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In-house vs. Local SEO Firms: Advantages and Disadvantages

In-house vs. Local SEO Firms: Advantages and DisadvantagesAll web marketers and bloggers all aim for a better search engine ranking for their website, whether they do it solely or they’ve got someone to do it on their behalf. Either way, getting the top spot of Google search result is never impossible if SEO is done properly. For a newbie, wading through the ever complex rules and algorithms of Google and other search engines might be too difficult, and thus, they choose to outsource it to local SEO firms and that they need not to be on pins and needles of the SEO course.

At the end of this article, you will know the difference between doing SEO in-house and outsourcing it to a local SEO service and benefits and drawbacks of both. Read through the end to know whether you can pursue in doing it yourself or seek help from the experts.

In-house SEO

In-house SEO refers to the SEO operations done within a company through a team specializing in the field. However not everyone has the capacity to hire SEO employees in-house, there are a lot of factors to consider before finally establishing one. On the brighter side, if in-house SEO is properly organized, you get the benefit of successfully amending your website. Below are the examples of the advantages and disadvantages of hiring SEO professionals in-house.


  1. Fast work-pace – an SEO team in a company will tend to focus on delivering outputs in a timely manner. The fact that they are assigned to do the job, the team will most likely focus on providing speedy outputs without the quality being sacrificed. In addition, since the SEO team works in-house, communication from other departments and the management is easier; thus making it faster for the team to do alterations and adjustments if needed.
  2. Faster implementation – in large companies, implementing SEO advices can be a big challenge. Compared with local SEO services, hiring in-house SEO team goes around a scenario where teams are working at the same place every day; without a doubt, it is easier to conclude who can get things done effectively.
  3. Focus – there are a handful of benefits of outsourcing to an SEO agency, hence why more and more site owners and companies choose to hand the job to them. However, your project is not the only one they are working on. Focus is one of the main merits of hiring SEO team in-house. Tendency is if there is not a lot of focus dedicated to SEO, results may not be as satisfactory as a client expects.
  4. SEO competence – According to an article In-house SEO, SEO Agency or Both –;  having a competent SEO workforce permanently present in a company, it is more likely to increment the company’s expertise to SEO. Skills like easy adaptation to changes and grasp for the complexity of search engine algorithms is very important in order for the company to not get off track with the ever competent field. In-house SEO is likely to be more competent in leveraging a site’s SEO according the niche it belongs.
  5. Brand Knowledge – An outsource SEO agency does allocate time to get acquainted with the brand they are tasked to work on. However, it is not guaranteed that they will know it deeper as clients expect. In-depth brand knowledge is also essential when dealing with SEO; it is useful for searching keywords and allocating right niche for making contents. Moreover, if a company hires in-house SEO employees, it is guaranteed that they will know it better as it is where they work and set focus on.


  1. It can be costly – there are many considerations to hiring SEO in-house; budget takes up the top spot on the list. Firstly, you will need a bigger office space for the increase of employee population which requires a more expensive rental fee. Second, computers, tables and chairs and other office equipments means you will need to allocate a big amount of money beforehand hiring people. Lastly, salary; according to statistics conducted by, the average salary cost of hiring an SEO team is around $76,000 which is quite a big addition to the overall corporate expense.
  2. Lack of broad skill set – employees in an in-house SEO may not have all the required skills in implementing SEO. To be successful in this course, SEO team must have technical, on-site and link SEO knowledge and skills. It can be quite hefty for a company to hire individuals to do those tasks as it requires bigger budget.
  3. Lack of extensive marketing tactics – You may be able to hire a great SEO expert who has fine SEO skill set. However, lacks strategic skills. One must remember that the main goal of leveraging a website’s SEO is to let people be aware of your brand and entice them to purchase or avail one of your services; also known as a marketing strategy.

Local SEO Services

Many marketers, bloggers and business owners nowadays are choosing to outsource their website’s SEO to a local SEO firm. Leaving the job to someone who has enough capability, time and experience is indeed a great venture. However, there are also drawbacks embodied with SEO outsourcing which puts off many website owners. Below are some benefits and drawbacks to outsourcing SEO to a local SEO company.


  1. Cost-cutting – While hiring in-house SEO team comprises quite a big portion on corporate budget, handing the job of SEO to an SEO agency will help you save costs. The fact that the agency already has their own office, equipments and workforce; you need not to worry about it anymore, all you need to prepare are the job orders, negotiate with the manager and allocate the budget. You will be able to save more since most SEO agency requires a salary lower than in-house employees. You have the freedom to negotiate and come up to a contract stating the agency’s fee.
  2. Expertise – One of the main advantages of hiring an SEO agency aside from being able to save some buck is the expertise. Good SEO agencies have people in them who have enough grasp and experience to SEO. Since search engine algorithms can be too complex and temporary, a comprehensive skill set is therefore necessary.
  3. Adaptability to SEO changes – SEO is naturally complex and a cumbersome task to do. In order to successfully implement it, one needs to wade through the complexity and the ever changing rules and algorithms of it. SEO agencies are professionals who have enough knowledge about the ins and outs of SEO; they know of the fact that in order to maintain their employability, they need to keep on developing their skills.
  4. Marketing – SEO isn’t only about understanding search engine algorithms and applying them when making contents. SEO is majorly a tool for marketing. A great SEO professional is not the one who is only keen with SEO technicalities; the knowledge of trade and brand advertising is indispensable. Local SEO professionals aren’t only renowned for having knowledge with SEO technicalities but business and marketing as well.
  5. Rapid results – the fact that SEO agencies commit to giving clients rapid results in order to maintain credibility and trust; they will do their best to give you satisfactory brisk outputs.


  1. Lack of control – Handing the job of Search engine optimization to an outsider may not always go as how you want it. Frustrations are always inevitable especially if some things aren’t done as you expect. It is therefore essential to do research first and look for Local SEO firm reviews to see what agency offers you real-time visibility with your projects.
  2. Communication gap – Having another firm to do the job of SEO for you can also result to lack of regular communication. Although there are so many means of communication: email, Skype, phone and more, there is still nothing better than personally addressing concerns to a work group.
  3. Slow production – Because outsourcing SEO to a local agency means lending a job outside the four corners of your corporate space, having outputs in a moderate work-pace can be expected. SEO agencies may occasionally bring delayed outputs due to the fact that you are not their only client.
  4. Lack of focus – Hence the fact that SEO agencies do not have a sole client only, focus can sometimes be sacrificed. If you chose a well known firm labeled as one of the top local SEO firms, it does not automatically mean they’ll pay full focus at your project. The lack of focus can eventually result to poor quality of work.

Outsource or In-house?

What’s your pick? Actually, it is both great investments choosing to outsource SEO or doing it in-house. What a local SEO agency can offer can either be leveled or topped up by an in-house work group. It is also important to first analyze and consider various factors before choosing.

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