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All You Need To Know About DevSecOps

Development + Security + Operations = DevSecOps.

DevSecOps is all about consolidating security throughout the software development lifecycle with the assistance of various people, stages, and technology. While implementing DevSecOps on the SDLC, enterprises, and companies experience continuous incorporation and notice a reduction in the cost of compliance, codes are analyzed, tested, delivered, and released appropriately.

It is currently being difficult to implement DevSecOps in Organization because of the following reason.

  1. DevSecOps haven’t penetrated into the market as regular practise, as per The Gartner Hype Cycle for Agile and DevOps, 2020
  2. The ratio of Developers to security professionals is 500 : 1
  3. 62% firms using Devops are within 5 Years and 15% think their Devops culture is fully matured.

How can we implement DevSecOps in organization?


There are basic 6 steps to make DevSecOps as practise.

  1. Code Analysis – Developing and Delivering Code in with proper version management, which make it easier to check for any vulnerability, and then consolidate all the pieces together to check the desired output
  2. Change Management – Drafting the efficient change management process to approve critical changes on priority
  3. Compliance Monitoring – Check with applicable compliance while drafting the code or making changes, so that we are continuously in compliance
  4. Threat Investigation – Be Vigilant with regards to threats or vulnerabilities that may emerge while making changes/adding features to application
  5. Vulnerability Assessment & Management – Keep assessing applications for any vulnerability or threat on continuous basis
  6. Security Training for developers – Train your developers with security training, so that they can keep security in mind while developing the apps


The reason behind implementing the DevSecOps Culture.

The IT world has undergone exponential changes in the past few years. Organizations have replaced internal environments with Cloud computing platforms, collocations, dynamic applications, Blockchain technology etc, and they have brought huge benefits and ease of working for the organization who used to thrive with regards to securing their environment.

However as devops have made it easy for introducing the application versions, functionality and roll back procedures, they often lacked security and compliance, So is the reason the concept of DevSecOps was introduced in the software development lifecycle to bring development and security of application together.

Cybercrimes are common these days and hackers are always waiting for a chance to deploy malware to applications. Let us imagine if these people are successful to rogue the application in the development stage itself, and it is not discovered until the application is distributed to thousands. The damage to customers and company would be irreparable.

Bringing Security Development and Operations together is highly needed for organizations who are in the process of developing applications and distributing, Because when we integrate Development, Security & Operations together, each developer and administrator  has security on priority while developing and making changes to applications.

Security is the responsibility of every individual within the organization. Continuity in Monitoring, Assessment, Review, Change, and Compliance, will make a secure culture within the organization.

Is DevSecOps the Right Approach for You?

DevSecOps can be a good fit for your organization if you are constantly battling with the idea of faster time-to-market and necessary security and compliance while balancing the prospect of updates and revisions in the software.

If you are ready to implement DevSecOps within your organization, WeSecureApp’s managed DevSecOps services will help you. We add continuous application security to your CI/CD pipeline, helping you transform operations from DevOps to DevSecOps in three swift steps — planning, automation, and penetration testing.

With a well-rounded DevSecOps implementation, you can gain a competitive edge by accelerating product launch, fixes, updates, and revisions. Find out the DevSecOps Solutions and Integrations further here.

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