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How to Make Sure Your Business Is Seen in Search Results

As of 2015, 64% of in-store sales have been influenced by the internet. Also worth noting is the fact that B2C mobile commerce sales have reached $83.93 billion in the US alone. These staggering numbers are sure signs that your business needs to get serious when it comes to online visibility.

These days, having a website or a blog is no longer enough; to establish an online presence, you need to become visible to users whenever they run a search query among the search engines. Put simply, you need to rank high in the search engine results page (SERP) in order for your business to be seen by your target audience.

What are SERP Positions?

A SERP position is the position that a website holds within the search engine results page. It is absolutely necessary for you as a business owner to make your website ranks high in the SERPs. This is because most online users think that the links placed on top of the SERPs are the ones most relevant to their needs, and they are more likely to click on them. On the other hand, links placed lower in the results page are deemed as less relevant and are more likely to be ignored.

Because online marketing is being used by practically every business within your niche, the competition can be quite fierce when it comes to fighting for top spots in the SERPs. This is why you need to aim for a high SERP position, because it can easily translate to high-volume traffic and increased conversion rates for your website.

The 3 Main Parts of a SERP

Once you enter a keyword phrase in Google, you will see that the SERP is composed of three main parts, which are:

Paid search results

These are paid advertisements located on top of the SERP, just above the organic SEO results. Website owners pay for their business to show up on the SERPs based on certain keywords. Their listings show up whenever someone runs a search query using the keywords they have chosen. Paid search can be very effective because it makes use of “native advertising,” which makes the ads appear naturally within a SERP.

Organic SEO

These are organic search results which come out from the current algorithm being used by Google and the other search engines. Organic SEO results to an evergreen presence, which means that a website’s SERP position holds even after the content has long been published, unlike paid ads which stop running the moment the allocated budget runs out. A high-ranking SERP position can be achieved organically using various SEO methods. These may include using very specific and non-competitive keywords, publishing high-quality content, and implementing backlinks to your website.

Local map listing

This part of a SERP shows business listings closest to an online user. Local users make use of the local map listing to learn more about the businesses nearest to them, and determine which business to patronize based on the listings that come up. As a location-based business, you need to take advantage of this by making sure that Google sees you as a legitimate and credible business. You can do this by ensuring that your company’s information is accurate online, such as your company name, telephone number, and physical address.

Why The Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Matters

The most important reason why you need to aim for a high SERP position is because your business needs to become visible to people that are already looking for products or services that are similar to your offering. Let’s face the hard, cold facts: most online users click on links that come from the first page of the search results. As such, the possibility of your business getting clicked by a potential customer lowers as you go further down the SERP’s list. Once your business gets to the second page of the SERP, your target audience will probably not take notice of you because they are too busy browsing the links that are on top of the first page.

Also, there is a misleading notion that businesses that have a lower ranking are not as trustworthy as those that are on top. A high ranking on the SERP creates the impression of credibility and respectability. It also increases website traffic because websites that rank high in the search engines automatically get the first clicks from the end user.

So how can your business achieve a high ranking in the SERP and become visible? If you do not rank well enough for you to be featured on the first page, then you need to make some changes in the way you currently do your internet marketing. A high ranking can be achieved by targeting any (or a combination) of the three things mentioned above: paid search, organic SEO, and local listing.

5 Important Factors for SERP

There are many factors that affect one’s ranking in a SERP, which are the following:


The local listing map is affected by the location of the user. It has been estimated that 88% of smartphone users and 84% of tablet users use their device to find local businesses. You need to take advantage of the mobile market by optimizing your online business listing. You may do this by signing up for Google My Business and thenverifying it. You may also create content for local audiences in your own website, whether through static webpages or blog posts. Also check for consistency when it comes to your business name, phone number, and physical address in all of your online platforms and social media accounts.


Search engines love high-quality content, and that’s a fact. If you regularly update your website with high-quality content that is relevant to users, the search engine bot (or a web crawler) will stop by to visit your website more often. Frequent indexing of your website leads to a higher web ranking. Every time you publish a relevant post, a search engine bot sits up, takes notice, and re-arranges your site’s ranking. So to increase your chances of achieving a higher ranking, you need to update your website frequently so that a search engine bot can reassess your SERP position. Keep in mind, though, that frequency is not the key ingredient here, relevancy is. If you keep on publishing low-quality articles stuffed with keywords, Google will penalize you for it.


Google’s latest algorithm update aims to display content that is valuable to the user searching for information. In order for your website to offer value to your target audience, you need to come up with content that addresses their needs and answers their questions on an authoritative level. In order for content to be of value, you need to offer a unique perspective and come up with an in-depth, informative approach to a topic, instead of rehashing something that has already been said elsewhere.


Google also started using a schema markup in its algorithm to improve its user experience when providing search results. A schema means the use of semantic vocabulary, which comes up with web results based on what your keywords mean instead of what it just says. A schema makes it easier for search engines to interpret keywords more effectively, so they can produce more relevant results to users.

User History

Google also tracks a user’s browsing history and comes up with results based on the websites that a user has previously visited.

How to Improve SERP with SEO Services

So how does one achieve a high SERP position? One sure-fire way to achieve this is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the implementation of techniques that will increase a website’s SERP position based on a keyword or a set of keyword phrases, with the ultimate goal of making your website easier to find online. This may also involve a combination of practices such as on-page and off-page optimization, content creation, and link building.

This can be too much to take in at the beginning, especially if this is your first venture into the world of SEO. To get started, you need to do an SEO audit by doing an on-site content and keyword analysis of your website. You also need to do an off-page SEO audit as well. Then, come up with a comprehensive SEO plan for your website, complete with goals and ways to track your strategy (analytics). If you are having difficulties coming up with an audit and a plan, you can hire an SEO company such as Boostability to help you out.

Boostability Aims to Help Companies Succeed Online

If you are at a complete loss when it comes to making your business more visible in the search engines, Boostability can help you. Since 2009, we have been helping small businesses all over the United States by providing them with affordable SEO services. We are a full-service online marketing company that provides a comprehensive range of services ranging from SEO, local search marketing, website content, and link building.

If you want to know more on how your business can improve its online visibility, simply download this whitepaper for free, and reach out to us at Boostability for a free consultation on how you can dominate the search engine results page.

Kelly Shelton

Kelly Shelton

Vice President of Marketing at Boostability
Kelly Shelton has served as our Vice President of Marketing since June 2011. He began his marketing career in 1996 at Financial Freedom International, Inc. where he spent 12 years serving in various executive positions, including Licensee Manager and VP of Marketing. He later served as Marketing Director of Family Financial Education Foundation, a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization. Kelly has successfully managed large marketing departments and budgets and has handled major growth in each of the companies he has worked for. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies and Business Management from Brigham Young University.
Kelly Shelton

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