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Incredible Tips for Selecting the Right Video Conferencing Software

With the fast migration of undertakings to the digital world, video conferencing platforms are getting incredibly popular, and every provider seems to be joining the race of unleashing their own video conferencing platforms. In a nutshell, getting the best video conferencing software allows for seamless virtual face-to-face communication anytime.


Now, let’s look at a full explanation of video conferencing software!

What is a video conferencing?

Video conference, also known as videoconferencing, refers to the entire action of conducting meetings between two or more individuals at different locations using dedicated computer software and network to transmit both video and audio data simultaneously.


For instance, a point-to-point video conferencing system in a similar way as a video telephone. Each of thoseparticipating in the meeting has a microphone, video camera, and of course, speakers mounted on their computer(s). As the two participants from each end speak to one another, their audio data are relayed through the network and delivered on the other end’s speaker(s); and whatever image(s) appearing in front of the video camera is displayed in a window on the other end’s monitor.


Until recently, both hardware and software to enable video conferencing were quite costly, and this perhaps explains why it was not popular among most organizations and businesses until the mid-1990s. Many analysts believe that video conferencing will be one of the fastest growing sectors of the computer industry in the 21st century thanks to some of the best free conferencing software.


And now, let’s look at the some of the great benefits of this technology.

Benefits of using video conferencing software

The beauty of web video conferencing solutions is that it reaches many companies and organizations whether small or big. It plays a critical role from the business point of view, and this explains why its use is tremendously growing. Here below are some advantages of video conferencing:


  1. Reducing travel expenses and overall cost savings


It costs a substantial amount of money and waste time to travel from one destination to another to hold a business meeting with stakeholders. It is even frustrating if your employees are scattered across the world to bring them to one table. Fortunately, with video conferencing, you can plan and hold a meeting within the shortest time possible with attendees from remote places across the world.


  1. Playing a critical role in teleworking


Video conferencing is a great tool as far as telecommuting or teleworking is concerned. You can hold a meeting with all your work-from-home employees and get to know their progress in a matter of minutes. Besides that, it helps reinforce relationships and improve communication among the team. At the end of the day, it results into improved productivity and efficiency per worker.


  1. Providing flexible support services


Most companies offering products for sale over the internet need to demonstrate to their clients how to use it and perhaps respond to any concern raised by customers. In the regard, providing virtual support through the internet and with the video conferencing tools save a great deal. You can be able to demonstrate exactly how the product is used without necessarily travelling to meet them face-to-face.


Despite the significant benefits it offers to users, videoconferencing is not always going to work excellently without putting efforts on some few critical benchmarks. Choosing the top video conference software that perhaps meets all your needs is incredibly important when considering a videoconference program.


So, let’s look at what are some of the tips you need to consider to find the right software!

Tips for selecting the right video conferencing software for business

Just like any other technology that requires software integration to the business’ network, video conference solutions must be carefully chosen based on many factors, which include organization’s current network, probably use(s) of the technology, the needs of the employees, and even the organization’s budget.


Is the video conferencing you chosen perfectly meets your needs? Which solutions can increase productivity and improve communication in your business? By and large, there many crucial factors to consider before acquiring one. Thus, if you are a business manager in charge of IT department, you perfectly understand that making uninformed decisions is not wise especially when making an expensive investment. All you need to know is that you have to make detailed planning and careful study.


To help you on this, here below are some of the incredible tips for selecting the right video conferencing software for your business:


  1. Network support and IT infrastructure


It is important to note that live video conference requires massive system support as far as bandwidth is concerned. Therefore, the first thing you need to consider is to check whether you have the sufficient bandwidth requirements to support the video traffic on your network. If you think it is insufficient, then start figuring out the next course of action, perhaps to upgrade a converged network. Again, it is necessary to consider how the extra traffic, across both your internet connection and local network, will affect your existing infrastructure.


  1. Number of participants


An online video conference cannot be effective without participants, and so one thing you need to have in mind when choosing a solution is to take into consideration the number of users. Typically, putting the number of attendees into account is essential because it helps in determining the type of video conferencing app you would acquire. If you are planning to have a video conference with multiple individuals, then it is imperative to choose a tool that is capable of capturing broader angles and picking up sounds from bigger rooms. Besides that, you also need to consider the type of your participants to avoid delays or other problems. If your participants are operating behind firewalls, then it is prudent to choose a browser-based tool.


  1. Additional components


Getting the best group video conferencing software is not a big deal, but in most cases, it is the start of demanding additional components to your IT room. If your desktops or laptops are already equipped with web cameras, then it means you will just need to subscribe to the video teleconference service. Nonetheless, if you lack the necessary video and audio equipment, then you better start by installing solutions such as video cameras, microphones, and monitors before you even proceed investing in the video conferencing tools.


  1. Device compatibility


The issue of compatibility is a crucial tip when considering the best free video conference call software for your business. Typically, the idea of communicating across the world using video call may not be possible if you select a solution that is unable to support other system(s). Make sure the system you are acquiring can support a good number of endpoints. Remember, it could be possible that business partners and clients are using different operating systems with their mobile devices or computers; therefore, you need to ensure at the onset that the tool you are planning to acquire seamlessly connect with other users.


  1. Software security


Every business has a different security requirement. As we all know, some virtual communication tools are susceptible to hacking and information leakage. Therefore, if you are planning on integrating a modern videoconferencing tool, then ensure it does not allow pilferage of sensitive information. There are many ways to check on the security concerns of a given software, but ensuring that all the information shared is properly encrypted is what you need to confirm from a given video conferencing tool.


  1. Overall cost


As earlier mentioned, online videoconferencing tools, often offer cost-effective communication options since workers and other business stakeholders no longer travel to the office to hold meetings. With a reliable internet connection, virtual meetings are conducted seamlessly. Notwithstanding, when selecting a collaboration software, it is imperative to consider your budget and overall cost, since different solutions do range as far as pricing is concerned. Therefore, before acquiring one, ensure you have done proper research to find a solution that is within your budget. And before you pay for any service, you can try some free video conferencing software like ezTalks Meetings, which provides a starter plan allowing up to 100 participants to join a video conference from both desktop and mobile.



  1. Importance of quality


Do your video conferences need to demonstrate high level of professionalism, with high quality sound and crystal clear HD images? Perhaps this one of the question you need to figure when choosing a quality video conferencing software. If you want to make a good impression on your business partners or clients, then your virtual communication system should be superb.


Videoconferencing is one of the technologies that are increasing in demand among businesses and organizations, which has ended in the birth of tens of hundreds of videoconferencing products. The presence of multiple solutions has left many people with endless options, but again presenting them with the daunting task of choosing the best! The list of tips to consider when selecting a video conferencing tool for your business is just endless, but the mentioned are just but a few. If you adhered to the latter, the chances of getting the right product are incredibly high.

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