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Mobile Application Development Trends which will Continue in Future

In last few years there has been tremendous increase in the usage of smart phones. With millions of people around the world using smartphones to access internet and to get any service through mobile apps. There are many platforms for which mobile applications are build i.e. Android, iPhone, Windows. There is a rapid change and advancement of technology in this space therefore the mobile app development companies have to constantly upgrade their skills to catch up with the latest technology.

We did research and found that there are few trends which will rule the era of mobile applications development in future to come:-

UI/UX will get more importance:-

Although UI/UX has been important for apps since the beginning but with the recent trend it is getting much more importance. Now there are many tools and technology available in development studios to create innovative user interface and to create the user experience a memorable one for the app users. Newer tools will be launched to put more and more emphasis on user experience and to make it more creative and attractive.

Mobile Application Security:-

Now more focus is on mobile apps hence hackers will also switch to hacking mobile apps. Hackers have been able to disturb many web applications by their data and financial theft activities. In coming years it will be a responsibility for developers to build mobile apps which are safe and secure and are hacker proof. Hence in coming years mobile application security will be the main thrust area where most of the Mobile Apps Development Company will focus on.

Augmented and Virtual Reality:-

Recent years have seen impressive progress in AR and VR technologies. Now mobile app development companies have started using AR more aggressively. One such example is a game which is very popular – Pokemon Go. Google is also working on VR which will be enhanced more in coming years. AR and VR are not limited only to gaming industry but it has many other takers like retail shopping, travel, restaurant business and many other sectors.

Messaging Apps will increase:-

We have seen much rise in the messaging apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber etc. These kinds of mobile apps are increasing rapidly and millions of new users have started using them in recent years. More and more companies will launch messaging apps and will try to bring something new for users. Recently a new messaging app “Sarahah” has been launched and become very popular as it has some different kind of features.

Time of Mobile Payments:-

Mobile payment is becoming extremely popular in recent years. They are slowing taking place of traditional methods of payments. Now in coming years they will grow at much faster pace. As use of mobile apps is increasing day by day hence mobile payments will bring convenience and transparency for lots of users.

Hands free devices and wearables will increase:-

There has been huge growth in connected and hands free devices which are connected to mobile apps. Some of these kind of devices are digital watches, fitness bands, health monitor devices etc. These devices are connected to mobile apps and provides many benefits to the users. In coming years, this trend will go on expanding as many companies will create new type of wearable devices. Hence we will see more gadgets by Apple, Google and others.


With number of smartphones users expanding rapidly, more and more new types and uses of mobile apps will be launched by companies to tap the new market in more domains and businesses. These trends suggest that new technologies will keep on coming related to mobile app development and provide new area of research and business for mobile app companies in years to come with more focus on security and many latest technologies related to mobile apps.

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