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Supercharging Call Centers: How Speech Ana..

The contact center industry has undergone groundbreaking transformations in the past few years. Ever-changing customer behavior and expectations have pushed

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How I Successfully Delegated My Work to Be..

I’m a person who stresses out a lot. More often than not, instead of efficiently (and calmly) completing my tasks

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Workplace Focus Tips: 6 Powerful Ways To B..

Dealing with distractions at the workplace has been a major problem for loads of workers. If not mobile phone notifications,

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Organizational Effectiveness Vs. Organizat..

Whether you are a part of an organization or have a small business of your own, you are sure to

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Ways That Lead to Employee Creativity Enha..

Helping someone become more creative isn’t always easy. This is especially true in certain industries where being creative is almost

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Spotting The Productivity Styles Of Your T..

You have a big project in the pipeline, and you want to make sure your team gives its best? Here’s

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How To Tackle Shared Leadership

For any organization to survive and succeed in today’s dynamic market, it needs the best of all resources available. Shared

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How to Manage Employees That Are Smarter T..

The truth behind being smart is—there’s always going to be someone much smarter than you. So, how do you deal

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How To Manage A Team Of Differently-Abled ..

Handling a workforce of differently-abled individuals is not a task or a job, it’s an art. Regular management techniques have

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Legal Update for California Employers

Abstract In the new year, California employers will experience a number of changes to their legal landscape, and need to

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Avoid Paying Higher Income Taxes

There can be a number of challenges in the system of taxation, and how the tax code works. Determining the

The Do's and Don'ts in Payroll Outsourcing
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How Payroll Software Works

As a small business owner, you have many options when it comes to running payroll. You can do it by