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Is Free Email Marketing Software Suitable for Your Needs?

Is Free Email Marketing Software Suitable for Your Needs?

As we have become a population that craves for free products, does it mean that free is always the best? When email marketing strategy is involved, the answer would depend on the specific needs and demands of your business. To have a clearer understanding, you need to know about the two types of existing software for email marketing that is free and know the pros and cons of such software. The data is backed by sources to make sure that what is written here are facts and not based on creative thinking.

2 Types of Free Email Marketing Software

Businesses need marketing strategies to make sure that their venture would stay afloat in the midst of economic crisis and hectic competition. For some, implementation of such strategies is a problem because of its cost. You do not need to worry though as there are free software intended for email marketing that will help you achieve your goal.

Email marketing is the process where you send business-related information with the use of an email. It involves any transaction that you do online as long as it involves email – such as sending information about your business, coupon promotions, deals, and advertisements. Email marketing software is a tool used by business owners to achieve their marketing goals. This type of marketing software is cheap compared to other marketing mechanisms, yet there are also free versions that could help your business go a long way.

When you hear the word free, it means that there is zero cost involved. However, when it comes to email marketing software systems, you need to know that there are two types of free software.

The first one is the software that you get to enjoy for free as long as you want. The different free software that can be used for email marketing are capable of doing the basic functions for the said need. They are also loaded with many template designs that you could customize to fit your needs.  The autoresponder, another feature of email marketing that could increase your sales, is also present in the free software.

The contact list segmentation, social media sharing capacity, and detailed reporting are other specifications that you will find with the free email marketing tool. Developers are offering a free version of their software that you can upgrade depending on your wish.

The second type is also free but only for a limited time. The paid software offer consumers a trial period that could last from 15 days to one month. During this duration, you may enjoy all the benefits that they are offering for free. It is a good chance for you to get to know the features of the free software. While using it for free, you may enjoy all the specifications that the paid product is capable of. You may either buy the product after the free period or simply opt out of the subscription.

Pros of a Free Email Marketing Software Download

Offering a free product will certainly attract consumers. Mintel published on their 2015 US Online Shopping Report that almost half of the 69% adult online shoppers tend to increase their purchases to avail free offers.  This is a clear proof that consumer behavior is affected by the promotional schemes such as coupons, discounts, free shipping, and buy one get one free. Software developers are aware of this fact, thus, offers of a free software for email marketing can be found anywhere.

Check out the following advantages that you could get from using such free software.

  1. Simple and Lightweight

Based on testimonials of people who have tried free Software as a Service (SaaS), it is beginner-friendly, and you will not need a high-end computer for it to function. This is good news especially for startup businesses. The same is true for those who are facing financial challenges on their endeavor. How is that so? As it is simple, you may use it even if you are not a marketing expert. You do not need to hire an additional staff because you can figure out how you can make it work. This is not saying that a marketing expert for your business is not needed. For the meantime, you may want to ask your current staff to handle it until you have enough resources to finance an expert.

  1. Free Training and Amazing Support

As a business owner, you are aware of the importance of having a good relationship with your clients. This can be achieved by a great customer support, and the developers of the SaaS are also aware of this. As a result, even the email marketing automation software that you can get for free features a support that keeps their clients satisfied. You may access for reviews of users about the customer support that they experienced.

Not all amazing things come with a price. The free SaaS is a proof to that. You do not need to bother about searching the web on tutorials on how to use such software because some of them feature trainings – and yes, all of those are for free!

  1. It Is Free

This is the most obvious advantage that you could get in opting for a software email marketing that is free. It is not low cost but free. There is zero cost involved, yet it can help you increase your business’ return of investment (ROI).

Email marketing is considered as the foundation for success of online businesses because of the advantages that it offers. Statistics have shown that for every $1 spent on best email marketing software could give as much as $45 return. This is enough proof of the benefits that you can get from using an email marketing software. Can you imagine how much additional finances you could get by using a free SaaS? Think about it. You do not have to spend a dime, and yet your business will greatly benefit from it.

Cons of a Free Email Marketing Software

Are you one those who gets wary when they heard that something is given completely free? It may be hard to believe that you can still get a product or service without paying anything in the midst of economic crisis, but it is true. Free products are not a hoax rather it is part of a larger marketing strategy of a company. With this, it is safe to assume that free have its limitations compared to the top email marketing software. Different studies and articles have been written to show how the free industry works wonder on the business sales.

The following will show you the drawbacks of using a free SaaS.

  1. Limit on Contacts and Email Messages

How many client contacts do you plan to build on your list?

You must have a clear value set for this because the reviews of email marketing software show that they have a limited number of contacts and messages that you can send in monthly. It depends on the software, but some may offer 5,000 contacts and 15,000 email messages in a month. These figures may not be bad depending on what your company needs. For a small local business, that may be enough.

Do not fret if you like the software, but the services it offer is not enough. Most companies have a free edition of their software that will give you quality but limited features. If you want a higher contact and message capacity, you may subscribe to their paid version.

  1. Limited Customer Support

Even the free software boasts its support to consumers. The customer service though that you can get may not meet your expectations. Some support comes in an indirect way in the form of forums. You may be entitled to a direct support even if you are using a free software, but there is a limit to it. For example, a free subscriber gets to be entertained during office hours and weekdays only while the paid customers may enjoy the service 24/7.

  1. Limited Reports

Email marketing software comparison shows that the analytical reports generated by free software differ from that of the paid ones. You may check the review on email marketing services to get an idea on what the users think about a specific product.

The best email marketing software must give all the data necessary for you to make the best marketing strategy. If you are lacking with data, how are you going to adjust your email campaign? For example, you want to know the response rate of male and female in a certain demography to check if the time of sending or the content of the message should be modified. You cannot do that if the free SaaS does not have that feature.

You have learned the pros and cons of using a free SaaS for email marketing, but at the end of the day, the decision lies in you.

Free software may lack some of the features available in the paid ones, but it does not mean that they are automatically not suited for your business. Analyze first your business needs to help you pick among the email marketing services that is perfect for your situation. Check out the for a quick understanding of the features of different software for email marketing.

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