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Must-Haves When Choosing Cloud Storage: What to Look for


Must Haves When Choosing Cloud Storage What to Look for With the many options available for cloud storage, it might be confusing to choose the right one for you. You should first take into consideration what your needs are before checking out the service providers. Here are some of the things to consider and look for when choosing your cloud backup provider.

File Versioning

File versioning is a system that allows you to save multiple versions of a file in a drive or server. This is one of the things that should be present in your cloud file storage service. If you have this, you can edit your files on cloud without having to worry. Your previous files will be saved, so any errors you might have done to the file won’t matter.

File versioning is like backing up files, but there are some differences. When backing up, you mostly do it on a timely basis, maybe your back is scheduled every two weeks or every two months. File versioning on the other hand, is saving a new file every time there is a change to your document or your file. This means that the previous versions will always be saved and always be there, unless you delete them yourself.

File versioning is important when considering the best cloud storage. This is so you can edit your files on the air and not worry of your files not being saved when the cloud crashes. This may not always happen but it’s better to be prepared.

Automatic Synchronization

If you use a cloud storage to backup files and have it available everywhere you go, you should look for something with automatic synchronization. The problem with doing things manually is that you might forget to do it. Like having your files synchronized. If you forget to do it, then it is useless because it won’t be available in your different devices. Not every cloud storage company will offer automatic synchronization, so it is best to look for one that does.

Why is automatic synchronization important? If you are a businessman that relies on online storage for your files, this is very crucial. Imagine giving a presentation and you don’t have your report because you forgot to synchronize your files and it isn’t available on the computer that you will be using. That would be embarrassing. Automatic synchronization will ensure that the latest file on your home computer will be available on any devices where you open your cloud storage. You can do an online search to know which of the cloud service providers offer this feature.

Collaboration With Members of the Workforce

Depending on your business needs, collaboration tools are one thing that you should look for in a cloud backup provider. This will let you work with your teammates or workmates more easily. The collaboration tools will let you share your files, maybe with the help of your email or through direct links.

If you have a need for this, then it should be one of the main features that you look for in a cloud backup service provider. You should read some of the review of cloud storage to have an idea what a certain company and service provider is like. This will give you an unbiased idea about what the company will offer to you. You can get real users’ opinions about something and that includes the collaboration tools.

Mashable listed more than 20 collaboration and file sharing tools that can be used with cloud storage if you choose to do so. There are so many on the list that you will have a tool for every business need you have. You can also do more research on each one to know if you really need them or not.


Security is one of the major features that you should look into when considering the best cloud backup provider. Whatever you put into your cloud is very important because you are backing it up. So, you should not take the security of your cloud for granted. There are many hackers who will hack accounts just for the fun of it. And maybe for the glory it brings, however glorious it is to their twisted minds. These are just a few reasons why security is very critical when choosing the right cloud storage.

When you upload a sensitive data or document to your cloud, you should make sure that your file is encrypted. This is just another measure to ensure that your file will be ensured. Another measure is to make sure that your password is foolproof. There are many tips and guidelines to follow on the internet to make sure you have a strong password.

Read carefully the privacy policy and service agreement to know how the company handles security issues and problems. Reading reviews of cloud backup providers will also help you decide which is the best service provider when it comes to cloud storage. Don’t take security for granted and make sure that the cloud storage you will choose has a tight safekeeping.


Well, if you are not a rich, successful and established business person yet, then your budget for a cloud storage might be on the minimal side. But do not worry because there are many best cloud backup providers that will be on your price range but still have all the features that you will need. Affordability is one factor that you have to look carefully into. To have a successful business it is best that you always stick to your budget. Sticking to your budget does not mean compromising the product that you will get. You just have to do a lot of thorough research to come up with the best cloud storage at just the right price. Reading reviews of cloud backup providers may help with this problem, so be sure to peruse the review section of websites for the best cloud storage. Upon reading price comparisons, it can be seen that cloud storage range mostly from eight to ten cents per gigabyte of storage. If you are not a heavy user, this is a very suitable price range.

Editing Files From the Cloud

Another feature that is good to have is the cloud’s ability to have files edited when it is already uploaded. This will save time and energy if you could just edit on the cloud already instead of downloading them and uploading them again. Editing files from the cloud with the file versioning will ensure that you won’t have any files lost. The automatic synchronization will also help since your file will be up to date and available to all your connected devices. This might not seem important but this one is a feature that might come in handy one day. Another advantage of this is that it will increase productivity because you can always work on the go. All you need is your device and internet and you are good to go. This won’t add a large amount of money to your plan, so it is good to have this feature rather than not.

Storage Capacity

Depending on your needs, you might or might not need a big storage capacity. If you are a casual user then a few gigabytes will work for all your files and documents. But if you are a businessman and uses the cloud storage for work and synchronized to every worker in your company, then a large storage capacity is needed. Anyway, this is very affordable for just less than ten cents per gigabyte a month.

If your company is composed of less than ten people, then one terabyte is probably more than enough storage space for you. This much space can cost up to $250 a year. This is very affordable. The storage capacity will determine the amount that you have to pay monthly. Be careful in choosing a plan, because you don’t want to be scammed of your hard earned money. Check and compare the plans and prices carefully so you know you are getting the worth of every penny that you pay out.

Dependable Customer Service

Another important factor and most people tend to ignore is the customer service. Every service provider should have a reliable and dependable customer service. Because no product is perfect, you should expect problems to arise from your cloud file storage service. A dependable customer service will help you through your problem, so you want one that is knowledgeable and helpful. The company won’t probably mention the customer service support in their advertisements and website, so you should read the reviews of the previous users to know which has great customer support.

Nine must-haves when choosing the right cloud storage and you are good to go. Not everything may be applicable to you, since your cloud storage will be based on your needs. But these are the things that are nice to know and should be considered when choosing a cloud storage.

Want to check if your cloud storage has all these nine traits and must-haves? Head on to the CrowdReviews site to check out the users’ reviews of the products.


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