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Identifying the Potential of Businesses via Android App Development

Identifying the Potential of Businesses via Android App DevelopmentEver since its inception, Android app development has paved the way for an avalanche of different applications on Google Play. The huge amount of popularity received by the Android platform can be attributed to the buyers and clients who have endeavored to incorporate various applications in different industries all over the globe. According to the latest analysis and studies, the ratio of supply and demand for Android devices has expanded enormously over the past years. In one report, a colossal increase of up to 74 percent was experienced by Android during the fiscal year 2013-2014.

Research from IDC has also revealed that the increase in market share to almost 80 percent in 2015 has spelled a world of difference for the millions of Android users. As of this time, business has gone nowhere but up and it is set to expand operations via other gadgets like kitchen appliances and vehicles. One of the greatest things about the Android operating system is the fact it has little to no limitations, which is also one of the factors why it is extensive and difficult to understand. The world of Android app development firms offers a wide array of options to developers who are intent on constructing games and applications for the advantage of users. Through this open source platform, mobile app developers can develop and design different kinds of applications, as they can rely on easy marketing, distribution and sale.

In today’s modern and tech-savvy world, mobile devices have undoubtedly changed the way people have been living their lives. Suffice to say, smartphones have become an indispensable tool because of its power to simplify work, allowing individuals to save so much time. Android offers people everything that they need in order to build only the best app experiences. It provides Android app developers a single model to deploy apps broadly to millions of people around the globe, across different types of devices, from tables, mobile phones, cars, and even appliances.

Several reviews of Android app development companies are generally emphasizing that Android offers several tools for app creation and an open marketplace for distribution and sales. Furthermore, from a developer’s point of view, the Android platform provides them with everything they need to come up with nothing but the best.

Android as a Break for Entrepreneurship

Millions of top Android application development companies all over the globe have been using the system as their preferred platform due to its open source environment, making it accessible to almost anybody without the need for heavy investment. Various application that have been built using Android have been sold and are still selling at a fairly economical price, and thousands are available free of charge. All of these things have been possible because of the number of users and developers who have embraced the system.

The advent of the most recent innovations in many top Android application development companies have paved the way for even more options for marketing professionals, Android developers, businessmen and entrepreneurs. Programmers have been taking up help from an Android application development company in order to develop and design mobile applications, in combination with many tactical marketing strategies that can increase its reach and promote the platform to reach as many users as possible. Aside from this, Android app development has been at the receiving end of many investing businessmen which has in turn permitted its expansion into different kinds of instant messaging services, business apps, gaming and many other commercial operations.

If you want to build a mobile app for your own business, it is necessary that you establish clear objectives and strategize around these goals.

How can you harness the power of Android apps?


If you are selling your services or products online, an Android app is certainly an option that you should consider. It offers customers the mobility to do whatever things that they can traditionally accomplish by just sitting on their desks, but using their mobile phones.

There are various examples for this and many online retailers have successfully extended their offering to clients who wish to shop with the help of their mobile devices. Not only that, if you are a service company, just like Dropbox, you can also capture a large market share.

With the wide array of options out there, come up with creative way in which you can captivate your potential clients’ attention. You can do this by enhancing your offerings and enticing people to use your mobile app.

Customer Engagement

One of the good things about having a mobile channel is the fact that companies are provided with the chance to engage with clients in real-time, by knowing their location and their profiles.

If done the right way, engaged customers can easily be turned into profit-generating ones. Take for example, the iFood Assistant – it offers thousands of recipes to users, using products that are being sold by the company. It comes with interactive coupons and deals and shopping lists to incentivize foodies and shoppers. The same app also has social sharing capabilities, which allow customers to share recipes that they love with their friends on social media.


As aforementioned, one good way to monetize and generate income is to offer coupons. Having a mobile app adds a cool layer of push notifications based on the location of a user. Imagine if you are the owner of a clothing store in New York with so many people walking within just a few kilometers from your outlet. If they receive a notification on their mobile devices with coupons from your store whenever they are in the area, there is an increased chance that they will take some time and visit you.

Customer Support

Making things more efficient and simple for your customers to reach you at any time of the day and providing them with tools that will make their life easier when they purchase your products or services can be two of the most compelling reasons why you should hire an Android app development company.

Reasons Why You Should Hire an Android Development Firm

Every small or starting business owner wants to generate as much profits as possible using an effective promotional strategy which is especially formulated to draw out their potential customers towards the product or service that they provide. With the help of a good Android application development company for business enterprises, businessmen can now consistently work and see visible and effective results. As there are different kinds of platforms out there – iPhone, Symbian, Blackberry – there are actually a few important reasons why Android app development is more preferred by numerous businessmen.

Google Play

One of the main reasons why Android has been successful is because of Google Play, which is presently considered as the biggest market when it comes to mobile apps and is the primary host for Android apps. The Google Play Store has millions of visitors every day, and this is mainly because of the apps. With this in mind, entrepreneurs should keep in mind that this is one key reason why Android has a greater reach compared to other platforms.

Easy App Development

Android’s trouble-free and easy development environment makes it the go-to development platform. Because of the easy system, developers can easily check the quality of their applications before actually submitting them to the store for use and commercial downloads.

Regular Updates

The application of regular Android updates on Google has also been one of the top reasons why it has expanded over the past years. It is because of this factor why business owners, marketing professionals, analysts, and developers have been consistently making better strategies when it comes to promotion and advertising.

Big Earning with a Low Budget

For budding business owners, investing in advertising and promotions can mean huge expenses. However, with an Android based system, quality and affordability cannot be compromised. Furthermore, many Android app developers offer their services at affordable rates. The Android system comes with zero licensing charges and apps can easily be developed using minimum outlay. Thousands of innovative applications are now being created using Android, and they have been helpful to millions of users across the world.

All of the reasons stated above, and so much more, are the main principles behind why and how Android has transformed to become the most popular development platform. With the assistance of a great Software Development Kit or SDK, many developers do not find it hard to design applications and submit it to the Play Store.

Depending on your budget, you can easily hire an experienced and competent Android app developer for your business. Prior to doing so, do not forget to read on reviews of Android app development companies and do your own research.

If you are on the lookout for an all-inclusive, beneficial, customer-oriented, independent and secure application, the best options for you and your business is definitely hiring an Android application development company. Go to the website to see a list of Android app development reviews.

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