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If everything’s a project (and it is), then time, energy, and money are the three ingredients necessary for bringing any

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Running a small business requires a lot of time management. You need to stay on top of tasks ranging from

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With the rise of collaboration technology, walking over to your colleague’s desk to discuss a work issue is becoming less

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Instant messaging has touched every aspect of people’s lives, including communication in the workplace. Email still serves well as a

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What will you prefer 10 mails or a single chat session to get things done? Obviously the latter right? Chatting

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In an ever-changing digital business environment, the necessity for collaboration between organizational departments has never been greater. Business success is

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Collaboration software has now become popular among businesses. It is useful in achieving the same goal setting as others, working

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6 Convincing Ways to Get Business Collabor..

The idea of collaborative working environments is already part of the socially adaptive nature of human beings, especially when implemented

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Svitla Systems is proud to share an article written by one of our long-term clients, Newsha Makooi, a Division Chief, Technology

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Brands like Entrepreneur and Forbes frequently publish criteria that a business must comply with to be successful and profitable. Look

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When it comes to file sharing, many businesses are content to settle for the quickest, easiest, and cheapest solution. Free

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Human Resources is an occupationally diverse field, and given that Human Resources professionals are concerned with excellent communication and employees’