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What is MDR and How it Can Help Your Business?

Cyber security is something that every modern business needs to take seriously. If you have any kind of website or computer system then your business can be vulnerable to being hacked. And if criminals can get into your system they may be able to steal anything from business-critical data to customer details.

More than ever before you need to invest in the right services to keep your business safe and secure. Many companies assume this simply means implementing powerful defences to try to keep out the threats. But as cyber criminals become more sophisticated this is no longer enough. Thankfully, there are now managed detection and response (MDR) services that can help. Here’s more about MDR and what it can do for you.

What is MDR?

MDR services aim to provide an additional level of protection and security for your business. The idea is that cyber security firm will provide you with 24/7 monitoring of threat detection. That means that any time someone tries to gain access to your system, there will be an instant response for the security firm to attempt to deal with. The kind of protection and security that you receive will be individually tailored to your requirements.

The techniques used in MDR are varied and can include both manual monitoring and automated analysis. Aside from keeping track of specific events, MDR services will usually also involve regularly vulnerability scanning to ensure that your security systems are working optimally.

But if you’ve already invested a significant amount of money in your current defences it can sound ridiculous (and very difficult to convince the boss) that you need to have the additional expense of constant monitoring. But if you don’t you could be leaving your company open to attack – let’s look at why.

You need to react, not just prevent

In the past, it was possible to implement study security features so that if your website was attacked, they would be turned away. A strong firewall and powerful password protection could be relied upon to defend you from attacks. But it’s simply the case that a firewall isn’t enough anymore. Almost any kind of IT system is vulnerable to certain forms of attack. Even if your defences are almost impenetrable, hackers have learned to use complicated social engineering methods in order to obtain passwords so that they can completely bypass your defences.
That means that if you do suffer any sort of attack, you need to know about it immediately so that it can be dealt with. Establishing several months later that you have suffered a hack and lost customer records is of no use at all.

Is MDR effective?

As the landscape of digital threats continues to change, it’s not possible to simply have security systems in place. Because as soon as there is a new standard for internet security, hackers and cyber criminals will be looking to find a way around it. This is even more applicable if your business can’t afford to invest in the most modern forms of cyber security. Instead, MDR monitors threats and blocks them when they start to occur. This can give you peace of mind that your website and IT system is secure at every hour of the day.
How to choose a great MDR service

If you are considering MDR services you’ll need to choose a provider with an excellent track record. Look for cyber security firms with a range of products and specialists at their disposal. Additionally, make sure that they comply with professional industry standards. Any service that you choose should come with comprehensive reporting and incident investigation.

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