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Why You Need to Have the Top Time Clock Software for Your Office

Why You Need to Have the Top Time Clock Software for Your Office

Corporate offices and business establishments use the top time clock software available to monitor the attendance and logs of its employees.  A lot has changed since the time of manual log book recording and punch cards.  More modern innovations have been devised for a more accurate and reliable recording.

There is a big difference between the old and modern time clock systems.  While a lot of offices still use the conventional manual recording of attendance and time logs, latest technological developments offer better options in terms of security and reliability.  These convenient options guarantee that employee information are protected and are less likely to be tampered with.  Monitoring of employee whereabouts is also one of the fine features of these modern time clock systems.  In the long run, the company greatly benefits from installing these types of software since its employees can become more focused on the performance of their respective functions and on becoming more productive.

Disadvantages of the Old Time Recording System

The manual recording of attendance and time logs has been proven to be highly unreliable.  The logs are made by handwriting them on a ledger or log book.  It is then tallied and recorded on a separate record book.  This data will be used by the payroll department as basis for the employee’s salary for a given period of time.  Over the years, there are several errors that have been attributed to this type of recording. Being dependent on the employee’s honesty, some data are easily manipulated and tampered, making it generally inaccurate and undependable.

Aside from issues on unreliability, the monitoring and tallying of this type of recording takes so much time and effort.  The data entry of all logs takes time to do already.  If you add to that the time spent doing the manual computation and examination of the employee’s salary, it becomes a truly complex and tiresome process.  Since time for most businesses means money, then this lengthy process is very unacceptable.

The Shift from Manual to Digital

The advent of the internet era has made computers more accessible and affordable.  Computers and programs are constantly being upgraded to match the fast changing demands of online users.  Modern offices have seen the need to update their time recording systems as office equipment and other corporate programs are also being updated.  The dreary task of manual tallying and computation is now replaced by an easy and convenient program that is accomplished in just a matter of minutes.

These new types of time recording software only needs minimal hardware and memory requirements, most offices found the shift to be a most agreeable one.  Companies are now shifting from the old and conventional ways and investing in software and programs that makes this important task a lot easier.

What are the advantages of having a time clock software?  Offices and businesses employing the top time clock software are currently enjoying numerous benefits for the business as well as for the employees assigned in collecting the attendance logs data.

  1. Time and payroll optimization. Time is not wasted on trivial matters and is rather spent on more productive and profit-oriented activities of the office or company.  The payroll system is also greatly improved, with the emergence of paperless timesheets and digital recording of employee records.
  1. Increased accuracy. Fraud and other external factors are greatly reduced by using the time clock software.  When the employee logs in or out, the data is immediately collected and recorded in the software without need of human intervention.  Computation of salary and other incentives are also done accurately based on the logs recorded.
  1. Higher productivity. Older time keeping devices take a lot of time to do, and the task of computing and recording is usually lodged in one person only.  This is the reason why it takes hours, days even for companies with a larger pool of employees, to finish this daunting task.  Nowadays, the person assigned can have more time to do other tasks and be able to contribute more to the development of the company.
  1. Greater employee satisfaction. A more reliable time keeping system results to more accurate recording.  Accurate recording subsequently means prompt and accurate pay.  Since human errors are eliminated, lesser time is spent counter checking the logs and complaints of inaccuracy are reduced or totally removed.  Employees are also empowered because they can personally monitor their logs and other official information.

Other benefits include easier monitoring of flexible shifts and work arrangements, which are very popular working conditions these days.  Another innovation is the synchronization of employee accounts to the payroll system.  This makes the distribution of salary more convenient and secure.

There are still disadvantages to the digital system, however, since computers and computer programs are highly susceptible to glitches and breakdowns.  Major glitches can sometimes endanger the whole business operation of an office.  Viruses and other malware can also destroy files and records which could be an obstruction to the operation of the company.

The human factor cannot be totally removed even from a time clock software.  A wrong input to the software could have more serious damage to the files of the company.  Some time clock software also has very minimal security making it very critical for companies to choose the top time clock software that best fits their business.

Tips in Choosing the Top Time Clock Software

In choosing a time clock software, it is best to choose one that has greater security features to ensure that all records and official information are safe and secure.  Biometric technology is now being incorporated in the top time clock software to enhance the accuracy of logs and to prevent fraud.  With this kind of system, employees are identified through unique features such as fingertips, swipe cards or personal codes which are difficult to tamper with.  Through this, erring employees will not have a chance to fool the system and escape from detection.  This ultimately results to having a more dependable employee tracking and monitoring system.  As a result, the company’s productivity is substantially increased without any time wasted for trivial functions.

It is also best to be widely informed of all available time clock software.  There are a variety of options that includes a variety of features and functions.  Hence it is best to consult with experts as well as technical personnel for professional advice.  The internet offers extensive information on various software products and it is helpful to read up about them.  Surveys and reviews are also available online.  Most of those reviews present a comparative study on the features, prices and drawbacks of each program.  The company can compare the strengths and weaknesses of each type of software.

These surveys and reviews may also include feedbacks from existing users so potential customers can learn from their experiences and hopefully make a wise and informed choice.  It is advisable to check websites that are known to be unbiased and reliable in the conduct of product reviews.  Sites, such as offers significant and dependable information on a wide variety of software choices.  It will greatly help the company to choose the one that will best cater to their specific needs.

Another consideration in picking out the best time clock software is the budget of the company.  Most software providers have special packages depending on the needs of the customer.  Other packages have more flexible payment terms.  It is best to come fully informed and aware of one’s needs and requirements before actually purchasing the software to be able to pick out the best option.  It is important to remember that the goal of purchasing the software is to provide convenience and security for the employees as well as the company.  Spending so much without getting the desired results will defeat the overall purpose of having the time clock software.

Perks of Being Technologically Competitive

While the time clock is only a small portion of the entire operation of a business or office, the efficient and effective use and management of such a system will greatly redound to the benefit of the employees and the company.  It can run smoothly and functions accordingly will allow employees to focus on the production needs of the company.  This cuts back so much time in terms of logging and recording of attendance, and monitoring of incentives or demerits.

Employee records are very important.  The amount spent for purchasing the top time clock software is a minor price to pay for the security and accuracy of all employee records.

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