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Learn How to Avoid Low Quality Email Marketing Tools

Learn How to Avoid Low Quality Email Marketing Tools

To decide on which to buy is hard to do if you are not sure of what you are looking for. Keep on reading to know the fool-proof tips on how you could land your hand on the marketing tool for email that is best for your business.

In this paper, you will learn the benefits that you could get from using such a tool and decide for yourself whether it is beneficial for your business or not. No specific brand will be recommended. Instead, you will know the different characteristics that make a software the best tool and choose which one you think is the best. In addition, it will give you an idea about the importance of email marketing tool reviews and how it can help you in your buying decision.

Why You Should Use an Email Marketing Tool

Some businesses may still use direct mail marketing, but most are opting for the best email marketing tools because of its simplicity, affordability, and effectiveness. The improvements that happened in the world of technology not so long ago have opened doors to new approaches not only in communication but also for marketing strategies. Today, reaching out to potential clients all around the world comes as easy as a click.

Guard Your Email Address From Being Shut Down

Spammers have been around since the conception of email. As a result, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and email platforms have devised filtering systems for the protection of the email users from the spam mails. The technological advancements have gone far and so are the spammers. Those who have the knowledge have the ability to bypass the protection and filtering system set up by the ISPs. As a result, some of the ISPs would shut down an email address that is identified to be sending bulk emails.

A business that keeps on changing an email address is not an indicator of a good business right? You, as the business owner, would not want this situation to happen. It is a good news for you to learn that the developers designed the email marketing tools with that issue in mind. Respectable and even a free marketing tool have their standards to make sure that spamming will not be tolerated. As a result, ISPs trust them ,and your email address will not be blocked despite sending bulk emails. With this, your messages will have a higher percentage of reaching the recipients and being read.

Best Email Marketing Tool Makes Sure that You are Following the Rules

Due to spammers bugging the consumers, the CAN-SPAM Act was enforced nationally to protect the latter. The government had issued a CAN-SPAM Act compliance guide for businesses. It contains information about the requirements of the CAN-SPAM.

Are you not sure if the said law covers your email messages? You do not have to worry about that anymore. The email marketing services will help you make sure that you are following the standard set by the CAN-SPAM Act. For example, the part where it tells the recipient that he has a choice to opt out of receiving future email messages from you is added automatically. This should be an essential part of your email because you should know that violations come with costly penalties that could be as much as $16,000.

Effective Way of Sending Your Newsletters and Promotions

Outlook was the norm before as a bulk email marketing tool, but it seems to be ages ago. Best tool for email marketing comes equipped with a large variety of email templates that are pre-designed for you. The hectic competition out there tells you that business is not all about the content and the services or products that you offer. This is the reason why the big companies are ready to spend a big lump of their money on graphic designers to make sure that their product will achieve the right attraction to its target clients.

There are different strategies in business promotion and an email template with a design that is suited for your business in combination with other promotional methods could go a long way. Choose the best design that will fit your promotions wisely, and the people will be more convinced to read the content of your mail. An email sent that is not read is worth nothing, and it is just a waste of time and effort on your end.

  1. A direct email marketing tool pre-designed template could be customized to your liking to give it either a cool look or the professional touch that your business needs.
  2. A free email marketing tool also offers you a hassle-free assurance that it will work on all platforms! Forget the troubles about coding in making sure that the recipients will be able to open your mail because the pre-designed templates are tested to work on Gmail, Hotmail, and other email platforms.

Know the Best Email Marketing Tools

It sounds easy, but finding the best free email marketing tool could be daunting as all of them, even the paid ones, will claim that their respective product is the best. Besides that, businesses are different, and they have various needs. What is best for another business could mean otherwise to you. The only way for you to identify the finest product suited for your business is to know the features that are of importance for your business. Below are the essential features that you should look out for an email marketing service.

Reports and Analytics

Data consolidation of your promotional campaign is important; thus, an email marketing tool should have this feature. You can usually access this through a dashboard where the following sample list of metrics are provided for you:

  1. Did the recipients opened and read your emails?
  2. Sex disaggregated data showing who between male and female has more participation in your target demography.
  3. Heat maps to show the part of the email the subscribers have clicked.
  4. The duration it took for the recipients to stay and read your email.
  5. Integration of Customer Relationship Management

The relationship that you forge with customers is important. It was shown in the study conducted by Harvard Business Review that loss of clients due to their frustration in the customer management is eminent.

Visual Editor

First impression matters according to the research made by the Missouri Science and Technology. Look for a software that has a photo editing built-in feature, drag and drop function, pre-designed templates, and allows you to incorporate your own CSS or HTML form to get that first impression that would get you your customer.


This feature helps you save time and money by automating other tasks.

It can also provide a venue for increased interaction with customers that could convince them to make a purchase.

Compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act

As mentioned earlier, violation of this act is costly. Aside from that, this email software marketing element will help your business reputation by showing the following:

  1. If there are any broken links in the content.
  2. Whether your subject line and content will possibly be blocked by ISPs.
  3. If the message will appear to the recipients in a manner that you intend it to be.
  4. Whether your HTML or CSS looks legitimate or not.

Other software may give you more features, but these are the specifications that you cannot do without. Reviews of email marketing tool may also help, but you need to be careful in choosing a review site. The, for example, is known for giving unbiased views.

Importance of Reviews of Email Marketing Tool

Reviews of email marketing services will give you an idea about what other people think of a specific product. Based on the survey conducted by the BrightLocal, it shows that 88% of the consumers have relied on reviews to determine the quality of products and services offered by a business. With statistics as much as 9 out of 10 consumers who have looked into reviews, it is a proof that they value it as much as the personal recommendations of their peers.

It may sound shocking to you to find out how much trust a consumer put on a review of someone who is a total stranger. However, real clients who have tried the product make reviews on site like It does not matter if they are strangers to you because you can get your hands on honest reviews that will tell you more about a product you are aiming to buy. Reviews also provide email marketing tool comparison that may direct you to the pros and cons of a specific product.

There are a lot of Email marketing tools out there making it hard for you to choose. Keep in mind that these tools have different features, yet you could stay away from the low quality tools by knowing the specifications that matter. To make your life easier, you may read the reviews on email marketing services and decide for yourself which software suited your business best.

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