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Mobile Apps v/s Website Development

Mobile Apps and Website Development

As technology is spreading in all over the world and its effect is changing all worlds, now all worlds are becoming tech savvy and using mobile Applications and websites. Website and Apps are a revolutionary platform that is making people live easy and advance. If we talk about Apps that has found in each single phone like WhatsApp, twitter, facebook messenger and many more like this. People opt App according to their work and interest and it is paying a lot to us. Like WhatsApp is best messaging App that is saving our time and money both and giving us a lot without taking anything from us. There are many websites without them we cannot survive in the tech field like YouTube is a best video website and it also coming in App. So now all websites are moving to Application platform because at present people are using a Smartphone and they access internet from their phone so they want all facilities in phone through Apps, so all websites are using Apps and moving towards it. Like all social media websites is using Apps parallel to website. But there are also many Applications that we cannot access them by website like Instagram and basically a social media platform is usedmostly by Application so apps are in trend and increasing day by day and its demand is also increasing rapidly.

Applications are in high demand in the tech world, from the last few years a swift progress we can see there. As people are being tech friendly, they are more orienting toward Apps because all want a user friendly interface and easy access and Application has both quality basically Apps are designed and developed for Smartphone. An Application we can design in multiple platforms like Android, IOS and windows and from there we can easily access them according to our mobile operating system. Billions Apps are already developed in the Google App store and Apple App store and it is increasing day by day. Apps market is prosperous and they are making lead in IT world. If we you want an App that work on all platforms, then it is also possible by using hybrid App, that work in all kinds of platform and its demand is also high because it run on multiple platform. As demand is increasing, innovation in this field is also high tech and user attractive. Now people want to access all features through mobile Apps.

When website was introduced at early time, then it was total transformation in all worlds and today they wholly changed the whole world by their innovative idea and services. A website is your face on the World Wide Web and it denotes you and tells all about your idea, it is a medium that brings your idea into real world. The website is an interacting medium where we can get excellent services. Today we want any services, then we search it and get best website and we got our destination and get what we want, so it is making our life easy and excellent.

A website can be developed on many platforms like JAVA, .Net, PHP, etc. there are many platforms and framework that they give us more accessibility and features by using them we can create an eye catching multi functional website that is demanded of current world. By excellent Website design and development, we can give the user what he want and more than that.

Mobile Apps- Website Development

If we compare mobile Application and website then, in recent both are having tough competition and both are in the current trend. Both are having a vital role in the tech world. Application and website, both are going parallel and working like each other part. They both are fulfilling our needs and serving us best services. Both are giant in the tech world and we cannot assume tech world without them. The website is having collection of information, but Application is interactive, in another word we can say that Apps is controlled by user and a user cannot control website that is the basic difference between them. Comparing to website Application is costly and hard to develop, but website is easy and cheap. In website, we can change and add instantly, but in Apps, it consumes time and after changing it will affect total App but in website this doesn’t happen. Website is more in use comparing to Application because of using App we have to download it and make an ID first than we can use it and it has limited functionality, but in website we can use any website at any time and no ID is require for that. We can find our interested website and can use it, for that we don’t need any kind of ID for that.

Application has a lot of advantages like you can serve all in a single App, Applications are available on all platforms and at present hybrid Application is in high demand, because in hybrid is a special platform where you can develop a special App that will work on all kinds of platform like Android, windows and IOS. Its cover all platforms, using this we can reduce our cost and time both because if we develop a separate App for all platforms, then it will be time consuming and costly and for that we will work on multiple platform so it takes too much time. But we use hybrid App then it will use only hybrid interface where it will work on all platforms. A single App will cover all. So now a day hybrid App development company is in high demand due to the demand of its kind. Before introducing this platform we have to develop multiple Apps but after inventing this, it makes our work easy. Now we can easily design and develop a hybrid App. Now a day people are orienting toward application and Hybrid App is their best choice.

Mobile Application and website has its own features and function that makes it special. As we use website then as many times we use it, we will open it and if we don’t have access to the internet at that moment we cannot access them. But in application when we install it in our phone, then it always remains in our Smart phone and any time we can access it and we can also use it offline. Due to Offline functionality Application are in more demand. Like YouTube App where we can save video offline and can watch it later and in all App basic features we can easily access offline so the main difference between App and website is we can access App offline. So this type App is more profitable for us. The application is not only making our life easy, but making our so meaningful and its advance features are so important in our life and it has a precious for our life. As phones are growing in market, then Application are also growing and it created their own spaces. The website is lacking a lot of functionality, but Application is giving us more than, so his type application is more advanced than the web. Importance of Apps we can see in our daily life as we use taxi apps like UBER, OLA. We can access both of them by phones, but we cannot access them by web. So there is a main difference of technology that is implemented in Apps and its interface allows them, but in web we cannot implement them because its user interface does not allow them.

So this type website and Application have its own fruitful results, but both have some limitation and we use both of them according to our users. At present both are running parallel, but in future Application will lead and due to lack of functions and limitation web are behind and Apps are improving its presence. So for more functionality hybrid App is in more demand and invention are creating a huge difference in Apps and web.  So as technology is going forward and more advance, Application and web both are playing a key role in transforming the whole world. Both are making a revolution in the tech giant world. Both are making our life so easy and advance. Technology is improving our life, Apps and web is its excellent example. Like a website, many platforms are also available for Application like hybrid and native both are creating a lead than specific Application platform. Both App and web have powerful impact on our life and changed our life in awesome ways. Application introduces new updates on regular time interval that consist many new inventions so we can update our App in easy, but in the web this is not easily possible. So conclusion is that web is constant and increasing very slow but Application are Increasing very faster and having a rapid pace and after comparing them we can say Apps will leave web behind within a short time period. But both are giving us opportunity to connect with whole world in an easy way. It is reducing distances through innovative ideas.

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