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Interesting Places to Learn iOS App Development

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Inexperienced beginners who are dreaming to gain fame and fill their pockets with money will not succeed overnight. Until they will become iOS masters, they will face many challenges, because without any programming knowledge, it will be very difficult build an app from scratch, which will be stuffed with useful features, but at the same time, which will avoid overload. First-time app developers are very ambitious and eager to learn new things, and the internet can be considered the best teacher, as it offers lots of free lessons on how to create an application. Well, these lessons are actually provided by specialized websites and in this article, I’ll recommend the best places to learn iOS development.

RyPress’s Objective-C Tutorial
This object-oriented programming language has been used by Apple for the OS X and iOS. The source code implementation program files of Objective-C are easily identified, as they have .m filename extensions, while the header/interface files are known for their .h extensions. As for Objective-C++ files, they have an .mm file extension. If you’re interested in learning more about Objective-C (Xcode, frameworks, philosophy, functions, protocols, methods and many more), then feel free to visit

On, you will find interesting step-by-step iOS programming tutorials on how to make Apple Watch apps, you’ll learn to build a web app in Swift using Vapor, or to build a speech-to-text app using Speech Framework in iOS 10. Also, you’ll get more information about CALayer, you’ll be taught to create gradient colors using CAGradientLayer and many more.

Subscribers of can view 225 episodes, but they have to pay a monthly subscription of $9 in order to have access to new episodes that are released each week, HD videos and to read notes & source code for each episode. However, there are also 27 free episodes with various subjects that teach beginners a little bit about iOS app development.

This is “a journal of the overlooked bits in Objective-C, Swift, and Cocoa”, which is updated weekly. There are seven contributors who are sharing their knowledge with visitors who want to learn about JavaScriptCore, Benchmarking, Object Subscripting, Swift Collection Protocols – to name a few of the topics. Also, there are eight quizzes multiple rounds for developers who want to have fun and see if they’ve learned anything.

iOS Dev Weekly
If you subscribe to, you’ll receive a weekly newsletter about iOS development containing dev tutorials, hot news, design and marketing articles – information needed by any iOS developer. Until now, there are 200 topics covered by Dave Verwer and these free development links are published every Friday.

Cocoa Is My Girlfriend
The name of the popular blog is and it has four authors: Marcus S. Zarra, expert in Core Data, persistence and networking, Matt Long, an app engineer,
Fraser Hess, the owner of Sweeter Rhythm LLC in Centennial, CO, and Saul Mora, the Founding Panda at Magical Panda Software. If you want to become a professional developer, these guys will give you all the answers.

iCode blog teaches computer science and robotics and helps beginners of all ages to think critically, design and develop ideas into viable solutions and it even provides funding to bring ideas to the market. Unfortunately, the website hasn’t been updated since February, but there are some popular posts that might interest you.

This is a place that’s loved by the iOS app developers community, as it offers tutorials, courses, examples, tools and links to new open source libraries, tools or UI controls. Its authors are updating it frequently, providing high quality content.

Natasha The Robot
Subscribers are offered for free Power Swift playgrounds with the latest Swift 2.0 Syntax, and they will learn about Protocol-Oriented Programming, Error Handling with Swift 2.0, Reference vs Value Types, and Higher Order Functions. There are many topics on her blog that focus only on Swift programming language.

Head to and watch tutorials for the following topics: Design & Illustration, Code, Web Design, Photo &Video, Business, Music & Audio, 3D & Motion Graphics, Game Development and Computer Skills. For a monthly fee of $15, you will have access to more than 890 video courses (902+ hours), mobile-friendly videos and new courses that are added every week, but there’s also a yearly plan that costs $180, which allows you to download course videos, up to five eBooks per month and choose 2 subscriber benefits per year. The Yearly Pro plan is worth $360 and it offers in addition access to all 170 eBooks, as well as $25 dollar credit on Envato Market and $25 dollar credit on Envato Studio.

Swift, Objective-C and Cocoa are the most used programming languages in iOS and every future app developer who wants to see its name on the Apple Store will need to learn them. I’ve given you a short list of websites and blogs that offer free tutorials and courses that provide information and detailed steps on how to build apps for iOS.


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