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Knowing How to Choose the Best Dance Studio Software

Knowing How to Choose the Best Dance Studio Software

Dance studios are not just all fun and all glamor. Behind all the glamor and prestige is the fact that managing a dance studio is not as easy as it seems. There are a lot of things to look after to make sure everything is running well in this kind of business.

Most of the time, the success of a business depends on how good it is managed. Just like any other business, a dance studio has employees; clients, who in this case are called dancers or students; bills to pay; schedules to set; equipment to maintain; and a lot more. Managing all of these could be stressful if you don’t have a dance studio software to assist you.

Dance Studio Software Defined

A dance studio software is a computer program specifically designed to assist with the management of a dance studio. It is usually used by the dance studio administrator or manager to help with several administrative tasks like management of classes or scheduling of student dancers, management of billing and payments. There are dance studio software available today and it will surely be confusing to choose which one to use. The website has a list and ranking of the best dance studio software in the market. You can view the list of the dance studio software and their comparison through this link:

Best Features of The Dance Studio Software

Choosing the best one among the many dance studio software is tricky as most of them might have similar functions and features. To help you out in the selection process, it is important to know what useful functions and features a dance studio software should have. Below are just some of the basic functions your dance studio software should have.

  1. Automated communication. Most of the top dance studio software are able to automate phone calls or text messages to students and parents. It is always a good thing if you are able to send one same message to multiple recipients at the same time. It is information dissemination in one go.
  2. Mobility. One of the best features to consider in picking the dance studio software for you is the software’s ability to be accessed from your mobile gadgets. Aside from the access on the studio laptop or computer, it will really be helpful if you can access the application from your IPad, IPhone, or any other mobile device. This will let you do your administrative tasks on the go.
  3. Online payments function. Some of the best dance studio software have a way to let the parents or students make payments online so it will be easier for them to arrange their children’s dance school tuition fees.
  4. Automated payments. Automated payment from clients can also be arranged through bank accounts or credit cards.
  5. Tuition and discounts calculation. Automated calculation for tuitions and discounts is also a plus.
  6. Student and class management features. This is important in managing the dance studio. Students are usually divided into sessions among the dance teachers so it is important that the schedules are properly set.
  7. Online registration. For new incoming students, it will be convenient if parents or students will be able to register or enroll online.
  8. Event and recital management. The dance studio software also has features and functions to assist you with the planning and organization of the events and recitals of your dance studio.
  9. Technical support. A customer service or technical support line which is accessible 24/7 is another factor to consider when choosing the best dance studio software.
  10. Reports. Similar to other business applications, the best dance studio software is able to provide reports about different important things about your dance studio. Those are like reports about students’ attendance or performance ratings, the studio’s expenses and income among some of them.

How to Choose the Best Dance Studio Software

After reading through the basic features of dance studio software, it’s now time to find out which software has those features. You can start by going through the list of the best dance studio software from through this link: These software are ranked based on client reviews.

Some of the softwares on the list from are the following:

  1. Mainstreetsites
  2. MindBody
  3. Bookeo
  4. Zenoti
  5. IClassPro
  6. YourVirtuoso

Check and compare what each of the software has. You can visit their official websites to get more details about their features. You can also avail the free trial which most of the best dance studio software offer. By taking advantage of the software’s trial version, you’ll be able to see and experience how the software works and if it’s suited for your studio’s requirements and needs.

You can also read blogs and online reviews about each of the software. It is an advantage to read client reviews as they can give you both the positive and negative sides of the software. Unlike their official websites which will only give you their positive side, reviews online from the actual users can be more honest. There are links to client reviews of the best dance studio software that appear on this list:

If you are not really much of a reader, you can try browsing through YouTube. There are several videos there that provide reviews of different software and programs. Some of these can double as software tutorials as well, not just dance studio software reviews. You can also get feedback from other users through the comments section.

The website, which is a company that helps dance studio owners to achieve their goals, also cites the following as important factors when comparing dance studio software solutions:

  1. Compare the real upfront and ongoing costs of each studio business management software program.
  2. Estimate the amount of time you will save monthly by using the software.
  3. Make sure the software provider offers top-notch customer service. The quality of the customer service is critical for busy studio owners who can’t afford slow or poor customer support.
  4. If you feel you can save a couple hours a month on admin and the price of your selected
    solution is fair, it’s probably time to make the purchase.

Also according to, in deciding when the time is right to purchase a dance studio software, the following factors can be considered:

  1. The size of your studio. A startup school with just a couple of classes may not yet have enough revenue to benefit from the cost of a dance studio software.
  2. The stability of your business. Are you planning to expand or planning to retire soon? If there are plans for expansion, then it is a must to get a software.
  3. Growth factors. Are you growing faster than you can hire instructors?
  4. Business model. Are you a solo teacher, working out of her garage, with no plans of teaching more than one class a week? Or are you planning to add classes and instructors?

Benefits of Using the Best Dance Studio Software

Once you have finally selected the best dance studio software, you will surely notice the big difference it brings to your business. The following are some of the benefits you could expect from using this program.

  1. Increase the number of clients. If your studio is being managed well, word of mouth will lead to other parents or possible dance students. There’s no doubt they will also try out your dance studio.
  2. Improve communication with clients. Information dissemination can now be automated;
    hence it will be unlikely to miss anyone of your clients. All of your clients will be informed and no one will be missed out. If clients are always updated and informed, they will feel important and that’s a good thing for your business.
  3. Increase profits. Since you’ll have more clients, it is expected that your profit will increase as well. Payments from tuitions will also be handled efficiently through the help of the dance studio software.
  4. Less stress. Since there are several tasks and even payments from clients that can be automated through the software, it will surely lower down your stress level.
  5. Increase productivity. The automation of some tasks through the application will let you work on other tasks at the same time. Thus, it is increasing productivity.

Do you have a dance studio and want to find the best dance studio software in the market today? Check out the list of the best dance studio software from Click on this link now and be prepared to be a success:!

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