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Images are of Critical Importance to SEO for Manufacturer Websites

Manufacturers are not traditional marketers, and despite having all the expertise in their products and a numbing amount of opportunity to create media as part of their web and social experience, they also are the most likely to overlook this opportunity. For the purpose of this post we will focus on how images affect user experience and SEO.

Writing about something can only explain so much to someone without being able to visualize it. Many people are visual learners, and need to be able to see a picture to fully understand a concept. Pictures are able to describe things that sometimes words are not able to describe – so they are often helpful when marketing products.

Images are critical for manufacturer website SEO

Images that are bold and colorful often get more attention than ones that have poor lighting. Investing time in taking good photos for websites helps to sell the products faster than taking mediocre photos. Photography and iconography are able to create a better experience to see how colors represent the brand you are trying to sell. Images are able to demonstrate products being sold, and show how they look. People want to see what they are buying ahead of time to avoid any confusion.

From an SEO perspective, the amount of time people spend on websites with pictures is much higher. The content you provide on your site affects your site’s SEO rating. Google and Bing will rank sites based on what pages their users will be most informed by and enjoy. It is not only just keywords that help SEO, but the visual content you provide on your site. Quality content and images will boost your rankings due to increased image searching through search engines.

A bounce rate is the indication of when a user leaves your website, and how much time they spent on the page. High bounce rates will negatively affect your site’s rankings, and few images, poor quality images, or images that do not represent your content will lead to a high bounce rate. Text on websites, according to, will get 94 percent higher views than with no featured images at all. Press releases which include photos or videos increase views by 45 percent, which shows just how important great content is to a website.

Improving user experience through the feature of images will help to not only engage the user but will increase your SEO benefits. Interactions made from customers depend on the user experience you are giving people through images on websites, social media platforms and blogs. Popular sites like Buzzfeed, Bored Panda, Amazon, Ebay, and Twitter attribute much of their success to the images and videos featured on their website. The future of websites are going to include more quality visual content with less text.

Since images are proving to be immensely important in terms of user experience, or even more popular with SEO, it is time for manufacturers in general and your business website specifically to take the time to feature quality images. In relation to SEO, a picture is worth at least 999 words!


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