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Mobile App Development- The Latest Hype

The digital world we are living in, has just become so smart with smart phones. Be it anything- food, traveling, shopping, gaming, or whatever comes to your mind, smart phone is the thing you look for, no? Everything seems to be one click away with these smartphones, but what is so special in these smartphones? What makes them so workable for what not? Well, Mobile Applications is the answer to all these questions. There are millions or even more mobile applications developed to make our lives easier like never before. Undoubtedly, these mobile apps are becoming an integral part of today’s digitization and the following data reveals the same:

  • From the year 2009 to 2017, approximately 102,062 million apps have been downloaded worldwide.
  • For the year 2020, a revenue worth 188.9 billion is projected.
  • Smartphone users spend 90% of their time for mobile apps.

Before taking our discussion further, let’s make a fine segregation between iOS Mobile Applications and Android Mobile Applications. The difference between these two lies in the development tools, frameworks, programming languages, and platform used in developing them as specified below.




Development Tools

ADT, Android Studio, Eclipse


Programming Language


Objective C, Swift


Android SDK

Cocoa Touch, Cocos2D, Native SDK


Linux, Windows 7 and Windows 8

MAC OS Maverick, Yosemite


HoneyComb, Ice Cream Sandwich, JellyBeans, Kitkat

iOS 8, iOS 7, iOS 6

With the advent and continuous improvements in mobile applications (iOS or Android), competition is getting vigorous among mobile app developers all over the world. Everyone looks for the best, and to make yours the best of all, you need to know these latest trends in the industry.

  • Faster development

Since the demand is abruptly increasing, the development need to be really faster, but speed should not be taken over the features and quality of course! So, any time gaps between the ideation and launch should be minimized.

  • Cloud Technology Driven

Apps built with cloud technology are feasible for both iOS and android devices. There are a number of android app developers in Sydney working on cloud technology accompanied by a complete tool chain, thereby making the development even faster, with minimal constraint on in-depth technicality.

  • Security

According to a recent survey, more than 75% of mobile applications fail the basic security tests and are tend to be easily hacked resulting in loss of sensitive and confidential information. Thus, security factors like cryptography, data leakage, secure data storage should be taken care of.

  • IoT

Internet of Things is the new hype in mobile app development industry. With newer innovations and implementations, it is introducing new standards in terms of security and privacy of the apps. The key features include multi-sensor support, M2M automation, various other vertical iOS services.

In a nutshell, the mobile app development industry is on the boom today, and expects huge innovations in the near future. Mobile app development in Sydney, particularly, is attaining newer heights. So, if you wish your app to stand out, hire mobile app developers in Sydney now!

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