix slow buffering of pages.

Poor Page Appearance

There is nothing worse than an unappealing website. Even though you have the best products and the most relevant content, if your site is horrendous, no one would stay to read what you are offering. Unappealing can mean too showy, that search engines are hindered when they try to index the content of your site. Ostentatious sites are hard to read both by people and the search engine bots; and if it is hard to read, then ranking it will also be hard. This will do poorly for your ranking and search engine optimization efforts.

To solve this, you have to reorganize your site to make it more appealing and readable. Make it easier to read by the search engine bots to improve your ranking. Some people have the misconception that the flashier, the better, this is not true for sites. Here are the top ten elements of a great website design.

Wrong Redirects and Poor Navigation

There are times that you have to move your site to a new URL and if you don’t use correct redirects, the search engine and your visitors won’t reach your site.

If you have set up poor navigation in your site, your visitors won’t get to where they want to go and they will just leave. This will increase your bounce rate and will not be good for your site ranking. Your site will be considered irrelevant if this happens often and you will get a low ranking as a result.

If you want to correct the first problem, be sure to put the right redirects to your old URL. You could also employ the top SEO software to ensure that they will do it right. If you want the top software, be sure to read reviews of SEO software. The opinions of others will tell you how great one software is.

The second problem can be solved by setting up your navigation properly. Have an SEO software manager check and audit it to ensure of proper navigation.

Optimization of Images

It is not only word content that can be optimized. Even images can be set up to be search friendly. When you put pictures to your site, you should be sure to optimize them because search engines can’t see how beautiful a picture is, only the tags that are associated with them. Here are more on why images are of critical importance to SEO.

You could optimize your images by using HTML, CSS and web fonts. With these elements, your image would look like live text and will help your website in getting a higher ranking in the search engine results pages.

Competition Levels of Keywords

Keywords are very important in SEO. This is how search engines will identify if your website is relevant to a search query. If you choose poor keywords, then most likely, your page won’t appear when people search for a related product. There are many keyword competition tools that you could use to make sure that you are using competitive keywords. The best SEO tools will have a keyword search competition feature integrated to it.

Look at your site and assess if you are experiencing any of the problems mentioned above. If you are, the solutions are already mentioned so you should try them. If the problems you are facing are out of your league, you could always ask for help from an SEO firm.

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