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Improving Mobile App Engagement through designing

For any application to be successful, user experience plays a very vital role. If you opt for something too simple, it might happen that you lose valuable customers to your competitors that provide extra features and functionalities. On the other hand, designing something more complicated can compel users to delete or move to another app after their few attempts of using it. Let’s check out some trends that Mobile App Designers should consider while creating or recreating the design aspect of an application.

Mobile App Development

Developing Conversational Interfaces

While traditional touch interfaces won’t get replaced by the conversational interfaces, however, for some type of applications, a conversational approach seems to be more logical. Conversational User Interfaces can be also be used to integrate your application with different platforms your users are already accustomed to for e.g. Facebook Messenger, WeChat, etc.

Focus on minute details

Minute details can actually create a genuine and unique impact on both user experience and your brand value. For example, adding little bits of animation to the icon and menu section of the application gives you a chance to impress the users and add to the character of your app.

Employ the 80/20 Rule

Where mobile apps have less screen space, the mobile users have extremely short attention spans. Identify the 20% of your app idea and potential that will support the 80% of your effectiveness and then include them in your mobile app. An ideal mobile app should be simple and engaging and if you have features that won’t properly fit in your mobile app then it is better if you link it out and host it on your website.

Pay attention to integrations

There is little to none possibility of an application including everything that a user needs. And this is where you can use integration (with complementary services) in an application with the aim of achieving customer satisfaction and loyalty. You can identify and integrate complementary services that compel your users to engage more. Your goal should be to provide a seamless experience to your users from the beginning until the end.

Go for minimalistic approach

There are many great apps out there that have dozens of incredible features but sometimes the problem that surfaces in such apps is that greater the number of features harder is the navigation. This makes it really difficult for the users to find what they are looking for. No matter what your application is about, it should be user-friendly. In case your application has a number of features what you can do is put them under suitable categories and subcategories where users can easily find them.

Add the option of Personalization

When developing the design elements of your mobile application, consider providing a personalized interface. Whether you are taking into account the buying history or user’s attributes (e.g. activities, gender, etc.), a customized look and feel can certainly boost interest and usability. For example, would your older users approve of bold and fun colors? Probably yes, then tailor your app to the specific user requirements and not only the device.

Employ the “right” Fonts

Fonts have the power to make a real impact on user experience. To avoid user inconvenience, the two essential font tips to focus on are: never use too large or too small text and don’t use fonts with low contrast. Your app will certainly turn out as a user-friendly as well as an accessible one if you follow these two tips.

Focus on Performance

Presently, the bar of UX is getting higher while attention spans are getting lower. You must design your UX in such a way that your users can find what they are looking for as easily and effectively as possible. Avoid adding steps that are totally unnecessary, you can feature them as options later on.

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