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Learning the Innovative Recruiting Tools for Operational HR Department

Learning the Innovative Recruiting Tools for Operational HR Department

Getting into the new trends in the technology world is quite a difficult challenge these days. It is because you have to take a lot of courage to keep updated with the new innovations in the world that have been developed in just a small span of time. With such, most of the human resource managers should be more aware of the emerging recruiting tools that the technology has offered these previous years.

There are various innovative recruiting methods made through social media related applications and other mobile programs used to handle human resourcing. However, it should be kept in mind that each tool should be carefully assessed and evaluated as to its relevant usability is matched with the needs of your human resourcing department. Yes, there is a lot of software and other technological tools sold in the market, but have you thought of how will it totally work for your company? Well, the challenging part of having this tool to make your hiring process easier is quite difficult to depict most especially if you don’t know how to get started. You may find a great number of applicants through the recruiting tool used, but were you able to get the best of it? Say, have you achieved the best communication tool with the applicant in an effective way?

It is important that the essentials that come along with the tool should be handled efficiently to have an operational human resourcing department. Proper practice of the recruiting tool chosen for your company should be observed to obtain an exceptional potential employee for your company’s progress and development.

The following are some of the known hiring tools developed to help you become an effective human resourcing manager for your company.

Introduction to ATS

In the 1990s, the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) was first known to be the emerging employing tool. Previous versions have been carefully developed to achieve its functionality from the incoming CVs up to matching the job description with the potential applicants’ capability. The newly developed ATS provides more centralized recruiting functions to streamline the hiring process. The ATS features excellent functions that evaluate and analyze which of the applicants are capable of the job because of the skills-matching made with this innovative tool.

The ATS also provides the hiring managers the capability to specifically pinpoint a community basing on the location and skills. Thus, this gives a more convenient way of communicating and engaging with the potential applicants as screened throughout the system. Getting the best of the ATS should be determined by the recruiting department not only for collecting the list of applicants but also making a good capital with the potential employee who lives within the vicinity of your business to save costs.

How Mobile Works

Using the mobile internet is considered as one of the top recruiting tools, but this can be ineffective if not properly handled in the first place. We all know that the development of keypad-based mobile phones into smartphones have greatly affected the perception of the humanity. The convenience that it has brought to the people has been observed as compared to the usage of a desktop when it comes to browsing. Thus, mobile recruiting has been introduced as a way of hiring people. As a result to this, some may find an easier access to vacant positions posted through a mobile application. This seemed to be very convenient on the part of the job seekers to easily browse and bookmark sites they wish to apply to.

Another advantage of using a mobile phone as a tool for recruiting is that it is the main channel for communication. This is very important when hiring because you have to be engaged with the potential employee. Having a good communication between you and the applicant through mobile phone will determine the behavior of the potential candidate. There are various tools that can be used through mobile phones. These are through text message alerts, QR codes, applications, and websites that are optimized through mobiles. You may monitor the usability of your chosen tool for your mobile recruiting journey as to check whether you are doing the right and systematic process of your recruiting strategy.

Recruiting With Gamification

This is when you tend to apply a game procedure to non-game areas like in recruiting to be used for motivating people or changing behavior. This is to capture the interest of some job seekers to be engaged digitally in the game designs and concepts. To further understand this, gamification can be applied in some quizzes or tests given to the applicant. As we all know, when one person applies to a certain job, he or she attempts to pre-plan his or her answers. Thus, changing the strategy in hiring through gamification is quite a challenging part, at the same time fun for them, but at least you find yourself more capable of evaluating their abilities in creative thinking and problem solving and that you may see how competitive the applicant is in terms of future tasks to be given. Through quests related to the company and behavioral quizzes given to them as part of the hiring process, they are more potentially accelerated to engage more with the business and be more productive and insightful. This is one of the best recruiting tools featured in some HR software that generally provide a lot of advantage in terms of evaluation and assessment of the applicant.

Collaborative Tools

A good hiring process requires an effective strategy with the aid of collaborative tools. This is for the satisfaction of the employees as well as creating an efficient human resource department. Having an interaction over the social enterprise is an important step in recruiting management. As hiring managers, you need to provide self-service channels for their employees not only for them to be empowered but to also make the business run smoothly and efficiently.

The recruiting process is an adventure for HRD and getting the best qualified candidate for your boss is not easy. However, with the efficient use of collaborative tools to manage the time for the hiring process, recruiting process will be much easier because access to having a great teamwork among the various functions that HRD do for the company. Various online recruiting tools linked with the HR software have been featured to optimize its usability. You may try checking recruiting tool reviews so as to keep informed of the latest trends in sourcing out people for your industry.


Having this recruiting tool for sourcing to manage and determine the location of the applicant is necessary so as to have the right applicant that is just within the vicinity of your business. This will lessen the time to gather applicants who may have been residing in distant areas from your business area. The location is important for both applicants and employers because they decide what option to choose – whether they get your job and live within your business area or refrain from applying due to distant location concerns – to which screens out the number of applicants.

Interviews Done With Video Calls

An interview conducted through a video call is very different from a simple mobile phone call. Why? This is because you are able to see the gestures of your applicant. You can totally determine his or her reaction as the questioning goes along. However, this tool should not be replaced with the typical personal interview.

Going back, the use of video call as a way of interviewing the applicant is said to be a useful tool when assessing the verbal and visual factor of the applicant. There are various services and tools made for the recruitment management that will help you facilitate with video call interviews. Most of these interviews are recorded with time and place so as to have a convenient record that is to be evaluated during the hiring process.

There are also some key points to remember when you wish to try this technique. These are as follows:

  1. Make sure that you have a good background with unnecessary distractions.
  2. Observe appropriate dressing
  3. Engage with an eye to eye contact, which is like you are talking with the person in actual
  4. Check the technical setup of your computer – microphone and camera
  5. Prepare necessary questions that you can refer to afterward for the evaluation.
  6. Introduce and present your company in a confident way.
  7. Always be professional and never forget to smile.

Sourcing Out Through the Internet

The conventional method of the recruiting process has been challenged with the development of the social media networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn. By simply typing a keyword in the search engines, the recruiters and hiring managers could easily have an access to the potential candidate that they are looking for. However, it should be noted that the strategy method of utilizing LinkedIn should be carefully planned. Getting the latest profiles of the potential candidates is accessed with a simple search through internet and people who are related to the keyword that you have inputted are the ones seemed to be more discoverable. However, it should be also known that using the internet when sourcing out is like you are taking the risk of getting the most qualified person for your vacant position.

From the innovative recruiting tools and techniques briefly discussed above, it is understood that the HR department takes a lot of time and effort to make the hiring process operational. Various techniques should be learned and that tools as mentioned above should be carefully used so as not to take the risk of losing money from wrong choices.

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