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Why to Outsource Mobile App Development?

Outsourcing is one of the revolutionary trends in a business world running from decades, offering its benefits — high-quality solutions, time-saving and cost-effectiveness. Outsourcing will let you operate the best for your organization by taking the rest — non-core activities.

“Do what you do the best, and outsource the rest”-  Peter Drucker

Outsourcing is a big story

Let’s start from the beginning when the companies realized the significance of outsourcing services and its benefits to their organization. The term “Outsourcing” means transferring the services or non-core activities of your enterprise to a third party. Because of the advantage of Information Technology, it includes anything from a slight service to all management of IT services.

Why to Outsource?

This question is easy to ask, but even easier to answer, as there’s a lot of reasons that provoke you to go for outsourcing the rest of the work to keep concentrating on core competencies. You always have an option of in-house or outsourcing, as both have their own pros and cons, although, outsourcing is a better choice to adopt to get the optimum and quality output in a minimum time interval. Every organization from small to big sizes can take the advantage of benefits offered by Outsourcing-

  • Lower cost – Country with economies of scales, a massive workforce with lower labor cost.
  • Focus on core activities – Outsourcing your non-core activities to target your core competencies.
  • Better Productivity and increased efficiency.
  • Cost saving in maintaining internal infrastructure and human resource.
  • Get an innovative solution best in time without losing focus from core challenging conditions.

These are the benefits of hiring an offshore company to outsource your projects. They will come up with the best results without any long-term contract.

Why outsource Mobile App Development?

Benefits of outsourcing are always the reason to outsource app development to third parties, as offshore companies have that expertise and technical infrastructure that are necessary to develop mobile applications.

Outsourcing mobile app development from foreign companies is preferably the best option to get the creative solutions, quality work, on time delivery, 24*7 customer support, experienced professionals under one roof that too at optimal cost. Preferred places to outsource the services are India and China because of developing markets, low-cost labor, economies, skilled professionals, adaptive culture, excellent communication skills, etc.

Offshore companies know how to use “IDEA” approach while developing an app – Identify, Design, Engineer, and Analyze. In-house people may not follow it systematically, but offshore companies are meant to perform an outsourcing task with extra attention as they need to deliver value for money and ideas from the word go.

“In a survey of 1,611 global services decision makers, 37% said that they had used a third party to build a mobile or tablet app for employees. Around 38% of people interviewed by Forrester stated that they hired a specialist firm or agency to create customer-facing apps, a decision that predicated on the skills and expertise that these developers could offer.”

Why is India the perfect place to outsource mobile app development?

India is well known as the hub for technology outsource because of good work ethics, educated people with good communication, and low labor cost which leads your project in the right hands. India gives the reason why to hire Indian developers for outsourcing your projects-

  • Low labor cost
  • Technically Strong
  • Well-qualified
  • Flexible Time zone, available 24*7
  • Pro-activeness
  • Experienced professionals
  • Process driven culture

How does mobile app outsource cost you?

If you will pay low that doesn’t mean you will get a low-quality application, a cost of app development is all depends on your project requirements, needs to fulfill, and pre-defined budget for app development. Although, it will cost you less than what you would invest in-house app development system and resources.

North America marked as the country with the highest rates for outsourcing mobile app development which is of around $168 and $150 per hour for Android and iOS, respectively. Other places like UK, Eastern Europe, South America, and Australia also offer the IT outsourcing solutions to the world with optimum costs.

In India, a cost of app development from offshore enterprises are less as compared to other countries over the world. An average cost for developing a regular app will cost you from $5000 to $10000. If your app is complex, then it will cost you around $40000-$70000. Many reasons influence the increment in development costs – for example, making regular updates to the app, handling user problems, managing review about the application, and so on.

Why outsource mobile app development to Konstant Infosolutions?

Konstant Infosolutions is best in industry for mobile app and web development solutions, spreading their hands across the world. The team builds of skilled employees carrying zeal within themselves by creating innovative mobile app with engaged and addictive user experience. We work on “IDEA” approach to provide value for your money and meet your expectations. Our developers and engineers can assure you with the outcome that your decision for outsourcing of mobile app development is the perfect choice you have ever picked. We have a crew of excellent developers, designers, engineers and others to create a unique yet powerful app for your business and make you stand out of completion.

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Manish Jain

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Manish Jain is the co-founder and Managing Director of Konstant Infosolutions - Top Mobile App Development Company. He is responsible for the overall operations of the company and has played a major role in bringing Konstant up from its humble beginnings and, with his immense energy and drive, transforming it into a globally trusted name in IT solutions.
Manish Jain
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