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How To Make Your Dating App Popular

When you’re developing a dating app, it is not easy to get users to actually use it. When the dating content is user-generated, it is even more difficult. To get more users on dating apps, app developers should have users who were already there when the app was launched.

To get users more interested your app, you have to consider some factors. These include; who your users are, how people would see your app, what would make them prefer your app to others, market strategy and creating a website.

1. Who Are Your Users?

When were you creating your app, which group of people did plan it for? You should know what these people would look out for when checking out the app and provide services. Also, your app title should be a pointer to want it is all about. For example, Twindog is an animal app; for pets, Farmers Only is for farmers, Bro is for males looking to form friendships. So, tailor your app name towards the kind of audience you’re targeting.

2. What Impression Does Your App Give People?

The next stage is making sure people know exactly what your app is all about; what it stands for. When this happens, people who are looking to get something else out of apps that yours don’t give will stay away. Your dating app should be created in such a way that only those who are interested in finding dates would use it. It’ll reduce spam and keep most unwanted people away.

Taking a look at Hinge; a dating app, it clearly passes a message that only substantial relationships should be expected by users and not just fun. The app is made in such a way that users’ Facebook details are used to match them with mutual friends.

3. Set Your App Apart From Others

Your app should not just state what is it about. It should also tell users why it is different and unique compared to others. Hinge is known to get rid of spam messages and deleting accounts that are not real. Implement extra features on your app that would pique the average person’s interest.

Dating apps are many today, thanks to the recent trends in Android app development and mobile app development generally, so you have to think hard and come up with at least one original feature; something that clearly screams ‘different’ to a first time user. If you have a feature that no other app has, you would have an edge on the dating app market.

4. Employ Marketing Strategy And Advertise Beforehand

Before your app hits the stores, you can get people to anticipate it. This can be done by creating a social media page to talk about your app and tell people what to expect. Heighten their expectations and leave them waiting with bated breath for the launch of your app. Keep posting articles related to the app, specifically for the group of people it was made for.

5. Have A Website Created

You can get users months before you launch your dating app, by creating a website. Have the main page on it, which explains the objectives and everything else about your app and also get a blog for it. On the blog, you can discuss each feature and peculiarity of your app, one post at a time, while establishing contact with potential users most of whom become your organic users.

Do not overlook the importance of search engine optimization for your website. With SEO, your website visibility is increased. Highlight information that you consider important, user texts that are human-friendly and keep tabs on response from viewers, making changes and adjusting when necessary.

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