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Why Live Chat is the Best Customer Service Right Now

As per Kissmetrics, more than 44% of online web surfers, precisely consumers like the idea of their questions getting answered by a human being as one of the essential features a website can offer. Statistically, when customer satisfaction is concerned live chat is the best customer service.

Personally, being an avid fan of the Amazon I know the essence of their live chat (amazon assistant) service. Admittedly, the smartest humanoid on this globe at times fails to make you laugh while a hearty smile from even an unknown person always brings out the softest feeling from your within.

Is the point?

Technology is yet to master one single important attribute for customer service. That’s human instinct. It’s still unprogrammable. That’s why 31% of the e-commerce consumers from USA and UK like to purchase a product after having a live chat session with a specialist.

So, what’s the big fuzz about live chatting services? Let’s start.

1. Your brand gets more human with live chat support

What are the existing customer touch points? Phone calls, SMS services and emails. Live chat is yet to top this list but it has the potential to do the same. Marketers don’t believe in this theory that customer service ends with a successful purchase. On the contrary, customer services begin from that point.

Admittedly, a healthy live chat service pushes your customer service to a higher level. Any purchasing decision is not a step less process and live chat support guides a customer’s motivation to a positive decision.

2. Customers feels gifted or cared when chatting

When an unknown person guides you to your destination on an unknown road you feel helped. When you get surprise birthday gift from your best friend or family members you do feel blessed? When your colleagues praise you for your efforts at the last board meeting you feel gifted.

I bet we all do. We love to feel gifted and cared even if we are purchasing something on an online store or else. It’s the human nature. Live chat is the best tool to make your customers feel cared. Supporting, around 30% of global online consumers believe that a live chat session is far more informative than a mail.

3. Instantaneous: customers are just a click away from discussing their problems

Statistically, 79% of live chat users feel that they used that service as it’s the fastest way to get their question answered from any online service. Time is the most costly object in this fast paced world. Moreover, it’s the age of multitasking. So, a long wait between a question and answer is similar to making a crime.

If you want to get ahead of the curve you need to be faster than fastest in replying customer’s queries. That’s instantaneous. Live chat is the best tool to achieve you that.

4. Customer convenience is the key

Undeniably, customer satisfaction follows customer convenience. Customers hate to wait for a long time for reaching a customer care executive on phone. Even SMS services act as a real noisy business for information exchange between a company and its users. Thankfully, email is still the leader on the list of customer touching points but live chat is growing fast enough to compete for an email services in the near future.

Furstperson says that with a 92% customer satisfaction rating live chat is making a big buzz in customer service niche. Moreover, 64% global online users believe that they are more likely to return to a website that offers live chat service.

5. High conversion ratio

As Internerretailer says, an online apparel retailer handled around 160 chats requests a week and successfully converted 25% of them. So, what’s the reason behind that?

It’s dead simple. Undisturbed attention always turns into a positive decision. A full communication cycle with live chat is far smarter than executing the same in distant installments. Live chat connects these distance dots into one single undisturbed straight line- a complete information exchange without a break.

6. Live chat= Instant customer feedback for your sales team

Customer feedback is the single most important issue in your marketing strategy. Personally, I like to coin them as ‘checkpoints’ from where a marketing team learns about its flaws and also the right steps to be taken cleanly the slate.

The world loves to judge you on your losers not on your winners when sales are concerned. A recent research suggests that it takes only 42 seconds for a live chat support staff to solve a customer query. Thus, the feedback is also instantaneous with live chat. Admittedly, you can analyze those feedbacks and can make considerable changes in your strategies on the go.

Lastly, Helpscout found out that, a big brand never listens to more than 4% of their dissatisfied customers and at the same time this metric is also true that, 12 positive feedbacks worth 1 negative and unsolved feedback. So, the best plan is to prevent the negative while staying on the positive ones.

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