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Motivation And Productivity: Beyond The Obvious

Dealing with lousy and inefficient employees? Maybe all they need to perk them up is a little motivation from their leader. Read on to learn some simple tricks that can keep your employees on track.

Whether you own a small start-up or multinational company, your employees will always play an instrumental part in helping your organization grow. But they’ll also need a little motivation and productivity to keep you moving down the road to success. To strike the right chord with your professional family, you need to equip yourself with the requisite knowledge. Here are few tactics that can help you with that.

  1. Foster Ownership

Your employees shouldn’t feel like outsiders who just happen to work for your organization. Make sure to instill a sense of ownership and responsibility for all organizational affairs in your employees. One way to imbibe this feeling is to encourage them to participate and bring their ideas to the table so as to contribute to the whole operational process. Also, help your employees socialize with other co-workers, irrespective of their hierarchy and working domain.

  1. Burst Their Comfort Bubble

Contrary to common belief, employees don’t prefer conforming to their comfort zones and doing the same type of task throughout their professional careers. So go bold and entrust your employees with new responsibilities. It will offer them a new experience and boost their confidence.

  1. Tell Them The Inside Story

As a business leader, you have more insights on the organization’s big picture than your employees. Make your employees a part of that picture by keeping them informed about internal affairs. For example, talk to your employees about several office chores, what challenges the organization is facing, new products or services about to be launched, or an altogether new venture the company is planning to kick off. This will make your employees feel that they are an important part of the organization.

  1. The Magical Card Of Perks And Money

If you are not getting the quality of productivity that you expect from your employees, the compensation you are offering them might be the primary reason. Your employees shouldn’t feel that they aren’t being paid fairly. Also offer cool perks if you can. Companies like Google are admired by their employees because they take some effort to keep the staff happy with massages, gourmet lunches, and other recreational facilities.

Acting on these tips will surely keep your employees smiling and get their productivity soaring high to new levels!



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