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How Network Segmentation Stops Hackers In Their Tracks

Network segmentation is your last line of defense against hackers. In the old security model the goal was to keep hackers out. Unfortunately that’s no longer very realistic. Hackers are going to get in despite your best efforts, mainly because humans are the weakest link in your security protocols. The goal is to prevent them from doing much damage once they are inside.

But how do you even build a segmented network? And what if you have a small business and you can’t afford a full time information security officer? Thankfully this is the kind of thing you can buy as a service. Network as a service is nothing new, but segmented networks as a service are the cutting edge in information security.

This of segmented networks as networks within a network – once a hacker breaches the outer security wall there are still many more walls to get through once inside. This allows for time to detect intruders and get them out before they do costly damage. It also allows you to prevent low level employees from carelessly giving access to your company’s most sensitive data.

Learn more about how network segmentation can save your business from a cybersecurity disaster from this infographic!


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