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Importance of Choosing the Right Web Development Agencies


Importance of Choosing the Right Web Development Agencies

We are all being link together in a platform called the Internet. The internet with its unlimited interlocking threads that is known as websites. Maybe that’s the reason why the web got its’ name in the first place, its great resemblance to the spider’s web and the physical explanation of the series of webs, connecting and being powered by the internet. A website and its limitless possibilities has proven that it has strong impact in the progress of everything that is related to it.

A website has its own purpose, the reason why it was created. A purpose that continues to evolve that’s why development is necessary to continue to serve its purpose. For example, if a website has been created with the purpose to market a brand, or sell a product, a target market is considered. The target market and its interests continue to evolve and change, so the website must continue to evolve with according to what picks the interest of the public, and remain in the latest trend.

That’s where web development agencies come into the picture. Web development agencies offered services such as development of your own website so that it will always be in the trend, and modification of your page to remain updated. They are offering several services that caters to your needs, making sure that the website created will serve and continue to serve its purpose. To know a better understanding on what are web designs and development services, you might want to check this link to the article, A guide to web design and development services.

Question now lies on who are the people that need the services of a web development agencies and what are their purpose in needing so. There are 2 kinds of people that needs a web development agency, those who want to earn – profitable website, and those who just want to inform – non-profitable website. Though the sole purpose of a website is attracting people to visit the page, allowing traffic into the website and earning, may the website be a profitable or non-profitable, so it’s a win-win situation for people who manage their own website.

For people with a bit advanced technical skills, and know basic programming, they opt to manage their own website, only paying for web hosting. If you’re planning to build up your own website, these tips on how to attract visitors and increase site’s traffic might help you. It’s an article about what should a good website must contain to attract possible clients and continue to patronize what they have to offer. You can also check the guide and what are the steps in creating successful and beautiful web designs for more information and guidelines in creating your own website. From a simple design with words and a few images you can also evolve into more graphic and more colorful web design. Remember that content is a key to an effective web design. You might want to check Graphic design techniques in making web design more effective, for a thorough tips on adding graphic materials to your website and some tips on how to create your own logo, your own identity to the Internet. For more advanced technical skills and programming savvy, HTML5 is a helpful tool to improve your web design. In the article by Trevor Price, HTML5 as core of every successful web design for business, tips and importance of HTML5 are narrated.

There are also websites that offer free web hosting, all you need to do is register and sign up for free. Basically, everything you need to know is there, there is a step-by-step instruction on where to place which. You have the freedom to choose from a variety of themes and layout to match the purpose of your website. You also have the option to pay so they can help you improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and make sure your website appears on top and unlock more creative contents for mostly with these free web hosting, there are some elements and layouts categories that are lock and you need to pay to enjoy, like getting your personal custom domain, google analytics to monitor and track your progress, removal of ads that came along with it when you sign up for free, additional storage or support are among others being offered when you pay. Example of websites that offer these are, and Google Sites.

But for people with less to zero technical skills and programming abilities, fret not and thank people that offer web development services. The only thing now that you need to consider is how to choose the perfect web development agencies and the importance of finding the RIGHT one. Below is the checklist on how to find the perfect web development agency that would cater help you with what you need;

  1. You have to check credible reviews about certain best web development agencies. Credible reviews are those from past and present clients, who have a firsthand experience with the agency.
  2. Check out what are the services offered included in the package and see if they can customize their price so you are only paying for what you need. Make sure that you are paying for something that is worth it. Some packages may be expensive because there is an inclusion of web hosting and moderator, feel free to ask if they can take down the price for web hosting if you already have one and only needed a web developer or designer.
  3. Choose a web developer agency that offers better SEO to make sure that people can always see you on the top when they search for something with the same nature as yours. SEOs are most popular with websites established with the purpose to sell, having SEO markets whatever they are selling online and attract potential customers or reach through a bigger market. So how do you know if the agency can have better SEO? Simple, by how they are going to present the website you are wanting to put up. SEO is always about having good content, period. A web development agency basically is the one involves in anything that is included in the website, so if they presented you with a content-worthy website that you think might attract people to frequent your site, hire them.
  4. Choose a web development agency that is already established and has a high retention rate. By this, you will have a quick glimpse on how stable the agency is and know that they would be there for the long haul, and won’t simply disappear or shut down due to several reasons, yes! That can happen.
  5. Check websites that has a list of best website development agencies complete with reviews and brief simple introduction to every company. Categorized each and every information so it would be easy to compare and contrast.

When you have figured out what agency to hire, it is also important to know what should be included and part of the website. Sure web development agencies have everything figured out, from the introduction up to every details, but it is also important to put some personal touch to your website so you’ll find it easy to navigate.

Below are some basic reviews of best development agencies derived from the top 3 list of

  1. Andre Wagner Web Designs has been around since 2007. They specialize in small businesses so if you’re planning to put up a website for a small to medium business enterprise, they are there to help. You can check their website here to see samples of their ongoing projects. They got an excellent rating of 5/5 stars with no negative reviews.
  2. Intersog has been established 2005 and has a high retention rate of 92%. They offer custom software development. It mostly caters to medium to large scale business enterprise. They also have a high revenue of $1 to $3 Million that proves how large the company is.
  3. GediWeb Solutions founded in 2006. Although they don’t cater just yet to offshore clients, they have the higher clientele base than the former 2 with 50 active clients but a retention rate of 87%. They also preferred small – medium business enterprise judging by the numbers of their employees.
  4. Seop founded in 2000 and have the retention rating of 98%. Best for medium to large enterprise and got 5/5 stars from all 9 reviews. They’re very much advocated to building reputation and a good SEO.
  5. Boostability the largest of all web development agency among the former mentioned. It has more than 7500 clientele base and a good retention rate of 92% considering that it is the latest that has been established (2009).

For a complete list of the reviews of best website development agencies kindly check on, its categorization method for different companies made comparing easier. It also has available links to every website for inquiries and other transactions.

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