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Magento Open Source Development – Create High Performing Shopping Stores

Magento Open Source Development – Create High Performing Shopping Stores

Magento is also an open source application and that is why no one needs to pay any money for using it. This open source platform was launched in 2008 and was developed by Varien. This open source platform was developed with the help of the developers from the open source community but owned by Varien, which is now known as Magento Inc., being an open source application.

Magento for Ecommerce Development

For ecommerce development, Magento is used quite extensively throughout the world. The reason behind using Magento for ecommerce website development is nothing but a handful benefits that this superior open source development platform offers. Considering Magento ecommerce web development lures the end users with the following benefits:

  • Attractive Web Interface: Magento development offers attractive web interface, and it offers loads of themes, as well as plug-ins. Unique and customized themes are available to make a website unique from the aspect of its interface.
  • Cost-effective Development: Magento is an open source platform and thus it is completely free. Using Magento makes development process simplified and thus it is a cost-effective technology fir building seamless ecommerce website or online shopping stores.
  • Shopping Cart and Product Gallery: Robust shopping cart development and customized product gallery development have become possible through the advent of Magento open source web platform.
  • Secured Payment Gateway: Secured and accurate payment gateway services for ecommerce websites or virtual shopping stores can be developed with ease by the deployment of Magento ecommerce solutions.

For Magento development solutions, it is always good to find a professional open source service provider. A good offshore development center will offer low cost, yet high productive Magento solutions.

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