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How To Keep Your Employees Productive During Downsizing

Job security is one of the most variable factors in the professional realm. Whether you want to call it downsizing, rightsizing, or laying off, the fact remains that sometimes you are going to have to let employees go. But, that is not the end of the line on your journey to a stronger company. Once you have terminated some of your workforce, you will need to focus on retaining the talent left with you. When you opt to downsize, the morale of the company is sure to take a massive hit, which is why it is up to you to see to it that you give it a boost after the layoffs.

Here are a list of ways you could use to help your employees stay productive while the company goes through downsizing.

  • Have A Meeting To Discuss What’s Happening

A lot of  the time, employees face a whirlwind of emotions during downsizing – from the happiness of still having a job to anger at seeing their co-workers laid off. The solution: you just need to talk it out. Have a meeting with your employees where you explain to them why this is an inevitable process they have to go through. Invite employees to ask questions and address rumors that have circulated. Make sure you engage in conversation and let your employees have their suggestions heard. Involving them in problem solving sessions would help override their feeling of helplessness.

  • Focus On The Positive And Look To The Future

You should empathize with your personnel and make sure you talk with those who remain in your employment. Recognize the success and productivity of the people who work for you, don’t let it go unnoticed. If each individual feels that their contribution to the company is valued, then it is more likely that the trust issues, if any, will heal with time. Look to new projects, activities, and ideas to help motivate employees to work toward a promising future.

  • Open Your Doors And Express Gratitude

Adopt an open door policy, which will encourage your workforce to approach you with ease. This will help assure employees that management is behind them and that they can come to you regarding questions about their jobs, performance, and other uncertainties that plague them. Talk to them and make sure you are thankful for what they have contributed to the organization, no matter what role they play within the company.

  • Lighten The Air With Something Fun

When you downsize, there is sure to be a dull aura surrounding people and the place. You can help brighten that up! Ease the tension that fills the halls of your company by bringing back laughter. You don’t have to worry about the cost of this, just opt for something inexpensive but meaningful. Amusing contests, potluck lunches, pet days: these are some ways you can help boost morale. Cutbacks aren’t fun but it doesn’t mean you have to let your employees be surrounded by darkness.

Downsizing is something a company can never be sure of avoiding, which is why you need to make sure you know what you can do to ease the process. Your employees are your professional family; make sure you treat them with the same respect you would a family member. Your leadership skills during this challenging period can be instrumental to the company’s future.



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