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Increase your Interior Design Business Profits with CAD

Increase your Interior Design Business Profits with CAD

With so much competition in the interior design industry, you certainly want to make sure that you have an edge. Something that would make you stand-out from the rest of your competitors and become one of the top choices amongst clients. While advertising and marketing your brand can do wonders, you want to make sure that you produce quality service. As the old adage goes, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating.” You might be able to attract clients by promoting your brand, but unless you deliver results that exceed expectations, you risk losing contracts. And you can also pretty much say goodbye to repeat customers.

This is where CAD software comes in. But before you can start exploring how it can help you become more profitable, it would be useful to know what it is and what benefits it can bring.

Introduction to CAD

According to Design Skills, an online training and resource provider, CAD is an acronym for Computer Aided Design. It is software that is used to make the process of designing faster and more efficient. Engineers, architects and designers used to have to create 2D drafts and 3D renditions by hand. This meant the process could take a while to complete and this is even without factoring in revisions that need to be made according to manufacturer or client feedback.

Engineering CAD software has features that revolutionize the art of industrial design. From solid modeling to documentation, designers are able to have more control of the product they are creating. And because it simplifies a lot of the processes involved, professionals can produce more innovative designs at a shorter time.

There are different CAD packages available to choose from with varied specialization and cost. Basic engineering CAD tools are offered by some developers for free. You simply need to download it and you’re good to go. However, more sophisticated ones are available for purchase.  The prices depend on how complex the features are. Reviews of engineering CAD software can provide you with information on which ones have the features that you can benefit from the most.

Benefits of CAD

Now with such impressive features, the next thing you’d want to know what benefits these can bring.  And the best way to see these benefits is to compare CAD software for engineering to manual drafting.

Drawing to Scale

Designs made need to be scaled to ensure that it can physically work. According to org, an online resource for information on technology, CAD has an advantage on scaling over the manual drawings. Manual scaled drafts usually take a lot longer to do as the scale of a view needs to be determined first. CAD on the other hand has a much simpler process. Professionals such as engineers and architects choose a 1:1 ratio and decide on the scaled measurement. The software will do the adjustments with all the components that will added. As a result, CAD software used in engineering also reduces human errors on scaling that are a common risk in manual drafts.

In addition, it is easier to make revisions on designs made on CAD. Whereas it would take hours to make changes on a manual drawing depending on how complex the revisions are.


Manual drawings need to be stored properly so they don’t get damaged or lost. This means designers would have to designate space in their work space for this purpose. While the manual drawings can be scanned and stored digitally as well, the physical plans are often kept for reference.

Garnock ACADemy, a school based in the UK that includes CAD in their higher graphic curriculum, lists convenient storage as one of the benefits of CAD. Designing on CAD eliminates the need for scanning as the plans are already saved on the computer or hard drive. It requires no physical storage and the risks of designs getting damaged or lost are considerably reduced. Designs can be stored in hard drives or USB drives and can easily be printed out without any quality loss.


With CAD, professionals involved in designing and constructing products and structures are able to collaborate easily and avoid any misunderstanding with regard to the actual build. Documentation such as the scaled measurements and components are clearer so the design is built out more efficiently.

In addition, CAD output can be exported to other software so even if the other people involved in the project are not using CAD they can still view the designs and all the necessary documentation.

Design Analysis

The software has features such as 3D solid modeling which brings to life the design without the need to create a physical model or prototype. With the best engineering CAD software, designers can analyze how the end product will perform. Imagine being able to see how effective a new airbag technology is without having to actually crash a car.

CAD and Your Design Business

As already discussed in this article, CAD tools bring a host of benefits. From saving space to analyzing designs, these can actually have a considerable positive financial impact on your design business.  If you’re still not certain on how software that seems to be designed for engineers and architects can affect your profits, below are some great benefits you can enjoy.

  1. CAD software increases the appeal of your interior designs to client

Indovance, an outsource CAD provider with headquarters in North Carolina, states that one of the benefits of the software is that you can create sophisticated designs that impress clients.

When you bid for a project or make a proposal to win business, it is essential that your design creates a connection with your prospects. While a manual draft may look professional, it may seem all Greek to someone not trained to read that type of drawing. By creating a solid model on CAD, you can give customers a virtual tour of the space you will be decorating. They get different vantage points as you present your design from different angles. This can be achieved by simply rotating the angles on CAD.

While physical 3D models may look charming, it is still a bit harder to appreciate a design that’s dollhouse size. CAD allows prospects to appreciate how you will be managing the space as they can see it up close. With your designs becoming more “real” even while just in the planning stage, you can expect to see more customers wanting to do business with you. That means more contract won and more customers coming your way.

  1. CAD software Improves the relationship between you and your clients

When your customers come to you, they come with two things, a blank space for you to beautify and a vision of how they want it to look and feel like. Your job is to build out that vision and to turn it into reality. When you design on CAD software, it’s easier for your customers to appreciate how you translate their vision. What makes it even better is that they can also be involved in the process. Since they can understand your draft and lay out, they can give you feedback even before you start with the decorating.

 A vision realized makes customers happy and happy customers often come back or recommend you to other people. With repeat customers and word of mouth advertising, you’ll start to see more business coming your way.

  1. CAD software maximizes time you and your team spend on designing

One of the benefits CAD software brings to the table is that it speeds up your production without compromising quality. Autodesk, a software provider cites this as one of the leading benefits designers can get from CAD. You can halve the amount of time you and others spend on the designing phase.  You’ll be able to present your proposals to clients sooner and get feedback to make the final designs. This means your design business can take on more projects and customers.

In addition, your projects can be completed sooner which usually make customers happy. These are certainly factors that can result in increased profits.

  1. CAD software reduces errors

Sometimes regardless of how carefully you plan out the décor and design of the room, something still goes wrong the moment you start building. Everything looked perfect on the draft and final blueprint but it just doesn’t work in real life. These errors can have quite an impact on your business. First off, some mistakes may mean out of pocket cost to you, which will reduce your profit for that project. You may need to redo a cabinet or door even if the measurements are just a few inches off. Interior design after all is about putting elements in their perfect place.

In addition, errors also cause delays in completion which can make customers extremely unhappy. Your inability to complete the build within the time frame that had been agreed upon will certainly have a negative impact on your business’ reputation.

  1. CAD software minimizes confusion

The designers and contractors should always be on the same page for a build to be successful. When the design is not clear to either of the teams, this can cause confusion. Unfortunately this confusion may affect the whole project. If the contractor doesn’t know the measurements used by the designers on the scale, then the dimensions will be entirely off. Another factor is when the materials o be used are not made clear.

These misunderstandings may result in delays and higher building costs because of additional work hours and replacement materials. By minimizing the confusion between everybody involved in the project, you can manage the building costs more efficiently and profit from your projects.

When you set up you interior design business, you had two main goals, create the most beautiful designs and make money while doing it. By using CAD software to create your designs, you can increase the chances of achieving these goals.

Whether you choose free engineering CAD software or ones that you need to purchase, you’d want to know what your options are.  Get started today by visiting and check out the list of engineering CAD software reviews to find the best tools available for your business.

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