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Learn the Best Practices for Effective SEO Campaigns

Learn the Best Practices for Effective SEO Campaigns

The internet is a very promising venue for many technological advancements in different fields. The only thing that it requires is to optimize its strategies to be effective in utilizing it. Internet search engines are robust platforms that are built upon a sophisticated and complex algorithm to process the information it holds, and return relevant search results.

SEO Defined

Search engine optimization (SEO) has evolved to keep up with the pace of advancements done with internet search engines. According to Mashable, Google actually gets to receive over 100 billion searches worldwide per month. With your business website competing to many similar information, it is important to have it the proper treatment to be more visible online. It is also important to know, if not exactly how the programming goes, how search engines measure relevance and effectiveness to optimize your own website in accordance to its similar criteria. Although, there is a “shortcut” in gaining the top rankings in SERPs, like paid search results (PPC), these methods are more expensive and best with short term campaigns only. SEO still remains the long term, buildable solution to have a good reputation and web presence online.

Responsible SEO is what search engines are aiming promoting white hat strategies and content building to maintain a credible information source for consumers and businesses, alike.

Best Practices for SEO

SEO is often viewed as a collaborative method of optimizing online profile (can be a website or a web page) through incremental improvements to positively impact and influence the performance of the organic search listings. It is a series of interdependent methodologies, which can affect each other’s performance; hence, it is important to align your strategies with the best practices to achieve positive and long lasting results.

According to Imforza’s SEO statistics, around 70-80% of users actually ignore paid advertisements, and instead, click on organic results. This strengthens the importance of SEO for more successful online marketing efforts.

Build an extensive keyword database through research and study

Your keyword database is your greatest asset, and with all the toil and hard work it entails to build it, you should protect it and treat it as a proprietary asset to be managed well.

A Marketing Profs survey about the marketer’s favored SEO tactics in 2015 found out that 48% of the respondents see that keyword or phrase research is the most effective SEO strategy to deploy.

The key to succeed SEO is to come up with relevant keywords and phrases associates with your website for you to be able to “speak” the same language that your searchers does, and easier for them to find and connect with you in the search engine. This common language opens more doors of opportunities for your business to reach out a diverse audience, but remain relevant to your offer. If you will reach this level of alignment and understanding, there is no stopping to expand and grow in both offline and online marketplace.

A comprehensive keyword database, though talks about keyword “volume”, should remain faithful to the aspect of relevance at all costs. It is important to know that search engines are now “smarter” in distinguishing the black from the white, as well as, with the gray; therefore, ethical practices should be observed at all times.

Execute a personalized, metrics and data driven keyword research using high grade tools

When you say high grade, you are talking about the quality. High grade keyword research, not only considers the popular and common keywords, but as well a host of variations, relevant phrases and even negative keywords on the same thought and essence to your product or service. The flaw of using publicly available keywords is to let you enter in a stiffer competition in the organic search. On the other hand, a personalized keyword database allows you to leverage your site and operate on a more lenient environment but still staying relevant. Keyword discovery is another method to use, wherein you get to explore a new set of keywords that are relevant but are taken in another perspective and understanding.

When it comes to keyword building, it is important to always stay faithful with the following characteristics:

  1. Relevance – Base your database on the most relevant practical keywords to use for your business. Having this will enable you to be constant in speaking the same language as your visitors, making them interested with what you offer. Subsequently, you can engage high value visitors to drive the revenue and reputation you need.
  2. Accuracy – It is valuable for businesses to derive measurable performance factors out of your SEO efforts to have an accurate view of how your campaigns are faring with competitors. This way, you can make more informed decisions for improvement and innovation.
  3. Comprehensive – Broadening your keyword database will broaden your reach and visibility of your audiences across the borders, and eventually strengthens customer engagement without your physical your presence to them.

A personalized keyword database connotes a “stricter” standard in choosing what to put on your list. But you should not limit yourself from picking popular and common ones; combination of phrases, negative keywords, common keywords and its variations diversifies your approach. Still, it is important to stay relevant with your business to have a better conversions of traffic. After all, SEO isn’t just an online visibility strategy and branding, but a method of engaging customers and marketing.

Perform SEO strategies on a continuous basis

SEO is not a one-time strategy but rather, an ongoing process. What it needs is a continuous replenishing of strong keywords to improve the quality of list over time. Your initial set of keywords might not be as effective as it is all the time due to shifts in the market trends, that is why it is important to constantly monitor its effectiveness and update it, accordingly. Fortunately for SEO campaigns, online tools make it easier to modify keywords that you use and see results, right away.

Segment and categorize your keyword list

Keyword grouping leads to a more meaningful diversity of list. You can easily identify any duplicates or errors and establishes a clearer view of the plan of action you wish to implement.

One of the important factors to establish when dealing with SEO is organization. Having a thematic, sequentially relevant groupings and sub-groupings of keywords, enables you to manage your list well by focusing on a single thought at one set to easily differentiate from the others.

By having an intelligently grouped and segmented keyword list, relevance is established naturally, yielding a more user-friendly perspective of the content and flow of information within the website. A well-structured website doesn’t just appeal to the standards of search engines, but also to the users who can easily understand what you are trying to convey.

Maximize your analytics

Successful SEO is the culmination of strategies with relevance and constant experimentation and adjustments within its deployed campaigns. To be more effective, the strategies are data-driven and is applied with analytics. Analytics empowers your SEO techniques and strategies which yields a wealth of potentials, discoveries and valuable information out of the data it processes by turning your SEO performance indicators into measurable metrics of reports.

Organize your SEO checklist

Deploying SEO strategies is an ongoing engagement in monitoring and improving campaigns. This is  stressful sometimes, and when combined with other important tasks, can significantly decrease your overall productivity. It is best to have an organized checklist of “to dos” and set a specific time within the day to work on it. This can give your SEO strategies the utmost attention and focus, without meddling on other things to accomplish. It will also make you more productive and efficient as well.

Complement your SEO with PPC

Organic and paid search aren’t created to compete with each other, but to complement and enhance individual effectiveness. By utilizing both, you open more doors of opportunities for people to discover your website and engage in activities of your business positively.

PPC attracts traffic faster, while SEO enhances landing pages for PPC. This way, you gain better control with your customer’s journey by leading them to a streamlined experience, which ultimately land to favorable engagements like sales and newsletter opt-ins. If you want to attract high value and loyal customers, this is the best tandem to beat.


SEO can be staged through different methods like link building, keyword optimization, social media, guest posting or blogging. While there are many ways to explore SEO, it is not easy to establish web presence with just a single strategy to implement. SEO requires a long term commitment to continuously optimize your site, content and strategies to keep up with the trends arising from the market or the search engine itself. This is not easy to achieve, since there are a lot of aspects that businesses and organizations must also take care of aside from SEO. Upon recognizing the need for a more focused and reliable SEO building to commence, a business or an organization might need the services of an SEO company.

SEO agencies are robust companies that have the exposure and experience to various market and customer behavior, which helps them to analyze their clients’ needs and render the appropriate SEO services or solutions. You and your SEO firm is the perfect tandem for a more successful SEO initiative – it knows how to do SEO, and you know what your needs are and where you want your company to head.

The services of the top SEO agencies can help you safely jump start your SEO efforts. The search engine optimization agencies that you should look for are the ones that adhere with the best practices for more effective SEO campaigns. Get to know how clients benefit from different SEO service providers by reading SEO agency reviews at

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