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M-Commerce: How To Grow Your Business Through Mobile Commerce

Ecommerce is a constant moving part of the retail industry. With mobile apps gaining momentum, mobile commerce or popularly known as “m-commerce”, has gained a wider reach within no time. This is obvious, considering the increasing number of Tablet and Smartphone users across the globe. More importantly, there are still thousands of ecommerce retailers out there, sticking to the same old traditional setup.
So, what makes mobile commerce or “m-commerce” so important from a business perspective? For the starters, ecommerce retailers are still serving those unresponsive or unoptimized online stores, pissing off users easily. Instead, Hire expert Magento development and develop a better application to deliver mobile-friendly user experience and helping users to shop with ease.

This surely has a risk involved. If a shopping experience is not as mobile friendly as it oughts to be, it could result in an overall disaster with mobile users chucking the website or an app, and switching to the competitors right away. However, it is still worth taking the risk, considering the fact that nowadays people like to be on their Smartphone all the time.

A few statistics to prove our point

A study conducted by Google revealed that 67% users are most likely to make a purchase through mobile if they find a satisfying mobile store experience. Adding to this, 61% users are most likely to abandon your app if dissatisfied with the overall mobile shopping experience. 52% users admitted that a bad mobile experience forced them to look for other viable options, while the remaining 48% users felt that the business did not give a damn about the users.

4 Effective Ways to Expand Business through Mobile Commerce

So, how can you possibly redefine your business through mobile commerce or m-commerce to escalate business revenue or sales? Let us find out.

1. Transition from a brick and mortar setup to mobile store

Thanks to the advancement in mobile technologies that has led users to scan an item through a barcode, and know about the related nearby supermarkets, selling that item. In fact, today you can simply take a snap of the product, and scan the picture, to get the desired results.

You can have your entire range of products and services go mobile, without having a physical store in place, or maintaining a stock of products even if you are having a brick and mortar store. Additionally, users have the flexibility to compare between products and buy things right from their palms.

2. Delivering personalized evergreen content specific to individual needs

Imagine, recommending similar great products to users, who have already shopped for or about to shop for certain products. This result in great customization, while catering to individual requirements, allowing users to feel they are greatly valued.

Additionally, suggesting users regarding your nearby stores, based on the products they are looking for, is a great way to save their time. This, in turn, results in increased user satisfaction, and trust factor within your brand.

3. Push notifications help to notify users instantly

Push notifications are undoubtedly the most powerful tool of m-commerce, wherein you have the privilege to inform users about your existing or new offerings, in a creative manner, within just a matter of seconds or minutes. In spite of the fact whether users are inside the app, or have their app closed, they get informed about the offerings all the time.

Push notifications not just play a critical role in providing vital information, updates, or upgrades, but also help businesses in leveraging customer relationships by constantly staying connected on a personal level. Imagine, being wished for your birthday, or marriage anniversary, by being a loyal user of an app. A single message can make a big difference in building and maintaining relationships.

4. A one-click checkout to accelerate buying process

While developing E-commerce store, Magento developers have to take care of checkout process must be fast and easy, especially with too many hurdles around to resist you. With so much friction, if you have a one click checkout in place, it makes the buying process of users a lot easier, probably more convenient than standing in the billing line, and waiting for the cashier to do the billing at the physical setup.

With PayPal, the checkout process tends to be even faster, wherein you need not fill your payment details. Instead, provide a PayPal Id and that’s it. This way you have a more secure and fast way to complete the buying process. Ensure that the checkout process requires a minimum of possible details, with full proof security, and no scope for process completion errors.

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The author is Harshal Shah, CEO and founder of Elsner Technologies Australia, a global IT consulting firm with expertise in Magento development and delivering IT solutions on Web, Mobile, and Cloud. He is a tech evangelist with a reputation to provide optimum solutions for business automation and solving real life problems with the power of IT. Hire Magento developer to build your online stores and Grow your business with our ecommerce services.

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