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Marketing Tools SEO Agencies Use and the Importance to Your Clients

Marketing Tools SEO Agencies Use and the Importance to Your Clients

The fast switch in the marketing trends brings new challenges for marketers and online specialists. Data trends are changing and shifting from the traditional TV and print advertising to the online and mobile traffics. Customers are open to a lot of choices with the tons of data available, making the challenge even tougher in the business competition. The Best SEO Agencies rely on data analytics for monitoring performance progress and success. Having the right technology and expertise can meet up with these challenges. Let us take a closer look on the relevance of these tools on the online market trends today:

Tune-up in Social Media

Whether its networking or microblogging to advertising, they all present something in common to the public – It is to like and share their responses to the information. SEO agencies acknowledge the relevance of social media on building a name for a business. Creating content that appeals and shared by readers is always challenge. Coming from reviews of SEO agencies, BuzzSumo is one of the useful SEO tools for social media in the market today., and recognize the mastery of the tool when it comes to giving the latest buzz and talks of people online. Here is how it works:

  1. It gives a boost on the content, whether it is for a blog or any other social sites. Any content ideas are just a snap away, for this tool shows trending ideas in real-time. Coming from different social media platforms (Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter), it gives the mostpopular keywords search and content – all in a dashboard. It shows a lot of information from what the public shares within the last 24 hours and the topics of their conversations, gripping the most current shared links and trending subjects categorize by date, content, language, and even country.
  1. It measures the hype of the content by providing content analysis reports using metrics that show the total shares and average shares by topic, domain, content type and length. It is equipped in tracking brand mentions, and backlinks created outside the website and the origin can be checked. It alerts when an author, journalist, or influencer that is currently followed, publishes their new content. Thus keeping an update on the current market news and what domain authorities are in at-the-moment, and what they are up to next. It can generate comparison reports on which it shows details and give analytics of the website performance against other competing websites.


Every business has something to say in their socials. A lot of SEO agency marketing strategies today are into capturing the interest of the public, which is, targeted in their respective social media. acknowledges it as a part of the competition, and every company has their own fair start in the game. The key in a smart SEO is quality content and relatability. The savvy, funny, and witty part adds up to the whole package, but what customers look for is the quality and how it relates to them at a personal level, because for them, all is just one share away.

Grasp the Brand’s Potential

All begins with the brand. The appeal of the name, its statement trademark and tagline are the most critical for a long term business sellout. According to Houston Chronicle, brand awareness builds up over time if the business gains the customers trust when it comes to delivering the quality products or services. When customers think of the brand as the choice to buy and not just another option is a good sign on the business reputation and its future. When it comes to brand awareness, tools for ranking and keyword analysis work wonders for an SEO agency and to the clients as well. Semrush is an essential SEO tools of 2016 in accordance to, and these are what it does for the website:

  1. Thebest SEO agencies use the tool in researching the competitors’ performance. Strengthening brand awareness requires extensive competitor research – uncovering their best keywords, analyzing display Ads and strategies including paid search. com shares that every brand is unique when it comes to goals and their targeted audience, and that meeting success requires different strategies. Yet, the first thing to consider is how to increase online visibility through keyword searches, which in turn, can give the opportunity for potential customers to find the website. The tool finds common keywords used by the business and its competitors, as well as new possible targeted keywords variations (long tail keywords) which are likely searched in the long run.
  1. It offers analytics reports: Organic (natural search), display, and video advertising research. These reports support competitive intelligence which isuseful for reaching a targeted audience. It analyzes backlinks, checks potential spammy webpages, and links with no-follow attributes. It also presents links in geolocation. Reports and rank tracking campaigns are monitored. It uses Venn algorithm diagrams, a simple approach in presenting keyword relationship and data visualization for its in-depth online marketing research and assessments. This tool is also useful for driving significant traffic to the website, which what impacts brand awareness. Through identifying valuable link building and top sale landing pages and ad copies, it opens the opportunity of building the authority and trustworthiness of the brand.


So why do brand awareness matters? Because it affects purchasing motivation and decision making. It is in the brand that symbolizes the company and consumers have the tendency to buy from products they can trust and identify with. Building brand awareness is associating a positive experience for customers, thus reinforcing them the motivation that they need the product. The Brand awareness campaign is not only a one time deal, but should repeat over time, for as long as the business exists. The aim here is the consistency of reaching out to customers and reminding them to buy the products and services of the business they trust.

Convert Potential to Profit

Following brand campaigns and social media engagements, it is about time for conversion. Conversion, in simple term, is the end goal of all marketing campaign, which is to buy the product or service.  In the business world, it is like as a funnel. The wide conical mouth represents the customer as being aware of the product, down to showing interest to buy the product, going to the narrower part of the funnel, to which they now desire to buy the product then finally reaching the narrowest tip, and actually buying the product (action). Conversion can also be different to every SEO agency campaign for the website. It can be as straightforward as completing simple call-to-actions (CTA), such as, customers logging-in to the website at any time of the day or completing a 10 second online survey. As with the reviews of SEO agencies, when it comes to website optimization and technical analysis, Deepcrawl is an effective tool in leading traffic and conversion. It works by:

  1. Crawling the website just like how search engines do it. It does historical data comparison and can detect technical issues that can cause low organic traffic result. It detects duplicate content and slow pages which have a direct effect on how the pagesranked in search engines. It identifies non-indexable and non-canonical pages in the website. These pages in the website are not tracked by search engines because of existing crawling errors that might be present in the site. It also detects pages that have little content on which, according to Ilyas Teker, SEO Director of iProspect, a content should have a specific length in able to gain a position in a search result.
  1. Improves conversion through identifying website issues that impact search engine rankings. It detects meta descriptions that are short, missing, or duplicates. It checks landing pages of missing parts. It cleans up crowded page titles and sets up the largest word count, which has an impact on page ranking. It detects exit links and tag errors that can harm SEO performance. Also, it helps increaseClick Through Rates (CTR) through optimizing social media content. Fili Wiese, an SEO expert, acknowledges the importance of the tool, and with the right SEO expertise, it can improves expectation management, brand awareness, and leveraging the online business into better conversion.


According to, there is a correlation between SEO and conversion rate. Smart SEO ends up in good conversion rate, while a poor conversion rate reflects on a substandard traffic acquisition. In reality, not all website visitors are likely to end up as sales leads, but the potential is always there. Knowing the targeted audience and their intention for visiting the website determines what they want and their purpose. Understanding this information helps the business in forecasting, develop marketing strategies to meet customers’ unique needs and manage their expectations, which in turn can build on to the conversion rate of the website over time. As SEO brings higher traffic to the website, SEO agencies need to know possible content and website rework to be able to deliver quality content and relevance to the customers and to new visitors as well, thereby improving conversion.

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