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Making Informed Medical Choices

Most people choose a doctor based on how many parking spaces are at her office building instead of how good she is at a particular procedure. If you are going to place your well-being in the hands of a physician, shouldn’t you want the best possible one you can find? Contrary to popular belief, likable doctors aren’t always the best ones. In fact, when patients are more satisfied with their physicians their health outcomes are less likely to be positive!

Even doctors who graduate at the bottom of their class are still doctors. Scary thought, right? Fifty years ago we had no way of knowing who were the good ones and who were the not-so-good ones. But all that is changing.

There’s a ton of data out there on every physician in America going back decades thanks to our health insurance system, and now with advances in technology that data can be harnessed to give physicians meaningful scores based on patient outcomes. Wouldn’t you rather choose a doctor based on how good she is at performing the surgery you need instead of whether you think she’s friendly? Learn more about empirical physician scoring from this infographic!



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