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Information Your Call Tracking Software Can Gather

Information Your Call Tracking Software Can Gather

Call tracking software works as a marketing campaign tool by gathering information from the callers of a phone number you have set up. When the information from callers is gathered, they are then analyzed. The data analyzed is used to improve your marketing campaign. For online marketers, call tracking is very helpful since data that are normally hard to get are easily gathered with the use of a tracking software.

A call tracking system is very helpful, though it should be used with discretion. According to a law firm from Hartford Wisconsin there are states in the United State of America that will allow phone calls to be recorded even if only one party knows that the call is being recorded. Since you know that the calls going to a specific number are being recorded, you are safe against the phone recording laws. There are other states though, that would require for both parties to know that the call is being recorded. This can be easily remedied by adding a recorded message to your number saying that the call will be recorded due to quality assurance. Why these strict laws on phone recording, what information exactly can be gathered from a caller when using these call tracking software.

Name and Phone Number

All the best call tracking software out in the market has the capability to gather even the information that you don’t think they can get. But the most basic of them all is your name and number. This is just like a caller ID, so it is not really a surprise that call trackers can get this information. Everything that is gathered by call tracking tools will be used to improve the marketers’ campaign for their product. They would need the name to keep track of who called them. They can also use this information to know who the first time callers are. They get the number so they can do a call back if a conversation was not had. Or if the sales representative didn’t get the caller to get some of their product, they can do a call back to turn the warm lead into a hot lead. There are other information that can also be recorded by the software like your web browsing history before you called the number and your location.

Campaigns, Keywords and Match Type

Top call tracking tools can really gather the information on campaigns, key words and match type. These tools are more likely to take note of these things to be used for the data analytics. When a caller makes a call to a specific phone number, the software readily knows which campaign that call came from. This is because every phone number is specific to a particular campaign. There are other phone call tracking software that can even match a certain phone number to a specific keyword. This is done to monitor which campaign is most successful depending on the numbers of call that they are getting from that specific number. When the data is analyzed after all the information are gathered and tabulated, the software will tell you which of your campaigns are the most successful. You can then redouble your efforts and put most of your funds to this specific campaign to get more high quality leads.

Landing Page Performance

Another information that call tracking tools can take note of is the performance of a landing page. A landing page is a part of website that was created specifically for visitors to visit or land on. This can be any page on your site, but it is the page where you can tell your visitors what to do exactly while they are on your site. This is where the call to action of your product can be found. This is also where the phone number that you have assigned to that page can be seen. The phone number, whether it is international or toll free, is in this page. Every call that is made to this number is a proof of how the landing page is performing. You can know that the performance of your landing page is doing well when you are getting a lot of calls for that specific page. Similarly, your landing page may not be doing well if your number is not getting any calls. Thus, you can make the necessary adjustments depending on the performance of your landing page as is analyzed by your software.

Length of Call

The length of call is one of the information top call cracking tools can gather. Just a like a cellphone, the length of a phone call can be easily collected. But what is the importance of getting this information. What is the data that can be analyzed with this piece of information? It may not be much but you can already tell how a call is doing by the minutes that are being logged. When a caller calls, there is already initial interest. It is now up to your customer sales representatives to work their magic and convert that lead into a hot one. It is safe to say that a longer call may mean a positive result but this isn’t always the case. Most of the time, though, a longer call is a positive call. There are many tracking software available and not every one of them can gather all the information you need. So you need to do a thorough research on which one to get. Another way of research is reading reviews of call tracking software to find out about other people’s opinions on the software.

Content and Transcription of Call

Reading call tracking tool reviews is very beneficial when looking for the perfect tracking software. This is because not all tracking tools can get you the same information. One of the best features of some of these software is their ability to record and transcribe the content of calls. Having the transcription of the calls made, makes it easier for you to know the contents of one call. Instead of having to listen to all the calls that are made in a day, you can just read them when they become available as transcripts. Because not every company offers this feature, it is best to get a software that has this to make your life easier. Knowing the contents of the calls can help you decide why some leads are falling through and some are converted.

Recorded Calls

The recorded calls go hand in hand with the content and transcription call that is mentioned above. If the call tracking software that you have does not have the feature of having your calls transcribed, then having it recorded is the next best thing. There are many transcription services that are being offered at a low price, so you can just send them the recorded calls to be transcribed. This might be an added expense but it will be better to have printed copies of the calls for filing. If you do not want this added expense, get a call tracking software that can transcribe your calls. This is why it is important to read call tracking tool reviews to get an unbiased opinion about these tools. Some companies won’t mention if they have hidden fees or glitches, so getting the opinion of a fellow user will shed some honest light on your questions.

ROI Excellence

ROI means return on investment. This is the profitability ratio of your company and can be done by dividing your net profit with your total assets. ROI excellence is not information gathered by your call tracking software but this is information that can be analyzed by your software when all is gathered. Getting the tools for your marketing campaign is done because you want to improve your campaign. Return on investment is computed for every marketing channel that you use. There are TV ads, radio ads, web pages and other channels. If one marketing channel results in a negative ROI, then this means that you can scrap that marketing channel and instead focus your efforts and resources to the channel that is giving you excellent ROI. ROI excellence is something that companies will advertise but reading the reviews of other users will tell you if the ROI excellence that is being advertised by the company is real or not.

Getting a call tracking software can be tricky with many options out there. So be sure to read call tracking tool reviews to have an idea which one is perfect for you. There are also articles written on what features you should get and what questions to ask when looking for a tracking software. Many tools are available to help you with your marketing campaign and you should take advantage of them all. These tools will help you with information gathering and data analytics, all so you could have the best marketing campaign possible.

You can look into some of’s list of call tracking software to know which one will suit you best. Look into the information it can gather and the functionalities that it features to know which will be the best one for you.

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