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Importance of Using a Project Management Software in Business

Importance of Using a Project Management Software in Business

Software for project management may dramatically develop the output of any task whether if it is small or large. This is why most of the successful entrepreneur choose to use software for project management rather than monitoring every member of the group. The task is not only tiring but you may also commit mistake while checking the workers one by one. It will also take a lot of time to complete the task, this is why project management tools are recommended for beginners even for the ones who are not new in the industry.

There are varieties of tools for project management options offered to be used; all of which offer the following features:


It is widely known as the distribution of work as you consider time resources. This is the part where you establish rules and plan to develop throughout the given time your project to meet all the requirements, expectations, and the deadline. In this manner the worker will save the reputation of the company and the clients as well. As stated by Kiron Bondale, there are many benefits of scheduling your projects properly. Some of these are:

  1. Scheduling helps to maintain and establish expectations among the members of the team, customers, and stakeholders. This should aid you to decrease the times you will ask the question “Are we close already?” which is demanded from those people not included in the team project.
  2. It also help the functional directors achieve some predictability measure around resource distribution. In companies where the staffs work simultaneously on operations and projects, it could be very interesting for functional directors to think a good strategy for the troughs and peaks of your daily activities. The enhanced visibility to the requests from the business projects may at least eliminate one important variable from this complicated equation. It may also help the directors to keep managers of project honest by simply confirming when the members of the team are required to release project reports.
  3. This should aid the client and the sponsor of the project sleep better during night time! If the client or the sponsor of the project are depending on the manager of the project, telling them all things are on the right direction without a process of objectively evaluating that they want an unpleasant surprise.
  4. It may provide safeguard to the team for the project if the customer or sponsor demands a modification that could not be done without any problems or unnatural behaviors in the project.
  5. It aid to direct everyone’s (that comprises the manager of the project as well!) head from putting too much attention on the best immediate crucial milestone, and aids to tell them the current fight is just a clue for a larger conflict.

Scheduling is an example of the best critical tools obliged to direct a project towards its conclusion. By using this quality of ‘Microsoft Project’, the user may plan the schedule of a project based from the data you place about the general project, the separate tasks need to look at the project towards the end, and the capitals (equipment, people, and materials) necessary to finish those assignments.

If ever there are variations that will appear to the assignments or funds after the timetable has been made, you may bring these up-to-date and Microsoft Project will keep the schedule in track.

Resource Assignments

Resource assignments are also known as the man-machine-materials which means that machines, the workers, and the materials used whether it is raw or premade are part of the resources. Without the resources, the whole project will fall, and this will lead to a great failure. It is not only the project that will fail in this matter, as well as the reputation of the company too.

To solve the problem in managing the resources that will be used in the projects, assign team leaders to manage the resources you have. The relationship between specific responsibilities and the resources which you will use (maybe two or more) are needed to complete the projects. These resources contain the task resources (workers and the tools required to finish an assignment) and the material or supply resources required for the project.

The distribution of resource assignments is prepared easy with Microsoft Project. You may select the assignment, then choose the required resources and then input the task units. This is an easy step-by-step procedure on how you will use MS Project in assigning the resources required on your project. According to Project Insight, assigning resources never failed a business since the day it was used in the industry.

Quality Management

Quality management is also known as achieving the project requirements. Most of the clients establish requirements for the projects because they need a certain feature to be embedded in the project. These are their necessities that is why they set requirements for the project. Once you attained all of these requirements, therefore you have a good quality of project management.

The management of quality is the group of activities intended since the start of the business project you will make. The quality management will help its user to achieve a good quality project based from the process used and the proper execution of management, which are given also on the rules of the standards set of quality by the manager of the project and the business offering the product.

According to project management skills, there are 3 important quality management models:

  1. The satisfaction of customers is a key to a quality project. It is very important to bear in your minds that the management of a project quality is alarmed with the project management and the project product.

 If the client does not feel the output produced with care, dedication, and hard works or the process on making the project did not meet their requirements, then the client has the right to say that the quality of the project is poor, regardless of what the team or the project manager is thinking about.

As a consequence, your business will receive a poor feedbacks and your reputation will be destroyed. It is not only important for a business to whether the requirements of the project are achieved or not, but also managing the expectations of your clients are also a dangerous activity that a manager need to grip carefully for you’re the success of your project.

  1. The Cost of Quality (COQ) contains the spent money in the making of the project to evade failures and the spent money before, during, and after the project because of disappointments. These are identified as the conformance cost and Nonconformance Cost. The price on the prevention of mistakes is normally much less because you evaded the possible prices you are going to meet along the way rather than spending just to make everything back to normal.
  2. Endless improvement is a notion that occurs in every major management of quality techniques such as 6 Sigma and Total Quality Management (TQM). Well in fact, quality management is an important feature of the final concept, avoidance over cure.

Endless improvement is merely known as the continuous effort to enhance the quality of your services, products, or procedures over time. The improvements may be little and is hard to be noticed, incremental or major modifications, breakthrough kind of changes.

Tracking Progress

The tracking of progress is to monitor the baseline of ‘Scope-Time-Cost’. It only means that for ever expenses of the company, it should be recorded and reported immediately. This is necessary for companies with personnel above 100 people. With the use of the project management software tool, it will be easier to the manager to trace and track the workers who are not doing their job.

To finish the project on schedule, the pathway of sequence of assignments must be finished before the given deadline. This vital path for completion will indicate the time and date the project is accomplished. Microsoft Project describes the crucial path by pointing out all of the crucial assignments and those tasks that are sagging, meaning which assignments will be accomplished late or early according to the starting date and the given time in making the project.

It is also significant to appreciate that MS Project is not just any other simple application spreadsheet, like the Microsoft Excel. It is already a practice that anybody should get well educated from the experts of the subject matter before using the software. If you try to understand everything by means of trial and error, you will just waste your time and may also not recognize the whole context of the software at all.

Report Generation

It is significant to generate reports from time to time. The report should be about the work completion, resources management, cost expended, the quality of output and the estimates. It will provide a better image to the clients on the progress and the status of project. Numerous kinds of reports may be produced by simply using a good project management software like “Status, progress, variance, trend, and forecasting reports,” in all possible forms. The reports also aid the stakeholders in taking decisions that are proactive to improve chances and lessen the threats on the project.

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